100% Original Lariat Rope Logo | Responsive & Flexible Brand

Feb 12, 2024

Located in the scenic region of Concho, Arizona, Isidro Espinoza is helping and guiding horses and their riders in improving their communication and performance by becoming solution oriented and working in harmony. The facility is owned and operated by seasoned, qualified and TIP approved duo of instructors and trainers Isidro and Amber Espinoza who have competed in numerous Extreme Mustang Makeover challenges and offer clinics to those wishing to adopt a Mustang.

When Amber and Isidro presented their idea for a lariat rope logo design, we wanted to create a logo that would be flexible for a variety of applications that could be seen from afar during their events. For this western rope logo design, we created two logos that carry the theme of the branding into a square format monogram with only the IE initials, and a horizontal landscape version that can be used as a long arena banner when competing at Extreme Mustang Makeover challenges.

Lariat Rope Logo With Monogram Offers Ultimate Flexibility

Flexible and responsive line art rope logo design ideas for Isidro Espinoza in Concho, Arizona

The team of Isidro Espinoza is taking advantage of the scenic beauty of Arizona, its diverse climate, the trees and its active community to create a positive environment that assists in enhancing mental and physical health. Taking advantage of the Mediterranean climate, hot summers and cold winters, mountain slopes and extensive deserts of Arizona, Isidro Espinoza is offering different training options.

Click here to learn more about Isidro Espinoza and see how they use their rope logo designs: https://isidroespinozahorsemanship.com/

Wild Horse Rope Logo Design for Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenge Participant

Isidro Espinoza works with all types of horses including wild horses and mustangs. Having years of experience working on farms, spending his days farming, grooming and training horses, mules, donkeys, cattles and goats, Isidro and his wife Amber have multiple titles under their belt and have extended their services in selling top quality foals in Arizona. Their combined expertise is reflected in their practices; Isidro is a successful Farrier whereas Amber has competed in four Extreme Mustang Makeovers and one of her own makeover horses became the first Mustang BLM in Finland. She actively participates in trail and endurance rides.

Optimum Nutrition for Wild Horses Entering the Performance Arena

Isidro Espinoza has a range of supplements and natural oils. The oils are organic and balanced, including antioxidants, anti – inflammatory compounds, polyphenols and sterols that improve the animal’s strength and vitality, directly benefiting the health and performance of the animal. Popular products at Isidro Espinoza are Competition safe as they are produced in a contamination free environment, Non – GMO to reduce harsh chemicals providing unique animal functionalities, a 30 days return policy to guarantee a satisfactory experience and VET approved with years of research and development behind each finished product.

TIP Mustang Training, Clinics and Lessons

During lessons, Isidro Espinoza emphasizes the significance of sessions to improve horsemanship by helping problem horses and providing assistance at their ranch in Arizona. Full time training lessons span over 5 days; this program is specifically targeting problem horses that are getting started for under saddle, the part time training program works for 3 days for horses that are already under saddle and customized virtual and onsite lessons for horses that have minor problems.

They have other facilities such as personalized clinics, adding a retreat format to the ranch, groomed TIP mustangs and burros up for adoption that are taught to halter, lead, tie, pick up on four feet and load and extreme mustang makeovers by the MHF (Mustang Heritage Foundation) in collaboration with BLM, the characteristic horses are auctioned and available for review and sale.

Hand Drawn Rope Logo Design Ideas

The artists at EQ Graphics created a series of flexible rope logo design ideas to represent the vision and mission of Isidro and Amber Espinoza. The rope logo design ideas have gradients of brown, the color palette transitions between tints, shades and hues of brown and tan, giving depth and volume to the body to their lariat lasso design. 

EQ Graphics was inspired by the unique trends of monogram logo design ideas that are popular in the english equestrian world and wanted to carry through a few of the elegant design elements into the western horse industry. The responsive rope logo design ideas are elegant, graceful, unique, inspired and visually stunning topography with attention to fine details. The lariat rope design is adaptable, comprehensive, sophisticated, poised, exquisite and well recognized in the various disciplines of equestrian sports. The integration of hand of custom designed line art in rope logo design ideas is executed with the focus and precision to become a trendsetter in the Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenges.

Small Lasso Logo For Isidro Espinoza With Monogram Ie In A Rope Design

“Oh wow!!! That looks amazing!!! Way better than I could have imagined!!! Thank you so much! We love it, the lasso design is very cool and unique and it will be great for our marketing efforts to have both sizes of this logo.”


Font Incorporates Rope Details In This Original Lariat Logo