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Feb 13, 2024

Highbury Stables is a sporthorse operation named after the owner’s hometown in England. We created a masculine line art stallion silhouette logo design for the facility in the image of a powerful dressage horse. Although the design is minimalistic, the masculinity of the stallion leaps off the page. A bold serif font and accent lines highlight the business name to complete the hand drawn design.

Our signature vector style makes this unique logo easy to use on a variety of branded items, both large and small. Highbury Stables’ logo will make a bold statement on monogrammed jackets, business cards, farm signs, and more-with no worry about pixelation during resizing.

Details Of Dressage Stallion's Conformation Captured In Custom Logo Design

Line Art Stallion Silhouette Logo Design for Sporthorse Facility

Highbury Stables is home to a variety of Warmblood horses. These versatile horses, originally from Europe, are bred for use in various equestrian sports. They are a middle-weight horse in comparison to draft horse breeds (like the Clydesdale) and lighter saddle horses like the Thoroughbred and Arabian. 

Warmblood registries are unique in that with the exception of the Trakehner, individual horses can be the result of crosses between two separate breeds. Rather than perpetuating individual breeds of horses, Warmblood registries focus on registering horses with a certain performance goal in mind. Horses are evaluated for their potential in equestrian sports such as show jumping and dressage, with some breeds including combined driving and eventing. The purpose for which Warmbloods have been bred throughout the years has constantly evolved. Whereas early Warmbloods were needed for farming and cavalry uses, modern Warmbloods are used in competitive events. The most popular Warmbloods include the Trakehner, the Oldenburg, Hanoverian, and Holsteiner. 

Line Art Stallion Silhouette Logo Design Depicting Correct Warmblood Conformation

Registering a Warmblood is an entirely different process than the usual paperwork that accompanies breeds such as the Quarter Horse. In order to be registered, Warmbloods must complete an inspection. These inspections evaluate the conformation, movement, and breeding potential of mares, foals, and stallions. Details like the, braided mane, and wrapped legs situated in the classic conformation shot stance make this abstract design more realistic than generic stallion clip art

Care should be taken in the grooming and presentation of Warmbloods being inspected. Adult horses are groomed in show ring fashion and presented in the bridle. Many believe that hiring a professional to present the horse or mare and foal during the inspection is important due to the permanent nature of the score on the horse’s record. Horses are shown at the walk and trot in a triangular pattern, and are set up in the traditional open stance (shown here in this line art stallion silhouette logo) so that their conformation can be evaluated. Movement is of high importance, so moving the horse out at a quality trot is imperative. 

At EQ Graphics, we pride ourselves in creating vector style logo designs that are always true to each breed’s standard. This line art stallion silhouette logo design depicts a Warmblood stallion with true to life correct conformation. The horse is situated in the typical open legged stance that is used in conformation photos, allowing a view of all four legs. The upright head and neck carriage fits that of the conformationally correct Warmblood, showcasing why they are so popular for use in the dressage arena. 

Elegant Vector Stallion Silhouette Logo-100% Hand Drawn and Original

Since Warmbloods generally command top prices, Highbury Stables needed a unique, sophisticated logo design that would catch the eye of discerning equestrians searching for the perfect equine competition partner. Although our custom line art designs can be created in a variety of colors and styles, when trying to impart a feeling of luxury, gold foil is always a popular choice.We especially love the look of gold foil on luxe business cards!

The line art stallion silhouette design contains an element of minimalism while clearly defining the obvious masculinity of the dressage horse. We added boots, a braided mane, and fly bonnet to the striking logo design for a touch of realism. Generic stallion clip art, while being more illustrative, typically does not correctly depict details of this sort. We know these details matter to our clients and the equestrians they work with, so you can be confident that every minute detail has been attended to when our artists are creating your unique logo.

The final touches on this stunning line art stallion silhouette logo are the business name in a bold serif font with accent lines framing the typesetting. 

Line Art Stallion Silhouette Logo Design Started With Ideas of Business Owner

The inspiration behind every custom logo our artists create for an equine company is the client’s vision for the way their brand is perceived. Whether you are drawn to a boho aesthetic or a chic, luxurious design aesthetic, we can mold your ideas into a unique custom logo design that you’ll be proud to display as the face of  your brand. Just visit to schedule your complimentary design session.

Powerful Dressage Horse Stallion Logo Design