Stunning Boho Ranch Logo | 100% Custom Vector Horse Artwork

Feb 13, 2024

Located in Massachusetts, Lazy J Ranch offers Equine Assisted Therapy with their gentle natured Norwegian Fjord Horses. Although Lazy J Ranch is located in the New England area where the English disciplines are most prevalent, their ranch resembles the old west and brings a sense of the western lifestyle to Massachusetts residents. They asked us to create a boho ranch logo that would incorporate a Norwegian Fjord Horse into a Native American style design that would appeal to both men and women for apparel. Our artists chose to blend a hand drawn Boho style diamond with a Native American feel and combined it with our modern line art style horses. This resulted in a Boho style logo design that is unique and memorable.

Native Style Horse &Amp; Arrow Logo Design Embodies Ranch's Brand Inspiration

A Native American Inspired Boho Ranch Logo for Lazy J Ranch

With cold winters, warm summers, an exposed coastal area and the rich flora and fauna of the region, Massachusetts is perfect for equine assisted therapy sessions. Drawing from its Native American roots, Massachusetts is a buzzing city with active centers for arts and culture, sports and recreational activities.  
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The Norwegian Fjord Horses at Lazy J Ranch

Lazy J Ranch is currently working with Norwegian Fjord horses. The breed is relatively strong and ideal for the region. The modern breed is tan, gold or relatively darker in shades and gentle in nature which makes it the first choice for Lazy J Ranch when working in a sensitive domain such as therapy. The Norwegian Fjord horses are muscular; they have long arched necks, flat foreheads, a straight face, small ears, large eyes, sturdy legs and compact feet. With a considerable size, Norwegian Fjord horses are capable of carrying an adult human, their thick coat and luxurious and heavy mane makes them ideal for the oceanic climate of Massachusetts.

One of the oldest and purest breeds of the world, historically Fjord horses or Norwegian Fjord horses have been used for war mount, as a farm animal, carrying loads in mountain terrains, cross breeding, plowing fields, pulling timber, for driving and riding however their agility and good temperament has made them popular in therapeutic schools lately.

An Equine Assisted Therapy Business that’s an asset to the New England Area

A modern form of experimental therapy, Equine Assisted Therapy involves horses and a certified psychologist to help people heal and improve their mental and physical health.  Equine Assisted Therapy at Lazy J Ranch involves activities such as observing, grooming and handling that channels positive energy to inspire a constructive change.

Lazy J Ranch therapy sessions work on reinforcing clients’ self-awareness, cognitive functioning, social skills, behavior, communication and identifying the core problem and goals. The sessions have proven to be beneficial in developing and supporting a human – animal interaction. The sessions assist clients’ in combating anxiety, addiction, ADHD, traumatic symptoms and dementia.

The Boho Ranch Logo was Inspired by the philosophy of Equine Assisted Therapy

Equine Assisted Therapy at Lazy J Ranch involves multiple steps; building trust between the interpersonal relationships of the therapist, horse and the client, reducing physiological anxiety levels by embracing fears and confronting difficult life experiences, reducing depression by reducing the feeling of isolation, pressure from peers by engaging in a non-verbal and non-judgmental interaction with the animal, becoming mindful, focused and regulating emotions in a calm environment, learning valuable new skills, learning self-control, cooperating to develop a solution oriented approach, taking advantage of the natural environment to maintain a peaceful mind, becoming clear and directive and appreciating boundaries.

Boho Ranch Logo with a purpose

EQ Graphics has taken inspiration from line art to create a boho ranch logo for Lazy J Ranch. The art for this boho ranch logo is modern consisting of a diamond shaped logo infused with a western font. The color palette of this boho ranch logo has gradients rather than being flat, which design adds volume and dimension to the logo. The design captures the unique method of Lazy J ranch, how its process is professional, transformative and effective whereas it is addressing the international community therefore accommodating many cultures, traditions and equine enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds.

EQ Graphics has strived to capture the magic and surreal aura of the location in the boho ranch logo, the design resonates with the problem solving methodology and authentic techniques of Lazy J Ranch; their investment, high spirited team, knowledge, skills, commitment and energy in spreading awareness about equine assisted therapy in the global community. 

Boho Gradient Gives Ranch Logo Native American Style