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Heart 2 Heart with Horses Logo

Feb 13, 2024

Heart 2 Heart with Horses is extending their services in equine assisted therapy for trauma survivors and people with anxiety. Founder, Lisa Weber, is a longtime Friesian owner who recognizes how this special breed can form an almost instantaneous bond with people who earn their trust.

The horse heart logo design takes its inspiration from the name of the organization, utilizing the shape of a heart to denote fragility, vulnerability and delicacy involved in the transformative process of equine assisted therapy found at Heart 2 Heart with Horses. The horse heart design we created is highlighting a pair of Friesian horses that symbolize the significance of companionship, positive association, and a good partner who is confident in relationships, prioritizes kinship and a strong connection

Horse &Amp; Heart Logo Spells Love In Equine Assisted Therapy Center's Custom Design

Horse Heart Logo Design for Heart 2 Heart with two Friesians

Known for its cultural attractions, outdoor activities and music, Denver in Colorado is one of the most populous cities in the United States. Heart 2 Heart with Horses is a new organization that is surrounded by rocky mountain ranges, high plains and nestled in the South Platte River valley.

Accommodating over 200 parks and mini parks, places for recreational activities and programs scattered all over the city, opera houses, active sports teams, convention centers and arena, Denver is an ideal city for sports and equine enthusiasts. The city is always buzzing with activity, the people are continuously hustling Denver is a perfect place for Heart 2 Heart with Horses when it comes to therapy and providing facilities that motivate people to take a break from the fast lifestyle of the city.

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Friesian Horses used for an Equine Assisted Therapy Horse Heart Logo

Heart 2 Heart with Horses is currently working with Friesian breed. Friesians are versatile horses that can often be seen in therapy sessions, pleasure riding and although they are a relatively rare breed, they have grown in popularity and numbers in modern times. Friesians are commonly used in recreational activities as singles and in teams allowing Heart 2 Heart with Horses to customize their equine therapy sessions. Friesians go through vigorous training but they are calm when challenged and comfortable in their bonds, making them an ideal animal for equine assisted therapy sessions. 

The history of Friesian breed shows that the horses have been in battle and they have worked as urban carriage horses depending upon the crossbreed and indigenous characteristics. Friesians have proven to be resilient, enduring, adaptable, accommodating, tolerant, forgiving, tranquil, confident, enjoyable, safe, pleasant and warm companions that can withstand pressure, sustain and support their riders therefore they have always been the first choice for businesses such as Heart 2 Heart with Horses that are extending their services in equine assisted therapy sessions for trauma survivors and people with anxiety.

Starting an Equine Assisted Therapy Business

EAT or Equine assisted therapy is a relatively new treatment that involves equine related activities to promote and improve mental, emotional and physical health in people suffering from various diseases such as ADD, Anxiety, Autism, Dementia and Depression. Harnessing the power of equine assisted therapy reduces anxiety and post-traumatic stress symptoms; it is proven to be highly effective in the treatment of children with autism spectrum disorder, chronic psychiatric patients, postural balance in elders, improvements in the muscular symmetry in children with cerebral palsy, treating eating disorders and has been successful in treating veterans with PTSD.

Horse Heart Logo Design with Two Friesian Horses 

EQ Graphics has constructed a horse heart logo design that is heavily stylized, methodological, elegant, sophisticated, polished and poised. The investigative approach of Denver, Colorado logo designer, EQ Graphics has produced a horse heart logo design that showcases the distinct straight and curved lines of the design that are changing with hand pressure, gradients and textures.

The visual representation of a sacred symbol such as the heart and restyling it to the demands of the modern world by infusing it with contemporary line art, this horse heart logo design is unique yet classical, peculiar but understandable, depicting properties of being eccentric and humble simultaneously.

Hand Drawn Line Art Horse &Amp; Heart Logo