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Lamplight Equestrian Center Logo

Feb 13, 2024

When we began working with Lamplight Equestrian Center in Wayne, Illinois on their rebrand in 2013, we made it a priority for our logo to fit seamlessly into the landscape of their beautiful show grounds. ⁠This lantern logo design is not only reflective of lights often hung in garden spaces, but is also representative of the show grounds’ position as an industry leading facility lighting the path to elite competition. The hand-drawn lantern was creatively integrated into the letter L, which can be used as a stand alone icon lending to the ultimate flexibility while maintaining a clear, uniform brand identity, which is consistent with each of our convertible logo designs.

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A surreal lantern logo design for Lamplight Equestrian Centre

Castles, stone structures, Horse farms and pioneers such as the horse breeder, Mark Dunham, the village of Wayne has gorgeous breeding farms spanning over acres of areas including the stunning Lamplight Equestrian Centre. The village of Wayne is dedicated to preserving their equestrian traditions; the farms including Lamplight have miles of trailing paths, dozens of stables and riding centers. Lamplight Equestrian Centre holds an esteemed and noble reputation as a riding center in the equestrian industry, it utilizes the forest preserves of Wayne, its savannahs, marshes and meadows provide a picturesque backdrop for their recreational excursions and their nature loving equine enthusiasts.

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The Lamplight Equestrian Center

Considered to be the most stunning property in the country, Lamplight Equestrian Centre is 55 acres of world – class horse facility that is composed of eight outdoor arenas, five of them have top notch GGT arena footing. The center has permanent stable facilities for 450 show horses, a permanent base for nine stabling tents with water, cement wash racks and electricity, holding a total capacity of 1200 show stalls on the ground. Lamplight Equestrian Centre has been a favorite for many horsemen since its establishment, it has a rich history in equine industry and sport, the structure has been utilized for performances, sporting events and public recreational activities related to equine.

Hunter/Jumpers and Dressage

Lamplight Equestrian Centre is generally working with the hunter/jumper and dressage industry. The Show Hunter discipline revolves around the correct movement, soundness and conformation of the horse in its division. Ideally the horses have fluid movements and a balanced frame. The fences are composed of obstacles set at particular heights such as natural rail or post, stone wall, chicken coop, brush, aiken, oxer and hedge. A good ride will look easy, smooth and accurate starting with the right take off and strides. A good show hunter maintains pace, rhythm, speed and a good jumping form, smoothness and durability when jumping around the corners and in between jumps to reach the right spots during the competition.

In exhibition and competition, Lamplight Equestrian Centre also hosts dressage events that are sometimes pursued for the sake of mastery. This sport is considered to be the highest expression of horse training being held at all levels to highlight progressive methods, training philosophies, athletic abilities, will, potential and coordination required to perform in predetermined movements. In modern dressage competitions, a series of tests determine the success of training in the standard arena.

The location of the arena plays a major part in determining where the movements will be performed; cones with letters are positioned on the sidelines of the arena to mark the space starting from the point of entry, along the center of the area and moving down the center line.

The Story Behind This Lantern Logo Design

EQ Graphics has juxtaposed multiple realities to create an imagery that highlights the history, tradition and architecture of Lamplight Equestrian Centre. The lantern logo design is precise, taking an object as ordinary as a lamp to make an extraordinary design that is assertive, revolutionary and philosophical in nature. The lantern logo design narrates the rich culture of Wayne, narrating its stories spanning over generations of horsemanship in a way that is liberating and creative.

The lantern logo design is versatile, imaginative, influenced by postmodern surreal art and pop culture which infuses stylized letters and meaningful objects to give birth to something new and unique. The lantern logo design is immersed with the deep rooted heritage, customs and incredible lifestyle of Lamplight Equestrian Centre, its chronicles of success and achievements ascending timelines, making this lantern logo design a visual book in itself.

Small Lantern L Logo For Lamplight Equestrian

“We chose EQ Graphics to rebrand Lamplight after buying the facility in 2013. They have helped us with our logo, created all of our marketing materials, designed our prizelists and sponsor books and got our website up and running in record time when we came to them in a panic just weeks before our first show season. Our success is largely impart due to our ongoing relationship with EQ Graphics.“

Elegant Lantern Logo For Premium Equestrian Facility