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Feb 13, 2024

Kelly Layne, originally from Queensland, Australia, is one of the world’s top dressage competitors. Placing in the Open Prix St Georges at the Australian National Dressage Championships on a horse that she trained herself at only 16, Kelly has been making her mark in the top levels of dressage competition since she was a youth rider. She is currently based in beautiful Wellington, Florida where she trains, rides, and finds top dressage prospects for buyers. Kelly also has the honor of representing the Australia Olympic Equestrian Team at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. 

Our artists created a custom line art design that has an Australian Olympic logo aesthetic inspired by Kelly’s place on the Australia Olympic Equestrian Team for the 2020 Olympic Games. This elegant design features the side profile of a proud dressage horse in the double bridle, accented by stars that mimic the placement of the stars in Australia’s national flag. The vector style design also contains gradient coloring inspired by the colors of the country’s flag.

Grand Prix Dressage Rider Kelly Layne's National Flag Inspired Logo Design

Australian Olympic Logo Design for Top Dressage Rider Kelly Layne

Kelly Layne has been immersed in the equestrian lifestyle since birth. Born in Queensland, Australia, Kelly’s mother Helen Antsee was a Grand Prix rider and FEI judge herself. Helen’s involvement in the world of dressage was the inspiration behind Kelly’s decision to begin competing at just 11 years old. By the time she was 12 she had been recognized as the Under 12 National Dressage Champion twice. At just 16 she placed 9th in the Open Prix St. Georges at the Australian National Dressage Championships. 

By the time she was 18, Kelly was ready to join the ranks of the true dressage professionals and begin competing in Grand Prix competition. That year, she also became a Level 1 coach in dressage, show jumping, and eventing through the Australian National Coaching Accreditation Scheme so she could help other equestrians along the path of success in these events. 

Kelly Layne has competed in some of the world’s most prestigious events for dressage riders representing her home country of Australia. In 2006 she placed 9th at the World Equestrian Games. She has also won the Hermes’ Cup and the Wellington CDI3* Grand Prix Freestyle. Kelly has also had the honor of being selected to represent Australia in the Olympic Games twice, although she had a run of tough luck both times.

Today, Kelly resides in the “dressage capital of the United States,” Wellington, Florida. There she trains outstanding dressage horses for competition at the highest levels. She also acts as a consultant for buyers who are searching for the perfect dressage horse. 

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Unique Australian Olympic Logo Design for 2020 Australia Olympic Team Dressage Rider Kelly Layne

The equestrian events at the Olympic Games were featured in Paris in 1900, but they became officially established as an Olympic sport during the 1912 Games in Stockholm. There are three different events that equestrians can compete in as individuals and teams-dressage, show jumping, and eventing. 

Dressage horses are the dancers of the equine athletes at the Olympic Games. Riders and horses perform a patterned “test” that requires quick gait and direction changes, lateral movements, and more performed with imperceptible aids. ThisAustralian Olympic Logo was created for dressage rider and olympic equestrian, Kelly Layne.

During the show jumping competition, horse and rider navigate a course of jumps that are often decorated to represent the culture of that year’s Olympic Games location. This event is timed, and the fastest course wins. Deductions are made for knocking down jumps or refusals.

Eventing is a combination of three events that each horse and rider pair must complete-dressage, cross-country, and show jumping. Cross-country is unique to eventing, and riders must tackle a course of approximately 40 obstacles with their equine partner. These obstacles mimic scenarios a team would face outside the arena, including hedges, water jumps, ditches, and log fences. This event is timed, and requires horse and rider to display a tremendous amount of stamina, courage, and skill.

Learn more about equestrian events at the Olympic Games, as well as see results from Tokyo 2020 here: Equestrian | Olympic Sport | Tokyo 2020

Vector Style Australian Olympic Logo Design for Grand Prix Dressage Rider Kelly Layne

The inspiration behind this unique, colorful customAustralian Olympic Logo that our artists created for Kelly is the Australian flag. The colors in the gradient of the design are representative of the colors of the flag, and the placement of the stars on the line art dressage horse mimic their placement on the Australian flag as well. We created a minimal but elegant side profile view of a line art

Grand Prix dressage horse in the double bridle for Kelly’s original Australian Olympic logo design. Her name is integrated into the image of the horse in stunning hand lettered calligraphy for a handwriting aesthetic. This simple yet stunning custom logo will be the perfect addition to Kelly’s blankets and sheets, saddle pads, jackets, tack trunk, and more as she travels to Tokyo with the Australia Olympic Equestrian Team.

Kelly’s name is integrated into the lines of the horse’s body in a custom hand lettered calligraphy font. We were honored to create this colorful, one of a kind logo for such a prestigious equestrian athlete and look forward to seeing it used on Kelly’s polo shirts, saddle pads, stall drapes, tack trunks, and more.

To draw a dressage horse to become an Australian Olympic Logo is an honor for any graphic designer. Our years of equestrian experience as dressage riders ourselves came into play when designing this hand-drawn, custom horse head. We welcome equestrians of all breeds and disciplines and look forward to designing a logo for you whether you live in Australia or another part of the world. Equestrian logo design for Olympians is something we specialize in drawing. Olympic horses are at the top of the sport and it’s very important to design aAustralian Olympic Logo that represents such high caliber of dressage competition.

In the 2020 Olympics, EQ Graphics had five equestrian clients competing in various aspects of the competition, including thisAustralian Olympic Logo. An Eventer, Show Jumper and three dressage riders all had personal branding to match the highest levels of Olympic competition.

You don’t have to be a large business or need anAustralian Olympic logo to have your own unique custom logo. Even if you as an individual are the essence of your equestrian brand, we can help piece together all of your ideas into a hand drawnAustralian Olympic Logo design that says you are as professional as any company. All you have to do is visit to schedule a complimentary design consultation with one of our professional graphic designers. This process can take place from anywhere across the globe-we handle the artwork so you can handle business.

Australian Flag Inspired Logo Design For Olympic Dressage Competitor