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Feb 15, 2024

Located in Lester Prairie, Minnesota, Longfield Irish Draughts is a breeder of both Irish Draughts and Irish Sport Horses for use in dressage, fox hunting, and eventing. These versatile horses are not your average draft horse. The creators of this unique breed had a vision of a horse that could work on the farm all week long, spend Saturday following the hounds, and haul the family to church on Sunday. From this vision sprang forth the level-headed, athletic Irish Draught.

When crossed with Thoroughbreds, Warmbloods, Arabians, or other breeds, these horses become known as the Irish Sport Horse-known for being spectacular athletes that are good minded enough to pack an amateur rider on the cross country course, in the show jumping ring, or through a dressage test.

Our artists used the breed’s Irish heritage as inspiration for the Celtic horse design we created for Longfield’s custom logo design. The unique line art design is crowned by the bust of two Irish Draught horses, one in mid-flight over a fence and the other appearing as an elegant dressage horse. The horses are melded together by intertwining Celtic knots, including a four leaf clover for a sprinkle of traditional Irish luck. 

We used a custom blend of mixed fonts for the business name in this beautiful Celtic horse design, from a liliting script “L” to an old fashioned serif that further enhances the Gaelic inspired aesthetic of the farm’s original logo. Gold foil and shamrock green colors were used in this stunning design, which will certainly be an awe-inspiring addition to the breeder’s business cards, monogrammed jackets, and horse trailer decals.

Celtic Horse Design Logo By Eq Graphics

Celtic Horse Design For Minnesota Registered Irish Draught Horse Breeder

Longfield Farm is a Minnesota breeder of Irish Draughts and Irish Sport Horses. The horses produced at their farm typically go on to pursue careers in eventing, dressage, jumping events, and fox hunting. The farm’s clients are made up of both professional equestrians and novice riders, and their horses have competed at every level of competition. The Registered Irish Draughts and Irish Sport Horses that Longfield Farm produces also make excellent trail and pleasure riding horses for those who are not interested in competing with their equine partners.

The farm is a family owned and operated facility that prides themselves on thoroughly handling their horses from a young age so that they will be family and amateur friendly horses. One of their goals is to continue the breed’s reputation as being a horse that is calm and dependable enough for anyone to ride.

Visit Longfield Farm on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/longfieldfarmrid/ 

Hand Drawn Celtic Horse Design Inspired by History of Irish Draught Breed

Irish farmers traditionally had many uses for equine companions. They used horses for agricultural purposes, with the power of a draft horse being an incredible tool for turning up the rocky land they planted and harvested their crops in. On the weekends, the Irish enjoyed fox hunting and needed a mount to ride behind the hounds. During a fox chase, horse and rider are apt to cover varying terrain, fences, and obstacles of many kinds. This required a horse that was level headed, durable, and showed prowess as a jumping horse. Then, on Sundays families needed a horse that could transport them to church by wagon.

In order to avoid the expense of owning multiple horses to fit their needs, the Irish Draught horse was created. The breed does not possess the sheer size or abundant feathering on their legs as other draft breeds, but they are heavy boned, powerful, and have great stamina. A sensible breed, they are excellent jumpers. Registered Irish Draught Horses are often seen being used in dressage, driving events, eventing, and more-and they are especially suited to youth and novice riders due to their docile nature. 

An outcross of the Registered Irish Draught, the Irish Sport Horse, blends the Irish Draught with Thoroughbreds for further athletic ability while retaining a calm demeanor. Irish Sport Horses can contain Warmblood, Quarter Horse, and Arabian blood to fit each equestrian’s unique tastes and needs.

Learn more about the Irish Draught Horse here: About the Irish Draught | irishdraught

Line Art Celtic Horse Design for Irish Draught Horse and Irish Sport Horse Farm’s Custom Logo 

The artists at EQ Graphics incorporated traditional Celtic art elements into this Celtic horse design for Longfield Farm’s custom logo design with inspiration from the breed’s country of origin. Celtic art is often made up of geometric shapes and continuous lines. We tied this into the Celtic horse design on this hand drawn logo by using Celtic knotwork to meld together the images of an Irish Draught Horse jumping and in the dressage arena. There is even a four leaf clover hidden within the geometric Celtic horse design.

Our professional graphic designers incorporated three styles of fonts into the company name. The “L” in the business name is lettered in a script style font with foliage accents, another recognizable element of Celtic art. The remainder of “Longfield” was rendered in a bold serif font, and “Farm” was hand lettered in a serif that has a distinctly Gaelic feel. Gold foil and green colors in the Celtic horse design tie together the distinctly Irish inspired custom logo.

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Irish Draught Horse Logo By Eq Graphics