Stunning Versatile Horsemanship Logo w/ 2 Horses in a Shield

MG Horses Logo

Feb 12, 2024

Recently arriving to the states from Chile, MG Horses, now located in Rio Verde, Arizona, is home to elite reining horse trainer Marcelo Guzman and his wife, Ampero who specializes in the importation of H/J prospects from Europe. Marcelo, a fourth generation horseman, holds a training certification from the legendary Al Dunning, and has competed in the World Equestrian Games multiple times on his Chilean Horses. 

Our artists’ goal with this line art logo design was to focus on the spirit of versatile horsemanship that MG Horses fosters in their brand. We created a custom shield that encompasses the likeness of a reining horse in a sliding stop and a neatly braided jumper taking flight. An understated serif font was used to accent the original design with an MG monogram and the facility’s website address. This custom logo tells viewers who the brand is, what they specialize in, and where to find out more about them at one quick glance.

Line Art Crest Logo Design With Cow Horse &Amp; Hunter/Jumper Aesthetics

Versatile Horsemanship Logo for Arizona Reining & Hunter/Jumper Facility

Marcelo Guzman is the fourth generation of horsemen in his family. He had aspirations from a young age of becoming a professional equestrian, and in his early years was in the ribbons in such diverse styles of riding as Chilean cow horse and show jumping.

At 15 Marcelo began starting colts and competing in cutting in Australia. Maureen Rogers of Crackin Quarter Horse Stud took him under her wing and began to instruct him in the ways of natural horsemanship.

By the age of 25, Guzman was well versed in starting colts with naturalversatile horsemanship methods and had done quite a bit of winning in Rodeo Chileno. He began taking clinics from professional horsemen that he respected to further his knowledge and eventually landed with legendary reining trainer Al Dunning in Arizona. He qualified for the 2014 World Equestrian Games, his first year as a professional.

Still on a quest for more knowledge, Marcelo spent some time in Europe soaking in all he could learn about both the English and Western equine industries. By 2017 he had reached number one on the FEI Reining World Ranking. 

2020 was Marcelo’s second year in the US, in which he was the Year-End Multi-Open Champion at the Central Plains Reining Horse Association. He also received mentor Al Dunning’s certification as a trainer. 

Learn more about MG Horsesversatile horsemanship here:

Versatile Horsemanship Logo for Chilean Horse Breeder 

MG Horses is home to the oldest registered stock horse in the Western Hemisphere-the Chilean Horse. Although the breed was used in war and agricultural work, the Chilean Horse has a strong reputation as a horse with a bounty of natural cow sense. These hardy horses excel as all-around ranch horses and in the sport of Chilean Rodeo.

Guzman has made part of his business out of standing his fine Chilean stallion, Lil Rockstar, at stud. The stallion is a National Reining Horse Association money earner and FEI World Equestrian Games qualifier. 

Marcelo also enjoys helping develop horses that truly fit their rider’s skill level and unique goals. He employs a variety of versatile horsemanship techniques to start colts and mold them into high level reining horses.

Versatile Horsemanship Logo Illustrates Husband and Wife’s Unique Equine Industry Passions 

One of the main ideas that Marcelo and his wife expressed interest in during our design consultation was incorporating both a reining horse and a jumping horse into their vector style custom logo to conveyversatile horsemanship. With inspiration from elite equine athletes in both disciplines, our artists developed a line art sketch of a shield style design accented by a neatly collected, athletic reining horse executing a sliding stop and a bold jumper popping over a jump with mane braided and knees neatly tucked. 

Their vision for the choice of fonts was a simple, understated font that would let the versatile horsemanship art shine brightly in this line art logo design. We selected a plain serif font to include a crisp MG monogram and the ranch’s website address. Each of these personal touches ensures that MG Horses’ branding is unmistakable. Prospective clients at shows big and small can see at a glance who they are, what they do in the equine industry, and how they can learn more about what the facility offers. 

Crafting this original custom logo in our signature vector style ensures that no matter how big or small the design is resized to, there’s no need to worry about pixelation. The uniqueversatile horsemanship logo art looks as good on the side of a horse trailer as it does on a baseball cap.

Our passion is helping equestrians across the globe create unique custom logos that tell the story of their company-how they make a difference in the world with what they do. No matter where you’re located, it’s easy to work with us. Just visit to schedule a complimentary design consultation. One of our artists will be back with you shortly, and we can discuss what will become the inspiration behind your very own custom logo to level up your visual branding identity. 

Hunter/Jumper And Reining Horse Adorn Chilean Equine Facility's Custom Logo