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Not only have we personally owned several Friesians throughout the years, in 2022 I was tasked with rebranding FHANA, the Friesian Horse Association of North America. Within minutes of presenting my first concept to the Board, a large group of people who rarely agree on anything voted it through… UNANIMOUSLY. I succeeded at doing what more than a dozen amazing artists attempted before me, which ended FHANA’s 4-year struggle to rebrand.

The following weeks, David filmed the “What is Art?” video to unveil the new face of FHANA to the entire membership at their annual convention in Connecticut. FHANA set up a portable movie theater sized screen in the banquet hall for our presentation and I opened the awards ceremony by unveiling the brand. This remains one of the most surreal moments of our careers.

David and I would like to dedicate the Friesian section of my portfolio to M.K. Valenchi of Regal Legacy Friesians, whose logo you will see below. She has been one of our biggest fans and greatest supporters from the beginning. Without her support and willingness to subject her amazing horses to our crazy ideas, the “What is Art?” video wouldn’t have been possible.


Emphasize the sleek lines and powerful stance of Friesian horses with our contour line graphic art, perfect for minimalist and impactful design projects like FHANA.


Leverage the charm of Friesian horse sketches in your brand marketing to engage your audience with captivating and original visuals.


Utilize advanced horse drawing techniques in your logo design with our Friesian horse-inspired graphics, ensuring a professional and authentic representation of this elegant breed.


Elevate your projects with our elegant Friesian horse vector art, offering sophisticated and detailed illustrations ideal for luxury equestrian brands and decor.

Urban Legends-horse-Friesian-inspired-graphic-design-elements

Specializing in Friesian horse profiles, our graphic design services offer a unique way to showcase the distinctive silhouette and features of this breed in your brand's visuals.


Explore horse-themed logo designs that capture the spirit and vitality of horses, perfect for equestrian businesses aiming for a memorable brand identity.


Incorporate horse-inspired graphic design elements into your projects, with a focus on Friesian horses for a touch of elegance and nobility.


Discover the allure of abstract art with designs featuring Friesian horses, ideal for creating standout visuals that are both modern and timeless.


Elegant Friesian Horse logo design by EQ Graphics showcases the high trot of a Friesian Stallion for Regal Legacy Farms for excellence in equestrian branding.

Animal-Axis_ friesian-horse-silhouette-logo-design

Discover the elegance of Friesian horses with our silhouette logo designs perfect for equestrian brands looking to embody grace and strength in their identity.


Embrace the beauty of Friesian horses with graphic art motifs that add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any project, from print materials to digital content.


View our creative Friesian horse logo to find the perfect inspiration for your brand, offering a blend of tradition and innovation in design.


Incorporate a Friesian horse emblem into your business logo for a distinguished and impactful brand presence that resonates with horse lovers and beyond.


Our Friesian horse clipart collection offers a variety of styles for branding, providing an elegant touch to your marketing materials and digital presence.


Our custom logo creation services focus on Friesian horses, offering personalized and distinctive designs that embody the essence of your brand.


Enhance your digital and print projects with our artistic background graphics featuring the Friesian horse, perfect for adding depth and character to your designs.


Dive into the world of digital art with our Friesian horse illustrations, where the beauty of these magnificent animals is captured in every brushstroke.


Experience the artistic rendering of Friesian horses in our designs, where each piece captures the majestic beauty and spirit of this noble breed.


Incorporate horse-inspired elements into your logo with our vector designs, ideal for creating a dynamic and impactful brand identity that resonates with equestrian audiences.


Modernize your brand with our Friesian horse logo concepts, blending contemporary design with the timeless elegance of this horse breed for a striking visual identity.


Integrate Friesian horse illustrations into your web design to captivate visitors with beautiful imagery that reflects your brand's connection to the equestrian world.


Our dynamic Friesian horse vector logos offer vibrant and energetic designs, perfect for brands looking to make a bold statement in the equestrian market.


Stay ahead with the latest horse-based graphic design trends, incorporating Friesian horses into your visuals for a fresh and modern look that appeals to equestrian enthusiasts.


Our Friesian horse graphics are perfect for T-shirt designs, offering a range of styles from realistic to abstract to suit your brand's apparel line.


Transform your logo with Friesian horse concept art, offering innovative and artistic interpretations that capture the essence of your brand.


Build a powerful brand identity with our Friesian horse designs, tailored to convey the strength, elegance, and heritage of your brand to your target audience.


Create a cohesive visual identity with our Friesian horse graphics, ensuring your brand stands out with a distinctive and elegant equestrian theme.

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