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Many North Carolina logo design companies use clip-art and free logo creator software to design your brand identity, which is something that makes EQ extremely unique; every logo we design is meticulously handcrafted and we stand behind our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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Design Ideas for Your North Carolina Logo Design

From the plethora of beautiful sprawling horse farms to the majestic wild horses of the Outer Banks, horses seem to be something that the people and businesses of North Carolina are very proud of. This pride may explain why many North Carolina logo designs utilize horse art as their primary focus.

Whether you run a stable or are a horse breeder, finding a unique and creative design idea is crucial to building your brand image.

Why Is Using Inspirational Imagery in Your North Carolina Logo Design Important?

When it comes to branding for businesses, there are many different ideas surrounding the best route to take when it comes to style and design. Many people go with simple lettering that uses elegant fonts and their business name, while others choose to go for a more inspirational design with imagery and symbols.

Your logo should be impactful, and one of the best ways to do that is to use inspiration from the community. When we say community, we don’t necessarily mean the place you live; although that is part of it, we also mean the industry in which your company lives. A logo should communicate what your business is and who you are without any verbal cues being necessary. In other words, the classic show don’t tell the idea of marketing and branding.

This means if, for instance, you are someone who runs a horse stable utilizing imagery that has to do with not only horses, but the environment could lend your company or brand a sense of familiarity. In turn, this will make your logo even more recognizable when it comes to potential clients.

Other Aspects Of Logo Creation To Think About When Crafting Your North Carolina Logo Design

Color psychology and font selection are also crucial in creating an original brand image. This means finding artists that understand how to craft an elegant logo design using horse imagery within the core piece of art.

The colors you choose for your brand can say a lot about the company’s personality and the person behind that company. Once again, you can utilize these colors to show rather than tell you’re a potential client what they can expect when working with you.

For instance, a monochromatic green scale of colors in your logo design will elicit a warm and inviting feeling from your clients. It is also a mark of environmental friendliness and can be a big selling point to your clientele. Partnering with tints of brown will also create a connection to nature which is perfect for any equine company or brand. Whereas if you are trying to elicit elegance and prestige using purples and metallics is an excellent choice.

You can use an image-based logo solely when crafting a North Carolina logo design, but it might be more impactful coupled with a little bit of lettering work. This means that another important aspect of any logo creation is the fonts. Depending on the designer, you might get custom fonts created that will give you a unique logo design unlike anybody else. But this isn’t always the case, so understanding how you can combine a color palette and font styles to make a memorable logo is essential.

If you are trying to impart grandeur and authority, you may want to go with a serif font. On the other hand, if you want elegance and a creative feminine touch, a script font is always a great option, just like color, fonts elicit emotional responses from people.

Creative Logo Ideas For North Carolina Horse Brands & Companies

When you think of horse brands and companies, the apparent imagery will always be that of a horse, but there is so much more that your graphic artists can utilize to help your logo stand out. Whether they choose to use vector art or hand-drawn line art utilizing aspects of the business that aren’t traditional could give your North Carolina logo design a little something special.

Utilizing hand-drawn line art or silhouettes can lend a note of elegance to your logo. These lines and silhouettes don’t necessarily have to be of a horse itself though it might be a fun idea to utilize an image of your own horse. Think of things like the environment, tack, or even structures, if used in silhouette, these can be very elegant and lend a note of luxury to your brand. These are all aspects of the industry that could impart a message without utilizing words.

One of the most creative ideas that you can utilize whether you choose to go with an actual horse image or any of the other creative ideas mentioned above, is to ensure that the logo, through its design, gives the idea of motion. This can be done through the lines, font choices, or even using a gradient color scheme so that it provides a more 3D-like imagery.

Combining one or all of these aspects will tell a story about who you and your company are, giving your brand a unique voice. Having an idea of that voice is vitally essential to drafting a successful and memorable logo for any company. This is something that every brand should understand when looking to design their first logo or refresh their current one.

One Last Thought

There are many creative ways to go when thinking about a logo for any equine business. Using traditional logo design features such as color, fonts, and graphics, you can create a unique logo that imparts your company’s spirit even before consulting with your potential client.

We would love to help you with your North Carolina logo design, so please feel free to contact us!

EQ Graphics provides custom, original, 100% hand-drawn logo design services to entrepreneurs, professionals and small business owners throughout North Carolina and many other parts of the world. Our graphic design team is internationally recognized for their creativity and artistry within the horse, veterinary and animal industries, however, our unique style of art is well suited for a wide range of business ventures. We hope you enjoy a few examples from our North Carolina logo design portfolio and we would love to help you create or refresh your brand identity.

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