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Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics | Beyond The Bit Horse Training Logo

I am absolutely thrilled with how my logo turned out for my horse training business! I already had a logo for my company but was looking to create a logo with more professionalism and refinement. Jackie did just that with her logo creation for me! She took all of my ideas and turned them into a masterpiece that I love and am proud to show off. Jackie and David are incredible people that genuinely care about you, take care of you throughout their design process and ensure that they create a final product that you are excited about. Jackie was open and willing to make some revisions for me after the first logo reveal and she diligently went to work to incorporate my ideas. Her final design for me and my training business, Beyond The Bit, exceeded any and all expectations and I can’t say enough about how talented she is!! You can tell Jackie and David love what they do and it truly shows in their designs, artwork and customer relations. If you want a logo that is more than you can even imagine… Jackie and David at EQ Graphics are your people!! Thank you both for everything.

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics | Green Home Climate Solutions Logo

I am so incredibly thankful that I found Jackie and EQ Graphics! I initially reached out to them to help me with my equestrian logo and ended up having them work on a logo for my other business. My brother and I own an HVAC company (heating and air conditioning) and Jackie was more than willing to jump outside of her comfort zone of horses to create an amazing logo for us! The first time I spoke with Jackie over the phone it was like we had known each other- she was so personable, easy to talk to and so kind. Before we hung up she was already brainstorming and excited about getting to work on the logo for us. I felt as though Jackie truly cared about me and coming up with a logo that I liked for our company. She made me feel so comfortable throughout the process and that I could trust her explicitly! David was also a huge piece in the process, ensuring that an email, question or call was always responded to. The way Jackie and David work together to communicate with their clients is a huge positive. I am absolutely in LOVE with our logo and the design Jackie came up with for our HVAC company! Jackie’s work is extremely impressive- she is creative and able to execute a logo that surpassed my expectations. I recommend Jackie and David at EQ Graphics to anyone wanting a premier logo design with exceptional customer service along the way! Thank you Jackie and David!

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics | Jc Horse Training Logo Black

I am so grateful to Jackie for her beautiful work on my logo. I was so unsure in what direction I wanted to go and Jackie was able to figure out exactly what I wanted with just a 30 min phone call.

I would recommend EqGraphics to absolutely anyone looking for a totally unique, professional and artistic logo.

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics | Baileys Equine Bodywork Logo

I reached out to Jackie without a vision of what I wanted my logo to be. After our brainstorming call, Jackie created a beautiful logo that surpassed anything I could have dreamed of. She made this process easy and enjoyable.

I am grateful to have a logo I can be proud of as a result of Jackie’s artistic talent. I would highly recommend EQ Graphics to anyone looking to design or re-design their business’s logo.

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics | Restorative Equine Logo

Wow! Was my first reaction to Jackie’s beautiful logo design for my business. My second was to cry a little bit. I was nervous about hiring someone to create a logo because I did not really know what I wanted or what the process would be.

Jackie was so easy to talk, to and after I shared my thoughts, Jackie asked about colors, which I also had not considered. After sending her a picture of my horse in his show bridle, Jackie asked if I wanted him to be part of the logo. Another thing I had not considered! (How?) I was coming off of a difficult time with my horse, questioning our journey together. By the time I received my logo from Jackie (in just 2 weeks! with all that Jackie and David had going on at the time!) I had decided that my journey with Dewey was destined.

When I saw Dewey featured in the logo, that confidence in our relationship was reinforced. It is reflective of the beauty and grace I see in my sometimes difficult, very intelligent horse. In addition, David has provided me with countless types of files, and referrals for ways to promote my business. I highly recommend EQ Graphics if you are looking for a logo design. Jackie’s insight along with her skills and her investment in her clients is admirable. Thank you!

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics | Symphony Sporthorses Logo

I had my original jumper logo for over 20 years, and it evolved with me from a hand drawing on a scratch piece of paper, to a electronic adaptation, to the addition of a dressage and a refocus of the business.

The time came when I knew my logo needed a face lift and some modernization but being so attached to my original “double S” horses made me so nervous to work with a professional.

Would they understand the legacy sentimentality? Would they update but not lose the base of the design? Could they incorporate all three phases of eventing instead of just the CT I had? What about the music aspect? Our slogan is “put some rhythm in your ride,” so could they help incorporate that concept?

The answer was not only overwhelmingly yes to these questions, but Jackie went above and beyond my expectations, helping me create a modernized logo for not just the farm, but my stallion as well. The process was so easy and both Jackie and David are an absolute pleasure to work with. Highly recommend.

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics | Blue Equus Realty Logo

DAVID AND JACKIE!!!!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! I AM DOING THE BIGGEST HAPPIEST DANCE INSIDE!! JACKIE….for so many months this logo haunted me….and I was so perplexed about the angle of the Arabian horse turned away toward the barn….but in January as I studied it (and I even prayed about my new company image direction) ….it popped in my head that to make this logo not just about horses but about properties also…the angle you incorporated for the horse was giving way to that “property” feature…. Your kind and forgiving response to my return will never be forgotten and is a reminder that good does return itself. And you both are GREAT!! WHAT A DYNAMIC DUO!

With my most humble appreciation,

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics | C2 Performance Therapy Logo

I have had to sit here and gather myself before sending you this email. I am absolutely flooded with emotions! Its beautiful, absolutely beautiful. It took my breath away and tears of pure joy and disbelief have been flowing like a river! When I look at this I realized I did it. I’m here. I’ve powered through ever challenge life has chunked at me and my “little girl” dream has happened.

I see myself and my daughter all wrapped into one with the horse that woke my soul back up, pulled my daughter through a dark time, centered us, encouraged us, and let us build a business on his back, so to speak. You brought all of that to life, even things I didn’t share you somehow got on paper. God Bless you and your talent.

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics | Golden Circle Equine Care Logo

WOW, could not choose a better person to work with for a logo. This was my first time getting a logo made and I was so nervous. I didn’t know anything about logo processes and was so worried I wouldn’t like what was made but would be stuck with it. Not the case with EQ Graphics! not only was Jackie super easy to talk to on our phone consult she was so understanding when I asked for some changes and even for a whole new logo. she first created a logo based on ideas from our conversation, and I could see she took those ideas to heart and made me a logo to match, but it didn’t feel right to me.

I could see it was a really good logo but it didn’t feel right for my business, she was so nice and understanding and even had a feeling it wouldn’t be right but gave it to me anyways because it was what I asked for originally, but she quickly worked up something else she had in her mind that was slightly different but still had a few components from the phone call and I loved it with a few small revisions. I was so nervous I was being too picky or annoying, but Jackie assured me all she wanted was for me to love it and get as many changes as needed.

If I were to give one slight downside- start to finish this logo took 3 months, but in that time she made me 2 logos with revisions along with all her other clients. I know she’s in high demand and I can absolutely see why. Be patient and you will not regret getting a logo by her. Also David is super fast at responding to emails, that was refreshing and appreciated!

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics | Wr Dressage Logo

I´m writing this review because i wanna thank Jackie and David for what they have done for me. On the other hand i wanna encourage everyone who has been hesitating to get in touch. I can ensure you that everything about EQ Graphics is very creative, trustworthy and highly professional.

Im totally amazed by what Jackie designed for me. In my eyes, Jackie was able to create a logo that is beyond amazing and is far better than i could ever have dreamed of. It expresses everything that i wanted to express and by the first sight i was totally in love with it. Its so unique! For me simply perfect.

Talking with Jackie was like talking to a good friend and she understood me and my vision on the spot. So if you wish for a logo that is truly special than i would recommend to get in touch with EQ Graphics. I would do it over and over again.

Thank you so much Jackie and David for making my dreams come true!

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics | Eqgraphics Equine Logo Design And Horse Web Site Design Company Logo
Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics | Eq Flags For Web
Rebranding the Friesian Horse Assoc. of North America

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