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Long Valley Vineyards Logo

Feb 13, 2024

Nestled in the Highlands region of Eastern New Jersey, Long Valley Vineyards lets guests escape the city life and catch their breath in a gorgeous rural setting.  Sit back and sip a glass of wine while you gaze out over horses grazing in the valley below.  You’ll surely return when you need a little tranquility!

Located in an affluent area of the state, Long Valley Vineyards came to us to help design a custom vineyard logo design that would appeal to even the most sophisticated clientele.  Our artist molded their ideas into a sumptuous rose gold foil design that’s modest but classy.  Long Valley’s custom hand drawn logo takes their branding to a personal level with details inspired by the scenery at the vineyard.  A horse grazes in a rolling pasture surrounded by a wood fence, with a traditional barn and grain silo in the background.

A classic serif font showcases the company name, with a shared cursive “V” that brings to mind a grapevine. The Appalachian Mountains oversee the pastoral scene, and viewers can almost feel the breeze on their face as they relax with friends over a glass of vino.

Drawing Of Mountains And Horse Grazing For A Winery Logo In New Jersey By Eq Graphics

Vineyard Logo Design for a New Jersey Winery

Long Valley Vineyards is an up and coming winery in Eastern New Jersey.  Located in Morris County, Long Valley is considered to be in the Highlands region of New Jersey.  The Highlands are home to a portion of the Appalachian Mountains, which run from Maine all the way to Georgia.  A refuge from city life, the region is said to house over 850,000 acres of forest and agricultural lands. Another important fact to note is that over two-thirds of the population of New Jersey get fresh drinking water from the Highlands Region.

Although it’s a beautiful place to live and enjoy outdoor recreation, the Highlands region of New Jersey finds itself facing the dangers of development.  Farmland that’s vital to the state’s economy has been especially at risk since developing these flatter areas of land is more cost effective and easy than in the rocky higher elevations.  Organizations like the New Jersey Highlands Coalition continually make it their mission to preserve these natural areas, along with the wildlife and historic homes/barns contained within. 

With forest species such as the bobcat already becoming endangered in New Jersey, it is becoming crucial that wildlife do not lose their homes to the hands of progress. Preserving the forests is also essential for keeping the water system that is so vital to the state up to par.  

Nestled in a picturesque valley, Long Valley Vineyards will offer a refuge from the bustle of city living.  Visitors to the winery will enjoy wine tastings with a peaceful view of horses grazing in the valley below.  The tranquility of this rural winery is sure to bring wine enthusiasts from across the state again and again.

Vineyard Logo Design for A Winery In Affluent NJ Area

Long Valley is the perfect location for a vineyard that will cater to upscale guests.  Ranked as one of the safest cities in both New Jersey and the United States, the residents are also generally regarded as being extremely friendly.  Although the area is small, the population is made up of ideal clients for a high-end vineyard.  With the median income of Long Valley residents being over $100,000 annually and a median age of 38, there are plenty of prime candidates for weekend wine tasters.  Long Valley is also located less than an hour and a half from New York City, an easy drive for anyone wanting to escape the urban sprawl in favor of a peaceful rural retreat.  

A Vineyard Logo Design Tailored for Upscale Clientele

In order to attract a premier clientele, Long Valley Vineyards wanted a custom vineyard logo design that would emanate class and style while also paying tribute to the beautiful physical features of the land it’s located on.  This hand drawn silhouette style vineyard logo design was carefully crafted by our artist to include a horse grazing in a rolling pasture with a neat wood fence and classic barn in the background.  The addition of a grain silo speaks of the agricultural history the area is known for and lends to the rustic vibe. 

The Appalachian mountains hug the design in stately splendor.  The font included with the design is a quintessential serif, with a lilting “V” shared by both “valley” and “vineyard” in the business name.  The curling tail of the “V” is reminiscent of a grape vine and adds visual interest and charm. The original logo is polished off in an elegant rose gold foil.  The pastoral scene is in this vineyard logo design is sure to grab the attention of wine buyers across the world.

Vineyard Logo Design for a Winery Becoming Part of New Jersey Wine Culture

To the surprise of some, wine is big business in New Jersey.  Ranking in the top ten of wine-producing states in the United States, over 1000 acres are dedicated to vineyards.  The state is also particularly known for non-grape wines, including apple, blueberry, cranberry, and raspberry wines.  With mild winters and tolerable summers in most of the state, the climate is ideal for producing grapes.  

New Jersey had a booming wine industry prior to the Prohibition area.  In 1981 the New Jersey Farm Winery Act was signed into effect to help bring the industry back to life.  Today, there are four designated regions for vineyards across the state.

Get a Custom Vineyard Logo Design from Anywhere In the World

EQ Graphics works with clients worldwide to tell the story of their unique brand.  Our signature line art and silhouette designs are crafted with use on multiple mediums in mind.  Use your vineyard logo design on everything from wine bottles to etched souvenir wine glasses.  We will help you design a logo that’s not just a branding tool-it’s a work of art.  If you’re interested in bringing a fresh look to your winery brand, visit us on Instagram to see our latest designs.  All you need to bring is your ideas, and our professional graphic designers will do all the work to ensure you have a vineyard logo design you love.

Rose Gold Vineyard Logo Design With A Horse Silhouette On A Wine Bottle Label By Eq Graphics