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Carriage Driving Logo Designs for Driving Horse Competition Enthusiasts

Driving horse competition is enjoyed by equestrians of all ages and skill levels. Piloting a driving horse can be a way for individuals that can no longer hold up to the physical demands of riding to continue enjoying involvement in the equine industry.

The American Driving Society offers a carriage driving activity for any and everybody. For driving horse enthusiasts that aren’t particularly drawn to the show ring, recreational driving allows drivers to enjoy scenic drives with their horse. Recreational carriage driving enthusiasts can participate in American Driving Society drives at venues like the Kentucky Horse Park. They can also log their hours to participate in the “Hours to Drive” program.

Pleasure driving offers driving horse competition opportunities both inside the show ring and on trails or roads. These classes judge the driving horse on its manners, movement, turnout, and overall impression/performance. There is even a carriage dog class for those that want to include their canine companion!

Combined Driving is the carriage driving equivalent of three day eventing. There is a patterned dressage phase, a marathon phase that tests the driving horse outside the ring and through a variety of obstacles, and a timed obstacles phase.

Driving derbies are becoming a trendy mode of carriage driving competition as well. This event is similar to the marathon phase of combined driving, with similar obstacles and the added element of being timed.

Learn more about The American Driving Society here: Home – The American Driving Society, Inc.

Carriage Driving Logo Designs That Fit Perfectly On Horse Driving Gifts

Whether you enjoy carriage driving Ireland or raise and train horses destined to compete in carriage driving society competition, the professional logo artists at EQ Graphics can design an original custom logo for your brand that’s beautiful enough for use on horse driving gifts. Our vector style logo designs are created with resizing in mind. No matter whether you are emblazoning your custom logo design on a car or horse trailer decal or sizing down for Christmas ornaments and notecards, the line art style allows for easy resizing with no worrying about pixelation.

When you reach out to us about a unique hand drawn carriage driving logo, the first step is always a discovery call with one of our artists. We will discuss your ideas for your driving horse logo design and let you browse some of our completed logos for inspiration. Then we’ll learn as much as we can about the carriage driving competition or driving horse breed that you work with so that we can illustrate the subject in a correct, realistic manner from head to hoof.

Don’t settle for clip art that’s designed for bulk sale. Our professional graphic designers can create a stunning line art logo design for your brand that’s 100% realistic and exquisitely detailed-from the expression on the horse’s face to the tack and livery it’s outfitted in.

After deciding on a concept for your carriage driving logo art, we will discuss the fonts and colors that will display your business or company name. Maybe you want a sweeping script font for your carriage driving Scotland logo design, or a gold foil combined driving horse logo.

Each of these elements creates a distinctive aesthetic within your custom logo design, and we will make sure that your logo enhances your visual branding identity in a cohesive manner. The end result will be a custom carriage driving logo that exudes timeless beauty-so stunning in its simplicity that it’s the perfect addition to horse driving gifts and your branded items alike!

Carriage Driving Logo Design Can Be Created Even If You’re Carriage Driving Ireland

We work with horse trainers, breeders, veterinarians, equine assisted therapy centers, and holistic equine brands from everywhere across the globe. It’s always nice to meet with our clients face to face at our Ocala, Florida headquarters, but if you’re carriage driving Scotland we can still help you with your unique line art carriage driving logo! All you have to do is visit to schedule your complimentary design consultation. One of our professional graphic designers will be in touch promptly, and we can begin gathering inspiration for your original driving horse logo. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We look forward to working with you on your branding!

Every carriage driving discipline carries a distinctive aesthetic. High stepping Hackney harness ponies are flamboyant showstoppers. Combined driving horses are action packed, agile, high speed athletes. Powerful draft horses are masculine and almost imposing in their sheer strength, while maintaining a gentle demeanor.

Whether your business provides brides with a fairytale wedding day horse and carriage entrance or you breed blue ribbon harness horses, the artists at EQ Graphics can capture the essence of what makes your discipline unique with a meticulously crafted, hand drawn carriage driving logo design. We hope you enjoy browsing our portfolio of vector style carriage driving logos!

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