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Feb 14, 2024

Hoofbeats for Heroes is a 501c3 non-profit organization in Texas, that serves active duty military, veterans, first responders and their families, by introducing them to the therapeutic benefits of horses. This patriotic logo design was created to symbolize gratitude for the freedom our military provides and the respect these 1,000+ lb animals give to those who are suffering from traumatic conditions. Many of our logos depict a feminine touch, but, for this logo, it was important to delineate a masculine feel so men would proudly sport this American logo design on apparel in support of this exceptional organization.

American Horse Logo Design For Equine Assisted Therapy Program With Patriotic Cause

Patriotic American Logo design for Hoofbeats for Heroes

Hoofbeats for heroes is a non-profit equine-assisted therapy organization located in Fort Hood, Texas. One of their requirements was to include the American flag along with a horse to represent their message.

A Masculine Patriotic Logo by American Logo Design Company

At Hoofbeats for heroes, one can find two different breeds; Quarter horses and Mustangs. Since they specialize in equine-assisted therapy, they include their horses in their therapy plan. Their non-profit organization aims to help veterans, service members, first responders, and their families overcome hinders and fears and help them through mental illnesses such as depression.

Equine-assisted therapy has been gaining more popularity over the years because of the results proving its efficacy, especially with those suffering from disorders such as PTSD and mental illnesses such as depression. By including activities with horses, such as feeding the horses, riding, cleaning stalls, patients slowly learn how to take control of their emotions in a stable and peaceful environment.

Both Mustangs and Quarter horses are considered two ideal breeds for equine-assisted therapy since they’re both willing to learn and work with riders. Mustang horses have an even temper, making them easy to work with and great candidates for pleasure and endurance riding.

See this patriotic logo on the Hoofbeats for Heroes’ Website: http://www.hoofbeatsforheroes.com/

An International Patriotic Logo for a business in America

This American patriotic logo design can be found in the equine-assisted therapy facility of Hoofbeats for Heroes’ in Fort Hood, Texas. While they could’ve opted for an experienced logo designer in the area, it might have been challenging to find someone with expertise specifically in horse business logo designing. EQ Graphics is sought for by equine companies from around the world searching for experienced logo designers.

Brainstorming for a Custom Patriotic Logo Design

EQ Graphics’ team of logo designers didn’t find it challenging to ti incorporate the American flag into the logo. However, we wanted to do the significant meaning behind the logo justice. Therefore, we looked for different sources of inspiration to help create a logo with design elements that showed the business’ gratitude towards the veterans, service members, first responders, and their families.

Creating Hoofbeats for Heroes’ Brand Identity

Creating Hoofbeats for Heroes’ brand identity included a series of trial and error with different logo designs. The logo design we ended up sticking to is the one that was able to tell us a touching story without many words. A kneeling horse with the American flag around draped around his body was able to show the endless gratitude that the founders of Hoofbeats for Heroes’ feel towards their clients.

Simple and Meaningful Typography for an American Logo Design

Since we didn’t want to diverge the viewer’s attention away from the horse’s meaningful illustration with the American flag, we opted for straightforward typography for this patriotic logo. The typography didn’t have any unique elements, so we decided to focus on the words’ placement in relation to the illustration. Fo the word “Hoofbeats,” we decided to line it up on the side, while the words “for Heroes” were used to almost emphasize that the horse was paying his gratitude for the service members.

Creating your Patriotic Logo and Brand Identity with us

At EQ Graphics, we create our original and custom patriotic logo designs tailored to each different equine business. With our extensive knowledge in the horse niche and our 15-year long experience designing horse logos, we have successfully created intricate and detailed logos that hold meaning for each business owner. We were luckily chosen by Hoofbeats for Heroes to create a logo design with an important message. We welcome all your questions about our business and hope to work with you in the near future.

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics | Hoofbeats For Heroes Eq Graphics Logo Designer Reviews

“Thank you so much for everything! I absolutely love the concept of this logo! It is exactly what I had been hoping for! Your imagination and creativity made this really come to life. We plan on having a logo release party to celebrate this design and how it represents our mission. Thank you again for all your hard work on this! I am truly grateful to have you design a logo that speaks volumes on what we do at HOOFBEATS FOR HEROES.“

Patriotic Logo For American Equine Assisted Therapy Program For Veterans