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Feb 13, 2024

Surrounded by the Atlantic Coastal Plain, the Piedmont and the Blue Ridge Mountains, Arion Sport Horses are providing mares and stallions with potential for Dressage and Jumping in the culturally rich state of North Carolina. In order to bring both Sporthorse disciplines to the forefront, we designed this minimalist logo design with an abstract modern jumper and minimalistic dressage horse in an extended trot flagging either side of a hand-drawn letter “A”, which can be used as a stand alone monogram logo without the rest of the farm name.

Minimalist Sporthorse Monogram Logo Designed For Variable Use
Minimalist Logo Design for Arion Sporthorses

Minimalist logo design inspiration for Arion Sporthorses

The farm takes its inspiration for its namesake, Arion in Greek mythology; the horse is deemed immortal, incredibly swift and gifted with the power of speech. Arion Sport Horses mainly focus on breeding Hanoverians, German Oldenburg and Westphalians, specializing in raising their own stallions from quality proven damlines and generational breeding which allows them to retain fillies from their own mares.

Arion Sport Horses keeps a collection of mares and stallions on site and their state-of-the-art breeding lab utilizes frozen and fresh inseminations and embryo transfer which allows them access to greater bloodlines

Hosting the annual Hanoverian Society at the Raleigh Inspection Site. Arion Sporthorses imports its horses from Germany, Netherlands and Belgium to ensure they provide professional quality European bloodlines that exhibit the characteristics to perform at the top levels of showjumping and dressage which is why a minimalist logo design was perfect for Arion Sporthorses.

Click here to learn more about Arion Sporthorses: http://www.arionsporthorses.com/

The team behind Arion Sporthorses minimalist logo design brand

Their core team includes Samantha Kidd, the president of Arion Sport Horses, who has been in the equine industry since the age of 16.  Hermonie Williams has 14 years of experience in the horse industry and provides her expertise in horse care and handles the equine reproduction unit of Arion Sport Horses. Kimberly Highsmith is the operations manager, Molly Manoley is a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medalist who loves training horses, Jeanne Hobbs is a jumper Trainer and Iris Jansen – Jentgens is a dressage trainer from Germany who will be joining the team soon.

Breeding for superior sporthorses

Stallions who are currently the residents at Arion Farm are; a GRP named Dark Magic, two Hanoverians titled Rainmaker ASH and Rosencrantz from 2019 and 2018 respectively, Fair Hot who is a DSP stallion from 2018 and a German riding pony called Branley Ash Nautilus from 2018. 

Developing a minimalist logo design for Arion Sporthorses

EQ Graphics has taken inspiration from the modern and bold gestural lines of the mythical Arion to create a minimalist logo design for Arion Sports Horses; the posture of the pair depicting qualities such as dynamism, force, swiftness, speed and flow that are a result of extensive training. The vector logo design features two horses in motion that are focused to achieve what is ahead of them.

The hand-drawn monogram can be used alone as an iconic symbol

The main minimalist logo design layout resembles a monogram that is symmetrical, balanced and emphasizing the ‘A’ of Arion Sports Horses which in turn highlights the inspiration from Greek mythology. For the color palette of the sport horse logo, EQ Graphics has included shades, tints and hues of brown that symbolizes resilience, security, warmth, comfort and exuding an organic and natural aura which resonates with geography of the region as well as the humble beginning of Arion Sports Horses.

Working with EQ Graphics on your minimalist logo design

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Minimalist Logo Design Featuring Both Jumping &Amp; Dressage Horse