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Racehorse Logo Examples

Horse Racing Logos

Horse racing is generally regulated by assorted national or regional governing bodies. This is an equestrian performance sport, typically involves two or more horses ridden by jockeys for competition. Our clients dealing in horse racing look for the best-suited logo designs for their stallions.

This sport is one of the most ancient ones and is still popular and enjoyed worldwide. Its basic premise is to identify which of two or more horses is the fastest over a set course or distance. Horse races vary widely in their format.

One of these formats is setting up races between particular breeds, running over obstacles, running over different distances, and running in different gaits. Horse racing types of equipment include horse and appropriate horse track.

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Horse Racing Logos Impact, Breeds, and Race Types

Horse racing logos are perfect for equestrian companies dealing in horses. The horse logo helps your brand to be identified as which company or business you belong to in a world of numerous logos. Business companies work in a market industry where you have to present your best.

Different types of horse racing include:

  • Flat racing
  • Barrel racing
  • Harness racing
  • Endurance racing

We offer Horse Racing Logos for all horse breeds and disciplines, ranging from Sport Horse Breeders to Reining Trainers and Veterinarians to International Equestrian Brands.

The most commonly used breeds for horse racing are

  • Thoroughbred
  • Standardbred
  • Arabian horse
  • Quarterhorse

In order to be successful in racing, the muscle structure of the horses is kept under consideration. Horses are raced for sport, but a major part of it is also associated with gambling, and economic importance is associated with it.

Horse Racing Logos and Their Impact

Our vector horse racing logos are created with amazing equestrian horse designs. These designs are original as well as comply with the color, font, and style of the horse racing business.

The design of a logo is

  • the soul of the company
  • represents the brand’s uniqueness
  • the logo communicates with the public even before you do

The passion of our customers for their horse racing logos is such that they are willing to explore and experiment with their equestrian logo. Horse Racing Businesses and brands need an equine logo because it is the symbol of might and vigor.

Horse Racing Logo Design Ideas

EQ Graphics strives to make sure their customer’s satisfaction. Horse racing Logo is a design that understands its customers well and treats them to their needs. We are a Logo Design Industry that offers 100% authentic designs that are customized for our customers. Having over 30 years of experience, we are well aware of the aspects of the Horse Industry. We possess a complete skillset of creating logos that will best suit your brand or organization’s identity. EQ Graphics offers to design a logo that signifies and helps grow your business.

Why Choose EQ Graphics for your Horse Racing Logos?

The official equine artists EQ Graphics specialize in designing unique and original custom vector logos for horse businesses around the world. Our entire company is dedicated to creating authentic luxury horse logos and branding for all types of equestrian entrepreneurs, while providing our customers with insightful marketing ideas and inspiration for growing your horse business. Whether your equine business is located in the United States or abroad, EQ’s hand-drawn line art and design styles are sought after internationally. Every detail from the fonts an artist chooses, to the colors of the final design are meticulously crafted to bring you the best possible brand identity.

One of the things that differentiates EQ Graphics’ logo design services from those of a traditional logo design company, is our deep rooted knowledge in the equine industry. Our hand-drawn, custom Horse Racing logos are crafted by artists with years of horse experience. We are extremely familiar with TB and QH racehorses, harness racing and endurance. Whether you are starting a small pinhooking operation in Ocala or Lexington or competing at WEG in endurance, our equine artists know and understand how to accurately portray your horse racing business.

If you are branding or re-branding your racehorse venture, we would love to learn more about your vision and work with you to create a custom horse racing logo that will represent your business with a professional brand identity you can be proud of.

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