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King Equine Veterinary Logo

Feb 12, 2024

Canadian veterinarian Dr. Thea Legaarden of King Equine Veterinary Services specializes in equine sport performance medicine and lameness diagnostics. Located in Southern Ontario’s horse country, she offers a range of services including lameness evaluations, pre-purchase exams, digital imaging, shockwave therapy, laser therapy, ultrasound guided joint therapies, and performance dentistry. Dr. Legaarden also offers holistic treatment options such as chiropractic work and acupuncture.  

The abstract line art equine veterinary logo design our artists created for Dr. Legaarden is bold, yet simple and straightforward. The image of a regal horse with an exaggerated long forelock blowing in the wind overlooks the company name in classic sans serif font. Teal foil makes this striking custom logo a knockout on business cards and other printed materials, while the vector style makes resizing for various uses a breeze.

Simple Yet Striking Custom Logo For Equine Veterinarian

Equine Veterinary Logo for Canadian Equine Practice

Dr. Thea Legaarden is a graduate of Ontario Veterinary College. She founded her Toronto area equine veterinary clinic, King Equine Veterinary Services, in 2015. Dr. Legaarden notes that her practice is dedicated to progressive and integrative sports and performance medicine. She helps equine athletes perform to their highest potential through the use of treatments such as laser therapy, shockwave therapy, and performance dentistry.

King Equine Veterinary Services also offers equestrians the opportunity to treat their horses through a variety of holistic methods. Chiropractic work and acupuncture are minimally invasive options that can offer a multitude of benefits to show and pleasure horses alike.

Custom Equine Veterinary Logo Builds Clients’ Trust in Veterinarian

Horse owners put a bounty of trust in the veterinarians that they trust with the care of their equine athletes. Most equestrians find building a solid relationship with a veterinarian to be imperative, and finding the one that best fits their needs can sometimes be a process. It is important for this message to be conveyed when creating an equine veterinary logo.

When a veterinarian takes the time to establish cohesive branding, this helps prospective clients see them as a true professional that takes their business and the care of their patients seriously. Custom logo art is one of the first steps to establishing a unique, recognizable visual branding identity for an equine veterinary logo. Pairing an original logo with branding colors that are used across your marketing and client communication methods gives a polished look to your brand that says clients can put their trust in you to thoroughly diagnose and treat any issues that may arise in their horses’ health.

Unique Hand Drawn Equine Veterinary Logo for Canadian Performance Horse Vet

Our artists wanted to create a design that echoed the modern, progressive nature of Dr. Legaarden’s practice for her custom equine veterinary logo. The inspiration behind the proud image of a horse was regal breeds like the Friesian, with elegantly arched necks and long, flowing manes and forelocks. Although the line art design is somewhat abstract, there is enough detail in the horse’s conformation to hint to equestrians that sport horses are the practice’s specialty. Teal foil makes this custom logo absolutely stunning and unique when used on business cards and note cards. 

Custom Equine Veterinary Logo Utilizes Modern Font

The graphic designers at EQ Graphics understand that the fonts used in a brand’s logo design can add to the beauty and overall mood or aesthetic of the artwork. Just as our line art logos begin as simple pencil sketches, the fonts on our designs are hand lettered for a unique touch.

We chose a classic sans serif font for King Veterinary Services custom logo. The clean, simple font is easy to read-prospective clients don’t have to decipher a script style font at a distance. To further highlight the business name, we placed horizontal accent lines above and below “Veterinary Services.” This simple touch ensures that there is no question what the brand’s purpose is.

No matter what your desired brand aesthetic is, we have a hand lettered font that you’ll love. From handwritten signatures to western style vintage lettering, we can help you choose a font that’s both beautiful and “on brand” for your equestrian business. 

Unique Equine Veterinary Logo Design Made For Equestrians, By Equestrians

EQ Graphics is unique in that we don’t just create artwork that includes horses-we are immersed in the equestrian lifestyle ourselves. We know that horse lovers relish realistic detail in their custom logos, and our signature vector style designs are crafted with special care to ensure that they fit industry standard no matter which breed or discipline they depict. 

Don’t rely on generic clipart to be the face of your brand. Our artists will turn your ideas into a custom logo that’s a true work of art, infused with personal touches that make your branding unique. Want to include your “heart horse” in your logo design? We can do that. Take a look at our “Living Logos” for examples. No matter what your vision is, EQ Graphics can bring it to life. 

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Majestic Wind Blown Horse Adorns Equine Vet's Logo