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Personal Branding Examples for Equestrian Brands

EQ Graphics creates hand-drawn custom personal branding examples for equestrian professionals that elevate their personal branding in a fresh new way. Personal branding is often associated with individuals that “are” the brand or the business. In the equine industry, this may apply to horse trainers, competitive riders, stallions at stud, or equestrian influences and bloggers-among others. We’ve gathered a selection of personal branding examples for the individuals that recognize the importance of creating a connection with their audience.

When your business centers around your customers’ interaction with you personally, it’s especially important that you develop an effective and consistent personal branding strategy. One important component of effective personal branding examples is consistency, and your visual branding identity helps create this consistency in your marketing.

Although most associate personal branding with influencers, bloggers, and the like, it can be used in any equestrian business to gain your target audience’s trust, establish yourself as a professional, and ensure that your marketing strategy is consistent across all channels. A memorable custom logo design can be a valuable first impression.

A custom logo design can truly take your visual branding identity to the next level. Social media exposure is becoming increasingly essential for the success of a business and is an excellent way to send your ideas and insight out into the world. Having a unique, custom created logo design can make your first impression on both social media and printed materials a professional one.

The artists at EQ Graphics will take the time to get to know you as a person before we get to know you as a brand. This insight into your personality, values, and goals for the work you put out into the world is the inspiration behind our personal branding examples design process when you work with us to create a custom logo.

Armed with this information, we can create one of our signature vector style logo designs that lets your customers see who you are, what you want to be known for, and the reputation you strive for within the industry. The fonts, colors, and artwork all come together to create a stunning, one-of-a-kind logo design with personal branding examples that fit your brand’s aesthetic and allows you to tie together your visual branding identity across all modes of social media.

Personal Branding Logo Examples for Equine Professionals

If you are an equine professional, you’ll want to browse our personal branding examples for inspiration for your own custom line art logo design. Our artists have created 100% original logo designs for horse trainers, riders that compete at the highest level of equestrian competition, equine brokers, equine health care professionals such as bodyworkers and sports medicine practitioners, farriers, and more.

For brands like this, the individual IS the business. Every customer that makes an inquiry or hires you for your services is making an investment in you as a person. You have the unique advantage of being able to offer a highly personalized customer experience since you are not a corporate company, but unlike large corporations, you may not have access to a professional marketing department. Your business can still be a success and personal branding examples can help boost your inquiries as well as your bottom line.

You can use your hand-drawn logo design to create a professional aesthetic from the very first point of contact with a potential customer. When your unique logo shows customers that you understand them and are a part of “their world,” they will be more apt to trust that you can efficiently solve their pain points. You have been where they are now, and they want your help to move toward achieving their personal branding goals.

In the equine industry, working with someone that is knowledgeable and professional is a must for the safety and well-being of both horse and rider. When your custom logo design is well put together and contains appropriate breed and discipline specific details, this immediately signals to a potential client that you take your job and your clients seriously.

You did not settle for mass-produced clip art logo designs. You made an investment in a sophisticated hand-drawn logo to show that you place value on personal branding examples and what you have to offer clients, and as a result, they’ll be more likely to find your services valuable as well. The attention to detail in your work is echoed by the attention to detail in your custom logo and personal branding strategy.

Who are you more likely to hire? If you are browsing Facebook and come across a generic page with cookie-cutter copy, slapped-together photos, and a logo that appears to have been designed in Microsoft Paint, does this make you feel that you are dealing with a professional?

Most consumers would say no. When faced with two similar businesses, the average consumer will gravitate toward a social media or branding presence that is elegant, well-written, contains appropriate photos and illustrations, and has a cohesive brand aesthetic across all channels. Although both may have equal skill levels and create similar results, the business with the more aesthetic branding strategy will simply appear more professional by nature. An added bonus-when your marketing reflects a high-end customer experience, consumers will naturally be more willing to pay a premium price in anticipation of superior service.

What Are Personal Branding Examples And Why Is It Important?

Every individual has a personal brand. The use of social media and web-based searches is at an all-time high, and everyone from consumers to potential employers routinely make searches to further investigate an individual before investing in them. That investment may come in the form of money exchanged for goods or services or in the form of investing in training a new employee for a place in your business. Regardless, your personal brand is your reputation.

It’s what people see when they search you in these various databases. How do you want to present yourself? Do you paint a professional impression of yourself? Is the content you create genuine and honest? Essentially, personal branding examples are defined as a combination of your skills, personality, and life/work experience that all come together to form the impression that others have of you.

A personal branding company can be an individual working for themselves or an employee within a larger business. Your personal brand is as important when you are an employee as it is when you’re an entrepreneur. The way you represent your employer can pave your way to success in the company.

Personal branding is a long game. You are here browsing our personal branding examples portfolio because you want to take the first step in enhancing your reputation and presence in the equine industry. After you receive your brand new custom logo, there are still many steps that must be consistently taken to ensure that your personal branding examples stay fresh and relevant.

It is often recommended that we create content on a daily basis to market ourselves and our businesses on social media. Let’s face it. The algorithm for every channel changes more regularly than we would like. Sometimes we can create a video, blog post, or Facebook/Instagram post that we feel will resonate with our audience without a doubt, but it just doesn’t get any reach.

For this reason, sometimes it can be beneficial to emphasize quality over quantity when creating content to further your personal branding efforts. Do you REALLY know what your clients want to see, or are you making posts based on assumptions about what you want them to see?

Taking the time to really research who your ideal customer is, where they hang out, where they shop, what kind of recreational activities they participate in, and so on can help you craft content that your viewers want to view, save, and/or share. When you take the time to put out quality content that is in line with your personal branding examples and is relevant to your ideal customer’s life, you’ll find that the message you intend to share surrounding what you can do to help others gets many more eyes on it.

See what Forbes has to say about personal branding examples:

Personal Branding Examples Tailored for Every Breed and Discipline Within the Equine Industry

As equestrians, we know that the audience and participants among the various breeds and disciplines can vary greatly in personality, personal tastes, and interests. The beauty of adding a custom logo design to your personal branding efforts is that we complete a thorough brainstorming session with every client so that we understand what your business is all about and who your ideal customer is. By creating personal branding examples with an original logo design that lets your true personality, values, and passion shine through, your ideal customer can see who you really are and begin building trust in you and your brand before the first interaction is ever made.

These personal branding examples serve as a loose guide for the inspiration behind your custom logo design. Every hand-drawn logo we create is one of a kind no two logos are the same. We do not create our artwork with premade clipart or computer software. Our professional graphic designers physically put their pencils to work in a sketchbook to design a logo for your business and brand that is unlike any other logo in our portfolio. We encourage you to browse different styles of logos and personal branding examples on our website that appeal to you, your personality, and your business-but rest assured that your unique custom logo will be handcrafted with you alone in mind.

Our vector style designs are created with multiple uses in mind, making it easy to apply your logo to branded items of all styles.

Working with EQ Graphics means that your input is taken into consideration for every aspect of your custom logo design, from the vector style artwork to the hand-lettered fonts and colors to match your branding aesthetic. Every component of your original logo design fits together to create the picture of yourself and your brand that you want to present to the world.

Since our logo designs are not mass-produced, you have complete control over the final product. We are proud to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all of our clients because we want your unique custom logo to be one that you are proud to display on everything from business cards to your horse trailer and beyond. Use it on your saddle pads, tack trunks, banners, and more-you’re only limited by your ideas!

If browsing our personal branding examples has inspired you to take action on utilizing EQ Graphics to curate a one-of-a-kind custom logo design for your equestrian business, it’s easy to get the process started. Simply visit to schedule your complimentary design consultation with one of our professional logo artists. It’s easy to complete your brainstorming session from anywhere in the world.

Although we are located in Ocala, Florida we routinely work with clients from locations as far away as Iceland and Australia. You can work through your brainstorming session from the comfort of your home, office, horse trailer living quarters, or hotel room if you are currently traveling. Leave the artwork to us so that you can do what you do best-make an impact on the equine industry one horse and rider at a time. We look forward to learning more about how we can help you and your equestrian brand!

Personal branding is a comprehensive, illustrative demonstration of how you make an impact on the world and the reputation you strive to achieve through your work. The artists at EQ Graphics are committed to learning everything we can about our clients in order to create a hand-drawn logo design that ties together your unique personality, values, and business objective in one cohesive piece of art.

We hope you enjoy browsing these personal branding examples for inspiration. Our professional graphic designers would be honored to help you start making your mark with a custom logo design.

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