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Morgan Horse Logo Examples

Morgan Horse Logo Designs Steeped in History

The earliest breed developed in the United States, Morgan horses have influenced major American breeds such as the American Quarter Horse, Tennessee walking horse, and the Standardbred. Tracing its foundations, surrounded by myths and conspiracies, Morgans have played many roles of being used as coach horses, general riding animals, and harness racing and cavalry horses in the American Civil War. The state animal of Vermont, state horse of Massachusetts, and state mammal of Rhode Island; Morgans are compact, versatile, refined, and come in chestnut, black, bay, and several variations of pinto. The Morgans have been exported to other countries such as England and the breed has been portrayed in children’s books and Disney movies. Used in almost all equine industries, Morgans have officially one standard breed regardless of discipline and bloodline.

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Morgan Horse Logo Conformation, Style and Type

Morgans have strong legs, broad forehead, prominent eyes, and well-defined withers, laid shoulders, arched neck, and an expressive head. They have a slightly convex profile, short back, muscled hindquarters, long croup, and a tail they carry straight and with grace. The individuals are powerful horses and easy keepers with a collected, balanced, and animated trot. Morgans can perform an immediate speed gait; they have personality and an eager way of walking. Morgans come in many shades, commonly in gray, roan, dun, and silver dapple. Cream dilutions include palomino, buckskin, cremello, perlino whereas recognized pinto colors are sabino, over, and splashed white.

Morgan Horse Logos for all Types of Morgans

Throughout centuries, Morgans have been known for their utilitarian purposes. They have been widely used in harness racing and trotting races and pulling coaches due to their calm temperament. They have also been used as stock horses, in general riding and light driving work. The breed has been used by miners and the army in civil war for riding and harness. The breed has also been integrated into the Texan horse herds which played a significant role in the development of Quarter horse and Missouri Fox Trotter. The extensive breeding and integrating has resulted in a virtual disappearance of the original horse as few remain in isolated landscapes.

The Versatility of the Morgan Horse Breed

The versatility of Morgans has given them a distinguished place in both English and Western sports events, which we strive to showcase in our Morgan Horse logo designs. They have been known for their performance in dressage, show jumping, cutting, endurance riding, and western pleasure shows. From pleasure riding to driving competitions, this breed is being used as stock horses and carriage drivers. Their smooth movement and gentle nature have also made them ideal for a relatively new discipline of therapeutic riding in the equine industry.

Morgan Horse Logo Design

The custom logo design for any business that utilizes Morgans is well-thought-out, aesthetically calm and complete, and extremely precise. The font style and palette developed are bold to achieve a contrast within the logo design that can highlight the breed’s instinct, stamina, and vigor. The skillful art upholds the horse’s reputation of being intelligent, courageous, and exhibiting a good disposition. The distinctive look of the logo is a confirmation of the endurance, speed, temperament, and athleticism of the breed.

One of the things that differentiates EQ Graphics’ logo design services from those of a traditional logo design company, is our deep rooted knowledge in the equine industry. Our hand-drawn, custom Morgan horse logos are crafted by artists with years of horse experience. We are extremely familiar with the modern ‘saddleseat type’ Morgans, the versatile ‘sport type’ horses and the traditional ‘foundation type’ Morgan horses across all disciplines. Whether you are a Lippitt breeder producing the ideal mount for Cowboy Dressage, or you have a full string of GCH-WC’s heading to OKC, our equine artists know and understand how to accurately portray the Morgan breed.

If you are branding or re-branding your AMHA venture, we would love to learn more about your vision and work with you to create a custom Morgan Horse logo that will represent your business with a professional brand identity you can be proud of.

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