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I remember the first time I took the reins from behind my horse, rather than on top of him. I wasn’t old enough to drive a car, but driving my first horse for the first time was a moment I’ll never forget. He competed in Fine Harness before his retirement with us, and what an exhilarating (and terrifying) horse he was. I’ve since driven many different ponies, Gypsies, Friesians, and several draft breeds. I’ve never competed in driving, but I do understand it, which helps tremendously when creating these logos.

The fit of the harness, the angle of the shafts, the position of the rein on the bit..,. all these things matter and when I create your logo, you will not need to explain the difference between an overcheck and a sidecheck, or a Standardbred vs. a Saddlebred to a designer that may not even understand horses at all. Whether you do Fine Harness or Harness Racing, I would love to help you create your brand’s identity.


Gary Yeager in Ocala, FL is known for driving exquisite pairs of DHH's (Dutch Harness Horses). He asked for a bold and symmetrical logo design with the emphasis on the letter "Y". I ended up designing two horses facing each other and cut the harness out of the silhouette. Notice their legs run parallel to the line of the letter "Y".


This logo art was commissioned as a Christmas gift for Internationally renowned four-in-hand driver, Werner Ulrich of Switzerland. Team Ulrich has competed worldwide at Aachen CAIO, Sweden, France, Budapest Hungary and numerous FEI World Cup Events. A challenge drawing a driving pair are 8 legs. You'll see how I was able to keep the full bodies of both horses in the art, while maintaining minimalism by simplifying the legs.


Hooked on Hooves is a farrier business, who also specializes in driving VSE's and ponies. The Welsh Cob I drew for this logo fit perfectly into the two letter "H's", with the curved shaft of the gig forming the horizontal center line of the one H.


The logo I created for Whispery Pines Percherons was also turned into a wagon design which they pull with their 6-horse hitch of incredible 19HH Black Percherons. This business was founded two generations earlier by Sam's grandparents. It was an honor to be the first person trusted with this brand outside of the family themselves.


Fascinating Farm's Hackney Ponies have garnered numerous Grand Championships and World Championship titles throughout the Midwest and at the World Show in Louisville, Kentucky. The name is a nod to the fancy hats worn by the ladies driving, aptly called “fascinators.” I created a 'hint' of the fascinator to tie it together.


My first carriage driving logo! Jess Tanglao of Tanglao Carriage Driving loved my sporthorse logos and entrusted me to brand her Friesian x Saddlebred driving mare into the face of her business. This logo has since become widely recognized nationwide throughout the driving community.

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