100% Original Reining Horse Silhouette for a Memorable Logo

Feb 13, 2024

Committed to breeding and raising quality reining horses, Hill Country Reiners is located in the hill country of Austin, Texas. Breeding a limited number of foals annually, the team at Hill Country Reiners focus on quality rather than quantity and the bloodlines of their reining horses boast numerous top ranked money earners in the NRHA.

This abstract reining horse silhouette combines a sliding stop with a classic serif font in a clean, elegant silver foil. One difficulty drawing a reining horse silhouette, is the amount of dirt reiners throw during a sliding stop… drawing dirt in our vector lineart style often looks a bit heavy or ‘cloud like’ and can easily detract from the rest of the art. With this design, our artists were able to incorporate the backend of the reiner into the typography in order to allow the horse to slide on the font and eliminate the need to illustrate any flying dirt.

Line Art Style Reining Horse Logo Shows Sliding Stop In Exquisite Detail
Western Performance Horse Logo for Hill Country Reiners

An abstract reining horse silhouette for Hill Country Reiners in Dripping Springs, Texas

Sport enthusiastic, Texas is on the borderline of urbanization as the state is composed of vast country and rural areas. Metamorphic rocks and Appalachian Mountains are ancient and the state has rich agriculture, flora and fauna. This variation in the weather and geography makes it a perfect location for breeding the Quarter Horses that are being raised at the facility of Hill Country Reiners.

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The Versatility of the American Quarter Horse

Quarter horses are considered to be one of the oldest breeds of America, used as racing horses after they were imported to Virginia in 1610.  The horses are short, muscular, stocky, having broad chests and wide heads, these horses have a good temperament and are quick on their feet which made them popular with cowboys and in the reining industry.

Becoming the most recognized breed in the United States, the modern American Quarter Horses at Country fair and bred and trained to perform in multiple disciplines such as driving, reining, team roping, barrel racing, trail riding, ranch work, racing, hunting, rodeos and other recreational activities in the equestrian industry. They come in a myriad of colors such as chestnut, bay, white, black, red dun, brown, cremello and blue roan. Reining horse silhouette designs can be seen on NRHA member’s vehicles throughout the country.

The complexity of drawing the art for this reining horse silhouette

Guided and trained to capture the movements in circles, rundown, sliding top, rollback, back up, straight line, gallop, lead change, turn around, stops and spins, reining is a relatively new western sport that is trending in the major countries and is similar to figure skating in many ways. This reining horse silhouette is showcasing a reining horse sliding stop.

The rider utilizes the rein to gain control, restrict and work with the horse in a precise manner to follow and perform in the field which makes this sport complex and difficult in comparison to other disciplines in the equine industry. American Quarter Horses dominate the field due to their agility, swiftness, responsive attitude; they possess excellent coordination skills and a calm demeanor that helps them perform under pressure.

Reining horses set the precedence for the future of western performance horses

Reining has a long history; quick and nimble horses have been used to manage cattle in Spain, Mexico and California as it could change direction quickly to organize the herd. These informal demonstrations and competition among cowboys later transformed into the sport of reining and related to cow horse and cutting that we can see today. Strong hindquarters, legs and fast on their feet are some of the well-known characteristics of American quarter horses being bred by Hill Country Reiners.

The Inspiration and Ideas for Hill Country reining horse silhouette Logo

EQ Graphics has taken inspiration for Hill Country’s reining horse silhouette logo design from the conformation of the Quarter Horse to design a western performance horse logo for Hill Country Reiners. The movement of the horse shows dynamism, flow and restrain during a sliding stop motion which is the most inspiring movement in the reining industry.

The silver foil reining horse silhouette narrates the history of reining in a modern manner, underlining the skill, temperament and knowledge required to perform and excel in the reining horse industry. EQ Graphics took into account the literal act of reining that showcases the sense of companionship, freedom, will and the strength of Quarter Horses which is deemed as the primary source of inspiration behind the origin of reining as a formal sport.

Small Reining Horse Logo For Hill Country Reiners

“EQ Graphics was able to create a truly unique and beautiful logo for my business! It is refreshing to work with someone that understands how important things like leg and head position are to people in the horse business. I was able to describe my general idea for my logo and EQ came up with exactly what I was looking for. I couldn’t be happier, and I feel like my logo will really stand out!“

Premier Reining Horse Trainer's Stunning Sliding Stop Logo