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Feb 13, 2024

Located on the coast of Maryland, Laima Dalia Sporthorses breeds and trains Warmbloods for dressage. Owner Alexandria Wilcox especially enjoys bringing along young sport horse prospects, and in addition to competing in dressage she also fits and handles young horses in DSHB in-hand classes.  

It’s obvious that broodmares and foals are the stars of the show at Laima Dalia, so with that in mind our artists set out to design a custom line art mare and foal logo with precise attention to detail.  Features such as braided manes and a flash noseband take this unique design of a fancy dressage mare and foal moving in a collected trot across the image to the next level. A clean sans serif font and gold foil completes this modern, elegant logo that’s sophisticated in its simplicity.  Like the goddess of luck, fate, and fertile broodmares that this equine facility is named after, this hand drawn logo is both feminine and strong.

Elegance Captured In Print With Line Art Dressage Logo

Elegant and Realistic Custom Mare and Foal Logo for a Maryland Dressage Horse Breeder

Laima Dalia Sporthorses of Chesapeake City, Maryland specializes in breeding and training Warmbloods for the intricate equine sport of dressage. A mare and foal logo was the best direction for this farm.

Dressage Sport Horse Breeding classes are offered at USDF Breeders Championship Series shows.  Similar to halter and longeline classes in the stock horse industry, DSHB classes evaluate young sport horses’ conformation, movement, and subsequent performance and breeding potential.  The horses are shown in-hand; instead of being ridden, they’re presented to the judges by a handler on the ground.  For horses that are not yet being shown under saddle, DSHB offers Dressage Sport Horse Prospect classes for fillies, stallions, and geldings that are three years of age and younger.  Classes are divided by sex and age, with horses only showing against their own sex. Ages for classes range from fillies/colts of the current calendar year (who may be shown with or without their dam in the ring), yearlings, two year olds, and three year olds.  At the discretion of the particular show committee, a champion may be crowned from each sex.

Mares and stallions four years of age and older may be shown in the Dressage Breeding Horse Stock classes.  In-Hand Group classes can be offered as well, with different combinations of dam (mother) and offspring and stallion with “get” (offspring) being offered.  These classes are judged on the quality of each horse presented, and in some cases the rate of improvement in the quality of offspring.

These unique classes give young sport horses valuable experience and make a mare and foal logo the perfect brand identity.  Horse shows can be overwhelming for a young horse, and being hauled to show in DSHB classes gives them the chance to be exposed to crackling loudspeakers, applause, wandering dogs, flapping banners, and all of the other hustle and bustle a show day brings before being shown under saddle.  The result is a more well-minded and grounded young horse when he takes center ring for his first dressage test.  Rather than being distracted by the new environment, the young horse can focus on giving a blue ribbon performance. 

Visit Laima Dalia Sporthorses on Instagram to see this mare and foal logo at: https://www.instagram.com/laimadaliash 

A Custom Hand Drawn Mare and Foal Logo for a Warmblood Breeder with a Unique Name  

Laima Dalia Sporthorses’ unique company name draws inspiration from the Baltic goddess of fate who is said to determine the length of each human’s life and their fortune.  Laima is also thought to be a patroness of cows and horses.  In Lithuanian dialect, Laima is associated with happiness and luck and the word is said to mean “happy fate.” Laima was said to ensure that farmers’ fields and animals were fertile, with a special interest in horses.  Thus, Laima Dalia is a fitting name for this Warmblood breeding facility that recognizes the importance of and places special care in broodmares and foals.  The important role they play at Laima Dalia is recognized with a place of honor in the original logo we designed for Alexandria.

Mare and Foal Logo Provides Unmistakable Brand Purpose Recognition to MD Dressage Horse Breeder

At Laima Dalia Sporthorses, broodmares and their foals are the stars of the show.  Although many give more credit to the stallion than the mare, Alexandria recognizes the importance of quality mares in a breeding program and she wanted her custom mare and foal logo to reflect that principle.  After taking the time to get to know Alexandria and her equine business during our brainstorming session, our artist got to work designing a hand drawn mare and foal logo for Laima Dalia that is equal parts branding and art.

We used Alexandria’s ideas about her company’s purpose and principles to design a modern line art mare and foal logo that is stunningly realistic.  A smartly turned-out dressage rider sits astride a splendid dressage mare engaged in a collected trot.  A fancy foal trots by her side in perfect stride with his dam. Although the vector graphic style illustration is simple, no detail has been spared from the neatly braided manes of both mare and foal to the flash noseband on the mare’s bridle. This attention to equestrian detail is what makes EQ Graphics unique.  We know how important these small details are to horse lovers.  Don’t settle for clip art that inaccurately displays your breed or discipline.  We can help you make sure that your brand’s purpose is center stage with an original hand drawn mare and foal logo.

A Custom Mare and Foal Logo Can Be Designed for Clients Worldwide

You don’t have to be in Ocala, Florida for us to design your original equine logo.  We offer complimentary design consultations via telephone, so whether you’re on the coast of Maryland or the coast of Ireland our artist can make your ideas reality.

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics

“I have spent my entire life dreaming of one day creating my own equine business. Once things began to fall into place, I had a clear vision of how I wanted my business to be represented in a logo. I remember even years ago admiring Eq Graphics art and being drawn to the detail and unique style of their work.

There was never any question as to which company always my first choice in helping make my vision a reality. After speaking with Jackie, and hearing how excited and passionate she was about creating my logo, I knew I had made the perfect choice! With just a few small revisions to the original draft, the logo was perfect. I cannot say enough good about the customer service and quality of Eq Graphics work!“

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics | Laima Dalia Sporthorses Logo By Eq Graphics