100% Original Horse Shield Logo Design Bold Colorful Flowers

Feb 12, 2024

The Hyperion Stud logo is quite sentimental to us, as it is the foundation upon which our logo business began. EQ Graphics developed the website, brand identity and the marketing strategies for this start-up show jumping facility back in 2007, when they owned only two mares and no stallions. In our equine website design days, we did not offer logo design, yet all of our clients had a need for a high quality logo to represent their farms and equestrian businesses and we would always try to help them find the right artist to meet their needs.

The struggle and frustration we incurred when attempting to hire countless logo designers to help Hyperion create a ‘horse shield logo’ to exude a professional brand identity, was so discouraging, it led to our determination to learn how to draw a horse the way we could visualize them in our minds. Fast forward to today and Hyperion has grown into one of the leading Sporthorse Stallion operations in North America with over 30 stallions including their personal show string which have completed all the way to the Olympics… and well, we finally learned how to draw a horse.

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics | Hyperion Stud Logo Design
Horse Shield Logo Design for Hyperion Stud

A bold and colorful horse shield logo for Hyperion Stud in Barboursville, Virginia

Nestled in the rolling hills, picturesque horse farms and vineyards of Barboursville, Virginia, Hyperion Stud is conducting its operations in the breeding and development of show jumping horses from the top European bloodlines. The landscape of Barboursville was developed with rich agriculture as the Barboursville family used the area in the capacity of farmland for rotating crops and grazing sheep in 1884. Home to Virginia’s longest running theatre, Four County Players, the original Barboursville mansion featured a race track that is now a significant winery. With luscious fields, Barboursville is a busy tourist attraction.

Click Here to Visit the Hyperion Stud Website and see their horse shield logo: https://www.hyperionstud.com/

The breathtaking grounds that inspired this horse shield logo design

Encompassing 160 aces and housing the lake of jetted fountains, the state of the art facility of Hyperion Stud is meeting the ever growing demands of breeding and sales with 6 stall training barns, Stallion barns, a main barn complex, indoor riding arena, shelters, walking machine, surveillance, longing area and automatic waterers. Currently, Hyperion Stud has 3 working farms; the main in Barboursville, VA, a turn out facility in Madison and a training facility in Wellington, Florida.

The main barn in Barbourville, Virginia has heated stalls, feed room, tack room and a wash area in addition to hay and shaving barn, equipment garage, insemination shed, outdoor riding and mare palpation. The farm is composed of a stallion barn featuring veterinary laboratory, the arena with a portable jumping chute, the dressage arena which is spacious, a massive training complex and rolling fields of annex farms.

It takes a village to run a stallion station the magnitude of Hyperion Stud.

Hyperion Stud has a diverse and qualified team to manage the acres of its farms; joining Andrew Williams as the farm manager, Laura Krohn is the breeding with a degree in Animal and Poultry science, Aubrie Shaner as the office manager, Sophie Verger is the lead rider, Elizabeth Dolack and Kelsey Hile being the Equine care specialist are supported by Shannon, Alex, Joe, Colin and an established team of veterinarians.

The Stallion Station at Hyperion Stud is equipped with padded stalls, surveillance, automatic waterers, longing area, heated and cooled collection suite and breeding facilities featuring semen storage and stallion collection. The station focuses on the promotion and preservation of horses in a cost effective yet quality space. Broodmares named Freyja HS, Elyssa, Acanthe, Carolla Z, Diana HS, Lady Lux, Athene, Novia, Diemmena HS, Okasa Fortuna, Tikina, Miranda, Zidorette, F – Laureen 016, V – CarraLena, Vision VI and Danke Schoen are the foundation of the farm whereas Hyperion Stud has 28 stallions and horses available for sale, lease and breeding foals.

This Horse Shield Logo represents Breeding Stallions from top European Bloodlines

The Stallions are the highlight of Hyperion Stud, these include Asterix EZ, Cool Jazz, Bustique, Cape Coral RBF Z, Chin Quidam VDL, Cicera’s Icewater, Commando ES, HH Copin Van De Broy, Dakota VDL, HH Dark de la Hart, Darthus, Emir Van De Helle, Entertainer, Fly, HH Himself, Imothep, Orlando, HH Plutot de Beaufour, HH Radco, HH Rebozo, Popeye K, Saphiro and Twisther.

The Horse Shield Logo Design with Floral Flower Embellishments

EQ Graphics combined modernism and a Victorian inspired palette to design the horse shield logo for Hyperion Stud. The bold horse shield logo is underlining the conformation of the best bloodlines in the global market and their impeccable and successful mares. 

The horse shield logo denotes horsemanship, knowledge and dedication of the team to train top stallions by selective breeding and from a solid foundation in order to succeed in their sporting careers. The gradient flowers in the floral design of the horse shield logo has earthy neutral tones and reflects the attention given to details given by the team of Hyperion Stud in their methods and training of young stock. 

EQ Graphics has strived to capture the passion, devotion, focus, affordable but quality services, experience, diversity, transparency and achievements of the inclusive team of Hyperion Stud.

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics

“We’ve worked exclusively with EqGraphics since our inception over 10 years ago. EQ created the original Hyperion Stud website, our stunning logo and all of our marketing materials throughout the years which have had a huge impact on our business and laid our foundation for success…

With today’s technologically advanced society, we felt it was essential to develop a new and innovative web presence that could be viewed on any device and wanted to be represented by a memorable, highly impactful, easy to maneuver website that could bring the magic of our horses to the people who shared this passion.

It is critical to stay connected with our audience on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest and engage our visitors across all social channels, which we can now do with the click of one button. The EqGraphics Team was a natural 9it to take on this monumental task and all of us at Hyperion Stud are proud to be represented in such a creative and magnificent way.

Line Art Jumping Horse &Amp; Shield Logo For Sporthorse Facility