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Feb 14, 2024

Originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, Mikala Münter has been competing on the International FEI circuit for the United States since 2019 and currently resides in Wellington, Florida at the beautiful Bell Tower Farm, just minutes from WEF. The burlesque freestyle created and performed by duo Mikala Münter and her breathtaking Grand Prix mount, My Lady, was a crowd favorite at the Adequan® Global Dressage Festival and serves as the inspiration behind the highly detailed piaffe logo which is part of our ‘Living Logos’ collection.

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics | 001 Mikala Munter Dressage Logo By Eq Graphics

A detailed and realistic Piaffe logo for Mikala Münter Dressage

Hailing from Denmark, Mikala Munter is currently working and residing in Wellington, Florida with her husband and two children. A town that is known for its vibrant equestrian community, Wellington is notable for hosting equestrian events including the Winter Equestrian Festival and Global Dressage Festival. It also hosts high level polo tournaments that showcase the skill of ponies and riders, the town has a Polo Club, arenas, state of the art playing fields, ball and stick fields to host its over 41 events in a year that engages local as well as international audience. The events are premium covering many disciplines and offer the spectator an unforgettable experience and hospitality.

Visit Mikala on Facebook to her this piaffe logo in use: https://www.facebook.com/mikala.munter

Mikala Münter and the Farm

With many achievements under her belt, Mikala has introduced HORSEGYM USA in the US market. Bringing lifelong passion and knowledge in the field, Mikala has achieved international success in the dressage industry whereas her husband, Henrik trains and competes in show jumping. The family has made their farm a warm home where they continue to train, coach and sell their HORSEGYM in the market, working with riders and horses at all levels – beginners to professionals.

An equine enthusiast for over 25 years, Mikala has completed equestrian education in Denmark and is a certified trainer who had an opportunity to train Lis Hartel, a two time Olympic silver medalist and competing in the Grand Prix. Many stories of success with multiple horses, the family took this opportunity to settle down in an ideal location where they can sell their trademark gym as well continue to coach.

Success in Teamwork and Training

The success of her farm resides majorly in her team of expert horsemen and horsewomen whose willingness, determination and a positive attitude contributes to the quality of their services. Each day, they handle their horses with compassion and expertise, providing holistic care with the support of veterinarians and farriers. With such knowledge combined and family deeply involved in the business, the environment at the farm is warm and comfortable for the rider and horses, giving them a place where they train freely and learn.

The farm offers packages involving training and boarding that are customized to their client’s needs and budget. These packages include the use of their signature treadmill, clinic services and valuable lessons. The training focuses on correcting the rider’s position and balance, improving teamwork and mental attitude of the rider and the horse. After initial training that synchronizes the rider and the horse, Mikala emphasizes on a clear communication channel between the rider and its equine mate, unlocking the natural potential of both, individually and as a team. This methodology helps the horse in carrying more weight for high level movements, instilling calmness in the rider and a happy horse.

The Equine Inspiration Behind This Piaffe Logo

Observing the efforts of Mikala, her team and her family and inspired by their collective knowledge and skill, EQ Graphics elected to design a Piaffe logo. The logo depicts the signature movement of dressage in its most accurate form and a detailed manner. The pose in Mikala Münters piaffe logo is collected, straight but also possesses desire, flexibility but a solid core, a calm and responsive temperament.

The Piaffe logo has multiple dimensions, it is integrated with the history of dressage, the traditions and cultures of Wellington, the revolutionary aspect of HORSEGYM that Mikala and her husband is marketing, the story of humble beginning and success that is admirable. The Piaffe logo is utilizing silver foil and taking a realistic approach in line art with focus on the particular feature of the Piaffe movement of the horse, this approach connects modern apprehension of the equine industry to its classical origins. Mikala Münter’s piaffe logo is designed to reflect her story and hallmark her continued journey towards success.

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics

“I am really happy with the logo EQ Graphics created for me. I wanted to have have a simple elegant logo that defines me and my training program and they achieved exactly what I wanted.

Stunning Dressage Horse At The Piaffe Logo For Grand Prix Competitor