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Feb 13, 2024

Randy Byers of Centerville, Texas, has experience with a little bit of everything in the equine industry. From working on “problem horses” with natural horsemanship methods to competing in FEI level dressage competition, Randy combines the unique aspects of each discipline with classical dressage to help riders achieve their equestrian goals through his business, Hybrid Horsemanship. 

Our artists created an exquisite working equitation logo design for Hybrid Horsemanship with a stunning line art image of a Doma Vaquera rider working with the traditional garrocha atop a majestic Andalusian horse. The rider is outfitted in traditional gaucho attire, one hand on the reins holding his mount in perfect frame as he moves around the garrocha. We incorporated two bold fonts into the elegant silver foil vector design-a traditional serif to emphasize the word “Hybrid,” and a strong sans serif to complete the business name.

This stunning custom logo makes a unique addition to Hybrid Horsemanship’s saddles, leather sport boots, and stall banners-as well as small printed items like business cards. The highly detailed line art style enables the company to bring attention to their brand in a variety of unique ways, with discipline specific details that stand apart from generic equine clip art.

Spirit Of Traditional Mounted Bullfighting Brought To Life In Stunning Custom Logo

Hand Drawn Working Equitation Logo Design for Clinician 

This working equitation logo is for clinician Randy Byers, whose experience with horses began over 20 years ago when he began learning John Lyons’ ground training methods to remedy undesirable behavior in horses. This in turn led him to explore the world of western dressage, which led to an interest in classical dressage.

Randy also became involved in working equitation, Doma Vaquera, and eventually went on to compete in FEI dressage competition. His experience with these varying styles of horsemanship led him to realize that he did not want to be tied down to one discipline. This realization gave life to his business, Hybrid Horsemanship, that draws on Randy’s multifaceted experience to help riders achieve their unique goals through clinics, lessons, and more across the globe. 

Stunning Line Art Working Equitation Logo for Doma Vaquera Enthusiast 

The term “Doma Vaquera” can be loosely translated as “western dressage” in Spanish. Based on classical dressage, you will find that Doma Vaquera horses perform all of the same maneuvers that a traditional dressage horse does with an added element of speed and explosiveness. PRE horses, Andalusians, Lusitanos, and horses that are crossed with Thoroughbred and Arabian lines often excel in Doma vaquera competition because of their ability to make quick stops and sharp turns while maintaining a high degree of collection. Their alert but generally calm nature also makes them well suited to the discipline. 

Doma Vaquera riders perform these quick, highly collected maneuvers riding one-handed, which is also a detour from traditional dressage. With roots in the bullfighting ring, riders must have their dominant hand free to hold the garrocha and perform other work. The garrocha is a long pole used to distract or intimidate the bull when performing mounted bullfighting, but working with the garrocha outside of the bullfighting ring is an art in itself.

Working Equitation Logo Design Depicting Traditional Garrocha Work

The garrocha, which is depicted in thisworking equitation logo, is a wooden pole, normally around 13 feet long, that is used by riders who practice “doma vaquera,” or the Spanish form of western dressage. Traditionally used for working cattle and in the bullfighting ring, today riders utilize the art of garrocha work to help horses perfect traditional dressage maneuvers.

The use of the garrocha can help horses improve their rollbacks, various lateral movements, and become more supple. Likewise, limiting the rider to one hand on the reins forces an increased awareness of using the seat and legs for the majority of their aids. As the horse and rider’s skill increases with the garrocha, increased speed and more advanced maneuvers can be introduced to produce a truly stunning “dance” between the pair.

Hand Drawn Working Equitation Logo Adorns Clinician’s Tack

Our artists created a stunning working equitation logo for Hybrid Horsemanship that looks uniquely elegant no matter where it is displayed. We knew that a vector style design would be ideal since the original logo would be used on a variety of items like Randy’s saddles, sport boots, banners, vehicle decals, and more. Since each of these items varies in size, a custom logo that could be easily resized and used in varying colors without worrying about sacrificing quality was a must. 

In response to these specifications, we designed a gorgeous working equitation logo that depicts a proud Andalusian horse with a rider in traditional Spanish attire. The horse and human team is engaged in work with the garrocha, illustrating beautiful collection and harmony between the two. We used both a hand lettered classic serif font as well as a clean sans serif to neatly and boldly display the business name. Silver foil was the finishing touch for this sophisticated working equitation logo that is heads and tails ahead of generic clipart designs. 

You can refresh your equestrian business’ visual branding with your own unique custom logo from anywhere in the world. We discuss your ideas in a brainstorming session via telephone, so getting started on the process could not be easier. Just visit to schedule your complimentary design session, and leave the artwork to our professional graphic designers while you focus on your company and clients. If you need inspiration, be sure to follow us on Instagram @EQGraphics!

Striking Line Art Working Equitation Logo Design