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Feb 14, 2024

Like many young girls, Mosie Trewhitt became entranced with horses very early in life. Mosie’s determination to develop a relationship with her soul horse, Annie, that was based on free will and the mare’s overall happiness led the pair to embark on a journey into the world of liberty horse training together. Today Mosie is a liberty horse trainer who helps other equestrians strengthen the bond between themselves and their horses through her California based business, Liberty Horsemanship.

She offers a variety of courses and clinics in addition to the free resources she shares via her blog and podcast, In the Spirit of the Horse, in hopes that like herself, other horse lovers can experience an unmatched level of trust and satisfaction in their relationship with their equine friends and partners that breaks the bonds of bits and ropes.

This hand drawn custom logo is part of our “Living Logos” collection. Our artists drew inspiration from the heartwarming bond that Mosie shares with her grey Quarter Horse, Annie, to create a stunning line art design that depicts the pair sitting on the ground together. The image recreates a tranquil scene as the young lady is seated next to her beloved horse’s head, which is draped lovingly over her shoulder. We chose two separate fonts for the business name-one is custom hand lettered calligraphy in which the “L” forms the line of Annie’s back leg, and the remainder is in an elegant calligraphy font.

Elegant Custom Logo Depicts Unique Bond Between Horse &Amp; Owner

Elegant Line Art Logo for California Liberty Horse Trainer Inspired by Beloved Quarter Horse

 Mosie Trewhitt has had visions of a special sort of horse and human relationship with horses since she was a little girl. She loved their free-spirited nature, and the bond she envisioned forming with a horse of her own was one of trust and unwavering love without breaking that spirit. 

When she was 12 years old, Mosie met Annie, a green 3 year old American and instantly fell in love with her. That Christmas, the horse she calls her “soul mate on Earth” became hers. Since Mosie had no aspirations of competing with Annie at that time, the pair was able to focus solely on having fun together. She cites that she even threw Annie birthday parties, and the two enjoyed trail rides and flying across the ranch as free spirits together. 

One year, Mosie chose to join her school’s equestrian team instead of participating in PE class. Her chosen discipline was dressage, and she was excited to start this new journey with Annie. However, she was taken aback by the interaction between horse and rider at the lesson barn. Mosie felt that the barn’s horses did not seem happy with their jobs, and for the first time she witnessed the pained look on some of the horses’ faces due to heavy handed riders.

This realization inspired Mosie to totally change the way that she trained and interacted with Annie. She decided from that point on she would not use any sort of force when working with her beloved friend-however, it was immediately apparent that “force” was what made Annie do the things that they had formerly done together. Still, Mosie persevered and kept to her goal of working with Annie in this new way. 

After many days of wondering if she and Annie would ever be able to enjoy the activities they had previously, Mosie was struck by the thought that if what they were doing was all they ever did, that was more than enough-as long as Annie was free and happy. It seemed as if their training together reached a turning point from there, and Mosie’s journey as a liberty horse trainer began in earnest. By her birthday the next year, Mosie was able to fulfill a lifelong dream of galloping down the beach bareback and bridleless on Annie.

Touching Line Art Custom Logo for Liberty Horse Trainer

Mosie’s continuing journey with Annie and her other horses inspired her to offer her knowledge as a liberty horse trainer to other equestrians so that they too could find a special relationship with their equine friends. Her business, Liberty Horsemanship, offers a variety of clinics and online education tools, as well as free learning resources such as her blog and podcast. She also runs a Wild Horse Sanctuary that allows herself and other horse lovers to continue learning about the bond humans can forge with horses with force free training.

Find out more about liberty horse trainer Mosie Trewhitt’s educational resources here: Liberty Horsemanship

Vector Style Gold Foil Logo Design for California Liberty Horse Trainer

Our artists created an elegant line art liberty horse trainer logo with the touching image of a horse lying on the ground with her head over a woman’s shoulder. The simple design exudes an air of peace, tranquility, and unconditional love between horse and owner as evidenced by the caring expressions on each of their faces. One of our “Living Logos,” the inspiration behind this beautiful, unique design was Mosie and her heart horse Annie. 

Two separate fonts make up the company name. The word “liberty” is rendered in  hand lettered custom calligraphy, and the letter “L” curves into the lines of the horse’s back leg. “Horsemanship” is penned in a modern sans serif. The design is polished off in gold foil for an elegant touch. 

This liberty horse trainer’s elegant gold foil logo design instantly imparts a feeling of peace, along with a glimpse of the love and trust equestrians can foster with their horse via Liberty Horsemanship’s training methodology.

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“I am in awe. You captured Annie so perfectly. As someone who knows every inch of her so well, I am amazed at the way you embodied her feeling so completely…

“Oh my goodness I LOVE this!!! It is absolutely beautiful!! I love the “Liberty” with her leg and the strong “horsemanship” at the bottom. I am so in love with the way “Liberty” is incorporated! I think it is just beautiful.

You captured Annie so incredibly, and I love the hug with me. I think the whole thing is beautiful. I love the hair, I love the position – I am seriously thrilled! This is more beautiful than I even imagined, and I had high hopes after seeing your other work! I truly am so happy and grateful! It is wonderful and really captures the feeling of the lessons we aim to teach. Thank you so so much!!”
Mosie Trewhitt, Liberty Horsemanship, California
Touching Hand Drawn Logo For Liberty Horse Trainer