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Feb 13, 2024

Michelle Reilly Dressage is based out of picturesque Wildflower Farms in the San Diego, California area. With over 17 years of experience as a dressage trainer and competitor, this FEI world ranked rider prides herself on always putting the happiness and well-being of the horse first on the road to show ring success. 

We designed this elegant calligraphy logo to include a poised, responsive dressage horse in the traditional double bridle to illustrate Michelle’s goal of producing show horses that are truly happy with their job while competing at the highest levels. The line art design depicts the horse as on the vertical with a supple poll, clearly in perfect harmony with its rider. Sophisticated gold foil and hand lettered calligraphy font give this custom logo a feminine, polished touch.

Elegant Hand Drawn Dressage Horse Logo Design With Striking Details

Elegant Calligraphy Logo for California Dressage Horse Trainer

Michelle Reilly was born in Michigan, but moved to Arizona at thirteen. There, she discovered a passion for horses and began her competition career on the hunter jumper circuit. However, she quickly gravitated toward the dressage world, which would become her business interest within the equine industry.

Michelle boasts over 15 years of experience in the dressage world, and has earned her USDF (United States Dressage Federation) bronze, silver, and gold medals alongside numerous state and regional titles. Committed to honing her art as an equestrian, Reilly herself trains under Guenter Seidel. Her most recent significant achievements are an FEI world ranking, 2016 USDF Region 7 Grand Prix Reserve Champion, and 2016 CDS HOY Grand Prix Freestyle Reserve Champion. 

Reilly’s ultimate goal as a trainer and instructor is to preserve the mental health and well-being of the show horses she works with. She also notes that although conformation and athletic ability are certainly important factors when choosing a show horse, the most important attribute a horse should have is a good mind. She explains that a horse with a good temperament that is patient and responds well to training is best suited to the advanced training an upper level dressage horse receives, as well as the demands of showing at the highest levels.

Elegant Calligraphy Logo Illustrating Grand Prix Dressage Horse

With so much emphasis being placed on producing willing, joyful equine partners in her brand, we wanted to incorporate the image of a dressage horse in all its glory into Michelle’s original elegant calligraphy logo design. With inspiration taken from the elegance of a well turned out Grand Prix horse, our artists crafted this stunning likeness of a regal Warmblood pictured in the traditional double bridle and braided mane. Our business is known for our attention to details that set our vector art logos a step above a generic clip art design. In this design, our artist made sure to depict the dressage horse’s headset correctly on the vertical.

This is important, as rollkur (aggressive over-flexion of the horse’s neck) is one aspect of dressage that the sport has been under fire for. The horse pictured in this custom elegant calligraphy logo is neatly collected but soft in the rider’s hands-a willing, happy equine partner. This detail paints an elegant picture of the type of horses that are produced under Michelle’s expert guidance.

Elegant Calligraphy Logo for Dressage Trainer With Hand Lettered Fonts

This original logo design features a mixture of fonts-a beautiful hand lettered calligraphy for the trainer’s name paired with a modern, sophisticated sans serif for the remaining typography. The flowing lines of the calligraphy echo the poetry in motion that Michelle’s dressage horses exhibit in the show ring. Different styles of fonts can all add to the aesthetic of your unique branding. We wanted the typography of Michelle’s design to paint a picture of elegance and prestige.

Dressage Trainer’s Elegant Calligraphy Logo Looks Stunning on All Mediums

Our line art style designs offer ease of resizing so your custom logo truly works for your branding. We provide a variety of files with instructions on how each is to be used, so integrating your unique design into your business branding is simple. Michelle’s elegant calligraphy logo will add an elegant touch to stall drapes, tack trunks, saddle pads, wool coolers, business cards, and more. A custom logo ensures that you’re easy to find by prospective clients at all of the major equestrian events, and brands you as the top notch professional that you are.  

Your Ideas Can Become Your Own Elegant Calligraphy Logo

No matter where you’re located across the globe, our artists are only a phone call away when you’re ready to get started on a custom logo design for your equestrian business. Just visit www.EqGraphics.com to schedule your complimentary design consultation. One of our graphic designers will quickly be in touch with you, and we’ll get to know you and your brand so we can turn your ideas into a unique piece of art that you’re proud to display as the face of your business. Follow @eqgraphics on Instagram to view our latest designs.

Dressage Horse Logo Featuring Hand Lettered Calligraphy