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Katie Bird Equine Sports Therapies Logo

Feb 13, 2024

Katie Bird Equine Sports Therapies is based in New Zealand and specializes in equine sports massage, myopractic techniques, and physical therapy for horses and ponies of all breeds and disciplines. Katie takes a “whole horse” approach to diagnosis and treatment, thoroughly assessing all areas of the horse’s body for pain and tension before creating a treatment plan that addresses all issues. From minor muscle tension issues to cases requiring extensive rehabilitative care, Katie works closely with each individual client to help them regain a quality, pain-free life and increased performance in their respective jobs.

We created a minimalistic, elegant jumping horse outline logo design for Katie Bird Equine Sports Therapies since a large portion of her clientele consists of eventers. The jumping horse is poised mid-flight over the business name, which is displayed in a mixture of two hand lettered fonts-a simple serif and luxe calligraphy. This gold foil design adds a stunningly professional touch to Katie’s visual branding, and looks as good on the side of her work truck as it does on her business cards. Equestrians know their equine partners are being treated by a professional as soon as Katie pulls into the driveway thanks to her unique, elegant logo design.

Line Art Jumper Logo For Equine Sports Therapist With Elegant Calligraphy

Elegant Line Art Jumping Horse Outline Created for Equine Sports Therapy Business

Katie Bird Equine Sports Therapies is based out of Taupo, New Zealand and she asked us to create a uniquejumping horse outline. When Katie meets with a client, she performs a thorough workup of the horse’s neuroskeletal dynamics, muscular structure, and any bone misalignments or subluxations that may be causing the horse pain or general discomfort. This examination of the horse’s entire body allows Katie to come up with a treatment plan to address all problem areas that may include equine sports massage, myofascial release, and acupressure techniques. Whether a horse is simply sore from extensive training and showing or has a deeper issue that may require a rehabilitation plan, Katie Bird Equine Sports Therapies is committed to helping each individual horse live a pain-free life and perform at the peak of its abilities.

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Jumping Horse Outline Logo Design for Equine Sports Therapist Near New Zealand’s National Equestrian Centre

Taupo, New Zealand is home to the National Equestrian Centre. This state of the art facility is home to not only equestrian competition but community events as well. The indoor complex is complete with modern footing, a kitchen, and viewing areas for the comfort of both horses and spectators. There are several grass and sand arenas, as well as a cross country course for schooling and horse show use. There is also a winding bridle path for those who wish to enjoy a relaxing hack with their horse and friends. Human accommodations include hookup’s for horse trailers and campers as well as permanent “Portacabins.” The National Equine Centre hosts a variety of events, from clinics and other educational opportunities to dressage, eventing, and hunter/jumper shows. 

The Centre is also home to the equestrian lifestyle event, Totally Horses Taupo. This event offers a wide variety of shopping opportunities with equine retailers, craftsmen, and more set up for visitors to peruse. Dressage Rotorura hosts a championship show during the event that horse lovers can take in, or visitors can bring their horses to camp and enjoy the National Equestrian Centre’s bridle paths. 

Learn More About the National Equestrian Centre Here: Welcome to Equestrian Website – Welcome to the NEC Taupo (

Simple, Elegant, Jumping Horse Outline Logo for Taupo Equine Sports Therapy Practice

With so many equestrian events practically in her backyard, Katie needed a unique custom logo that would help her business stand out in the New Zealand equine community. Our artists set out to create an elegant hand drawn jumping horse outline logo design that would catch the eye of sporthorse enthusiasts in the area since that sector makes up a large percentage of Katie Bird Equine Sports Therapies’ client base. We designed a minimal, abstract vector style jumping horse outline for Katie’s original logo that depicts a sporthorse soaring over the company name.

Katie’s name is displayed in hand lettered calligraphy to give the appearance of handwriting while maintaining readability, and the rest of the business name was rendered in a simple serif font. Although our professional graphic designers created this hand drawn custom jumping horse outline logo in gold foil, it can be recreated in a variety of colors for multiple uses. The line art style design looks just as good when it’s enlarged for use on the door of Katie’s work truck as it does on her business cards, invoices, and polo shirts. This sophisticatedjumping horse outline design brands Katie as a professional, and builds trust in horse owners by displaying a polished brand identity. 

At EQ Graphics, we work with many styles of equine businesses across the globe. Whether you are a horse breeder, veterinarian, or apparel company, we pride ourselves in the special care we take to create beautiful hand drawn jumping horse outline logos that contain all the important details that generic clip art can leave out. As equestrians ourselves, we know what’s important to you. To schedule your complimentary design consultation, visit We’ll reach out to you in a prompt manner and get started on collecting your ideas for your brand’s unique custom logo!

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics

“I looked at it a few times now & showed a couple of people and I absolutely LOVE it! There is nothing I want to change, you’ve hit the nail on the head with exactly what I was looking for. I even had 1 person (who has been in business for 30+ years and had many logo designs) say it’s one of the best and most professional logos he’s ever seen! Thank you so much, I’m SO pleased!“

Elegant Abstract Jumping Horse Logo For Equine Sports Therapy Practice