Saddleseat Arabian Horse Silhouette | 100% Authentic Drawing

Feb 13, 2024

Based in beautiful Panama City, Florida, Kingswood Farms breeds Arabians and Half-Arabians that are destined for show ring stardom in the Country English, English Pleasure, and Park Horse arena.

Our goal for Kingswood Farms’ custom logo was to create a simple, yet elegant saddleseat Arabian to showcase the quality and action of their horses. With inspiration from their English Pleasure and Park Horses, our artist set out to design an Arabian horse silhouette trotting above level in our signature line art style. Polished off with silver foil and a mixture of bold serif and clean sans serif fonts. Kingswood’s original logo will look amazing on their stall fronts, polo shirts, and promotional materials at prestigious events like the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show.

Saddleseat Arabian's Flashy Movement Frozen In Time In Breeder's Custom Logo Design

Vector Style Arabian Horse Silhouette Takes Center Ring in Florida Breeder’s Custom Logo

Panama City, Florida based Arabian and Half-Arabian breeding facility, Kingswood Farms, has a winning reputation indeed among the Arabian show horse world. The facility takes special pride in their collection of top quality broodmares, which they acknowledge as the cornerstone of a successful breeding program. Kingswood’s elite show horses regularly see success at the highest level of Arabian horse competition in the United States in the Country English, English Pleasure, and Park Horse classes.

One of their most recent equine superstars is the stunning KW Micah, the 2020 U.S. National Champion Arabian English Pleasure Junior horse, selected unanimously by the judging panel. This exciting young stallion is currently owned by Franklin Farm, LLC and standing at stud in Louisville, Tennessee with Kiesner Training.

Regarded as one of the flashier breeds in the competitive equestrian world, Arabians make beautiful saddleseat horses and we always enjoy the opportunity draw and Arabian Horse silhouette. There are several unique styles of saddleseat horse (or English horse as they’re called by exhibitors in the Arabian rings)  within the Arabian show world. The Country English Pleasure Horse is a willing equine partner, well-mannered and showing balanced movement. The horse should be soft in the bridle and highly responsive to the rider’s aids.

Typically judged at the walk, normal trot, and canter (some classes do call for a “strong trot” and hand gallop), a winning Country English Pleasure Horse gives the appearance of a mount that inspires confidence in its’ rider, a horse that can be trusted to hack out on safely no matter where the pair wants to go. Their gaits are graceful and free-flowing while maintaining a calm demeanor, and they should in fact be the most easy going of the Arabian saddleseat horses. 

Even in anArabian Horse silhouette, English Pleasure horses in the Arabian world move with higher action, a greater degree of collection and impulsion, and a more spirited attitude than their Country English counterparts. Their movement is more brisk and animated, giving viewers the appearance of a horse that enjoys its’ job in the show ring while still moving in a balanced and responsive manner. 

Arabian park horses are true showstoppers in the ring. Showing the highest animation of the English horses, park horses move in a balanced, candenced manner while exhibiting their signature charismatic presence. Although manners are still of importance, park horses are generally regarded as more bold and “hot” than the Country English and English Pleasure horses. Expert training and shoeing methods help mold the park horse’s extreme action, so many of these equine athletes stay with a trainer consistently throughout the year.

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Arabian Horse Silhouette in Line Art Style Makes A Mark at Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show

Breeders of top quality show horses like the stunning United States National Reserve Champion English Pleasure stallion KW Micah (owned by Franklin Farm, shown by and at stud at Kiesner Training), Kingswood prides themselves on their fine broodmare band. Their offspring can regularly be found in the ribbons at Arabian events across the country. 

To stand out among the crowd at elite shows like the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show, Kingswood Farms needed a customArabian Horse silhouette logo design that was simple, elegant, and timelessly eye-catching. With inspiration from the beautiful frame that Arabian English Pleasure and Park horses move in, our artist set out to create a stunning vector style design that featured the silhouette of an animated Arabian English show horse. The upright carriage and high knee action of the line art Arabian horse silhouette in this original logo is stunningly realistic, with fine details such as the wide browband on the double bridle making thisArabian Horse silhouette design a head above clipart options.

Vector Style Arabian Horse Silhouette Logo Design Lends Elegant Touch to Breeder’s Branding

The beauty of line art style logos is that they are exceedingly easy to resize for use on any branded material the business owner can dream of. Kingswood’s silver foil custom logo will pair neatly with a variety of colors and give a sophisticated look to their tack stall curtains, tack trunks, stall guards, blankets, jackets, and more. A mixture of bold serif and modern sans serif fonts make the design easily recognizable without distracting the viewer from the beauty of the trottingArabian Horse silhouette show horse.

Line Art Arabian Horse Silhouette Design Began With Ideas and a Sketch

We turn all of your company branding ideas into a preliminary sketch that tells the story of why you do what you do in the equine industry. As equestrians ourselves, we pride ourselves on attention to the little details that make a large difference to horse lovers. If you’re ready to uplevel your visual branding with a custom logo that’s unique to your ideas and passions, just visit to schedule a complimentary design consultation with one of our artists. Be sure to also visit us on Instagram @EqGraphics for inspiration and more information behind the fabulous clients that we have served worldwide.

100% Hand Drawn Saddleseat Style Arabian Horse Logo For Florida Breeder