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Feb 12, 2024

Kataya Uren is a Washington based farrier and driving enthusiast who particularly loves ponies. Her business, Hooked on Hooves, strives to better the lives of horses, ponies, sheep, and goats with professional farrier work that addresses a number of issues from laminitis to conformation flaws. Kataya also enjoys training horses and ponies for driving events.

Our artists wanted to incorporate Kataya’s love of driving ponies into her custom company logo. We created a detailed line art Welsh Pony logo design depicting a cheery driving pony in harness at the trot, integrated into a double H monogram. The business name is hand lettered in a fancy script font that has a hint of western flair. The unique convertible logo can be used with just the monogram and pony or with the business name for maximum versatility-we love designing artwork that our clients can use in a variety of ways, and our vector style designs ensure maximum flexibility.

Elegant Harness Pony Logo Design For Female Farrier

Fancy Harness Pony Logo for Farrier and Horse Driving Enthusiast 

Kataya Uren operates her farrier business, Hooked on Hooves, in Washington State. She works with a variety of horses, ponies, goats, and sheep-but, driving ponies and driving horses are her particular favorites, which is why we chose to showcase a Welsh Cob in thispony logo. 

Hooked on Hooves strives to provide every horse that Kataya shoes and/or trims with a comfortable, positive experience that’s safe for horse, owner, and farrier alike. She works to educate equestrians about the importance of training their horses to accept farrier work quietly-after all, “no hoof, no horse.” Kataya evaluates the situations that make a horse anxious and then works around the issue at hand. Sometimes this means working with a horse outside the barn, removing distractions, keeping the hooves low while working, or in extreme cases, sedation. 

Kataya helps her equine clients find comfort, better frame and balance, and better movement through corrective and therapeutic shoeing and trimming techniques. Many ponies are particularly prone to laminitis, so she has perfected several techniques for dealing with this situation.

Kataya routinely furthers her skills and education with Mission Farrier School. This farrier institute teaches hopeful farriers, veterinarians, and horse owners the important concept of maintaining a balanced hoof, and those who learn there are highly sought after as professional farriers. 

Learn more about Mission Farrier School here:

Visit Hooked on Hooves on Instagram and see herpony logo in use:

Welsh Cob Pony Logo for Driving Horse Trainer and Farrier 

The Welsh Cob Pony is a highly versatile breed that was developed from the crossing of Welsh Mountain Ponies with Arabians, Hackneys, Norfolk Roadsters, and Shires. In former times, they were used as mounts for the British Cavalry, farmers, and other working people as well as working as harness horses. Welsh Cobs are known as courageous ponies with great stamina, and their signature gait is a robust trot. In modern times, Welsh Cobs show a particular aptitude for the hunter and dressage rings, as well as in combined driving and show harness events.

Combined Driving is a unique event that is made up of three phases: driven dressage, marathon, and cones. Modeled after three-day eventing, combined driving tests the team and driver’s strength, athleticism, and obedience. The dressage phase, which we portrayed in thispony logo, takes place in the arena and tests the horse(s) suppleness, impulsion, and movement.

The marathon phase is the equivalent of the mounted event’s’ cross country phase. This phase is timed, and the driver and team must navigate a course of steep hills, sharp turns, and water while maintaining speed. The cones phase requires that the driver navigate a winding cone course without touching said cones with the wheels of their carriage. 

The Welsh Cob Pony excels at combined driving due to their natural agility, stamina, willing nature, and courage. 

Unique Hand Drawn Line Art Harness Pony Logo for Washington Farrier

Our artists gathered ideas for this farrier’s one of a kind pony logo during a telephone design consultation with Kataya. They discussed the in’s and out’s of her business, what she does and why she does it, her personal passions, and her vision for her brand’s visual identity. The information gathered in this consultation call was the inspiration behind Hooked on Hooves’ custom logo design.

Drawing on her love of the driving horse, we created a stunningly realistic pony logo design that features a proud Welsh Cob in harness. Every detail of the Cob’s tack was meticulously drawn for accuracy, and the driving pony is showing the breed’s signature trot while maintaining a soft, collected frame. The vector style illustration of the pony in harness is integrated into a double H monogram.

When discussing which fonts we would use in this elegant design, we settled on a fancy script that adds a touch of western flair to the aesthetic of the custom pony logo. Copper foil was the finishing touch on this gorgeous driving horse logo design-it looks great with rich colors like chocolate brown. Hooked on Hooves’ unique logo design is a striking addition to Kataya’s business cards, invoices, shirts and jackets, and her work vehicle if she chooses. The ability to use the logo with just the monogram and driving pony illustration for smaller items and the entire logo with the business name on larger items gives Kataya a myriad of options for how she chooses to advertise her brand.

If you’re ready to refresh your brand’s visual identity with a custom logo design that incorporates your personal passions, just visit to schedule your complimentary design consultation. Our graphic designers would be delighted to learn more about you and your equine business!

Farrier's Hand Drawn Fancy Harness Pony Logo Design