100% Original | Greek Horse Art Featuring a Rare Marwari

Feb 14, 2024

When it comes to rare breeds of horses, few in the United States are more rare than the Marwari, which is featured in this unique Greek horse art. Originally from Greece, this world renowned author, clinician and Classical Dressage aficionado has the unique opportunity to work extensively the with rare Marwari horse of India. These descendants of native Indian ponies, Mongolians and Arabian horses are known for their inward topping ears, intelligence and hardiness.

This abstract, modern Greek logo design was created to combine Greek heritage along with the features of a Marwari horse, with the initials ‘MK’ subtly integrated into the art. This logo really stands out in embroidery on saddle pads and apparel, and has become a highly recognized brand within the classical dressage community on a global scale.

Abstract Trojan Horse Logo For Dressage Enthusiast

An abstract Greek horse art logo design for Maria Katsamanis

Preserved and sitting on 131 acres, Dr. Maria’s Amwell Ridge Farm in New Jersey has stunning views and trails going for miles in a picturesque setting. This Farm is a home base of Dr. Maria who is conducting year around learning lessons, boarding and training different breeds in multiple disciplines, clinic and sale services that can be adjusted to clients’ budget, all the while focusing on the mental and physical well-being of the horses. Committed to the welfare of the horse and its rider, the farm is located within a commuting distance from Princeton, NYC and Philadelphia.

The vision behind this Greek horse art came from Dr. Maria being a native of Greece, the folklore, myths and significance of horsemanship in Greek mythology has inspired Dr. Maria to polish her skills and share her passion for the animal with other enthusiasts in the equine industry. With extensive experience in Greece, France and USA and a doctoral degree in clinical psychology, Dr. Maria has gained national and international recognition as a trainer, rider and author.

In the early stages of her career, Dr. Maria has worked as an exercise rider for French racing barn which granted her the opportunity to participate as a display rider in Queen Elizabeth’s second diamond jubilee at Windsor. Having an active student base in New Jersey, Dr. Maria is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor at Rutgers Medical School.

See the amazing Marwari horses that inspired this Greek horse art: https://www.mariakatsamanis.com/

The Woman Behind the Greek Horse Art

Dr. Maria combines her knowledge with her experience to explain and execute techniques that eliminate psychological barriers hence freeing the horse and its rider to develop a strong connection. Her book entitled ‘The Alchemy of Lightness’ explains this very phenomenon on a molecular level and the changes that pursue. As an author, she is also introducing online sessions where she imparts necessary knowledge on horses and her training philosophy including videos and guides. She is an active advocate of rehabilitation and equine wellness, her recent program titled ‘Friends of Pegasus’ focuses on the transformation of problem horses.

Dr. Maria bridges the ultimate powers of science and art to build the foundation of her training philosophy. Her methods include in – hand work, lunge work and long – reining to enhance suppleness, promote strength and self – carriage. The program focuses on developing balance and communication between the rider and the horse, each session is customized and tailored to the personality of the horse, train the physical and mental aspects so that the rider grows with his equine mate and analyzing the muscle structure and breathing behavior of the horse which has a served as a unique feature of Dr. Maria’s training philosophy.

The Amwell farm also offers products such as Saddles and Tacks, guided and educational sessions, in particular, the Marwari horse which is considered as the rarest breed in the world.

Custom Logo and Greek Horse Art Ideas & Inspiration

Inspired by Dr. Maria’s approach and inspiration, EG Graphics has created a gold Greek horse art logo design that is composed from Greek patterns popular in the mythology of horsemanship. Essentially noble, royal and almost magical, the Greek horse art embodies the resilience, superiority, endurance, strength, grace and experience of the rare breeds that Dr. Maria is training. The Greek logo design is infusing the classical with modern aesthetics, intrinsic details with minimalism, striving to maintain the balance between figuration and abstraction therefore emphasizing the surreal aura and perfect anatomy of a healthy horse in spirit and body.

The Greek horse art underlines the passion and knowledge of Dr. Maria, the logo narrates the incredible story of the nation’s first and foremost expert on the rarest breed of Marwari, who is leading the industry by her tactful, sensible, intuitive, and ethical training techniques and philosophy.

Gold Greek Horse Inspired Custom Logo For Dressage Clinician