Creative Portland Oregon Logo Design | 100% Custom Horse Art

Feb 13, 2024

At EQ Graphics. we’ve had the pleasure of working on several Portland Oregon logo design projects, and this state-of-the-art new eventing facility is exciting to every sporthorse owner we know in the area! The first of its kind in Portland, Mountaindale Equestrian Center is the brainchild of a small group of 3-Day Eventing enthusiasts who dreamed of bringing more awareness to the sport by creating a place for other local eventers to haul-in and ride a full cross-country course without having to travel hours away.

This highly detailed “living logo” design features a realistic hand-drawn line art Appaloosa, which was inspired by the owner’s long-time riding partner. Mountaindale Equestrian Center also offers horse boarding in a family-friendly atmosphere and we look forward to following their journey and wish them many years of continued growth and success.

Tired Of The Same Old Horse Logos? Take It To The Next Level With A Hand Drawn Design

A realistic Portland Oregon logo design for Mountaindale Equestrian Center

Surrounded by prominent Mountain Peaks and rivers, Mountaindale Equestrian Center takes advantage of the diverse and unique flora and fauna of Oregon with its densely populated landscapes and forests to build the foundation of their 3 – day Eventing and horse riding center in the north plains of the state. The area has a generally mild climate, wet springs and dry summers provides an ideal environment for farming. The natural features such as lakes, beaches, mountains, forests and waterfalls attract tourism which encourages these recreational activities and sports, being home to professional sports teams with strong following in the state. These variations in climate and topography are a major support to Mountaindale Equestrian Center.

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Mountaindale Equestrian Center is also working on horse boarding, cross country schooling and trail riding facilities. The house boarding services will include rental housing for horses to provide complete and quality care, spacious lounging, and affordable shelter, grooming services and products and training by a team of experts. The cross country schooling program will train riders to coordinate movements when practicing riding in between fences in different terrains of Oregon whereas trail riding will include trails, bridle paths and forest roads for riding the great outdoors in short, long or multiple day trips, exploring the unique climate, populated forests, many mountain paths, various lakes and the dense landscape of Oregon.

The Portland Oregon logo design Boarding Facility

Expanding with a growing team, Mountaindale Equestrian Center is currently a group pasture board facility. The full care pasture spans above 4 acres consisting of vegetation, forage, grasses, legumes and non – grass herbaceous plants, rangelands and pastoral systems that animals use for grazing and browsing. Working around the rainfall and keeping in mind the general temperatures of the area, the team of Mountaindale Equestrian Center keeps a check on the grazing quantity. The 4 acre pasture has two shelters, water and feeding facility and three smaller rotational pastures. The rotational pastures are opened up very two weeks, allowing a time duration of one month of grazing in between that gives pastures enough time to regrow.

Planning to turn their sacrifice lots into dry lots after their grading plan is approved by the city government in this winter; fortunately the present pastures and dry shelters are enough to keep the horses dry. Current shelters required some mud management, the third pasture is upgraded with better gates, Horseguard and cenflex ordered in and being lucky with the weather this year; Mountaindale Equestrian Center has their first boarding horse that they call Mr. Harley. The facility also has 5 portable shelters and an arena built to enjoy the surroundings. With 3500 linear standing posts in place, Mountaindale Equestrian Center is a vast and well equipped horse riding center which is safe for boarding, riding and training your horses.

The Equine Inspiration for this Portland Oregon Logo Design

EG Graphics has paid attention to details when working on the Portland Oregon logo design for Mountaindale Equestrian Center. The 3-Day Eventing Portland Oregon logo design depicts a fine line drawing of a cross country jumping a log in one long and smooth movement that showcases the care, grooming and training efforts behind this moment of success. The detailed Portland Oregon logo design is leaning towards realism, keeping in mind the anatomy of the horse, its characteristic mane and portrait profile when creating this 3-Day Eventing Logo.

The line drawing of the Portland Oregon logo design has volume owing to the weight of the line that varies and adjusts itself to the muscles of the horse. The leading and progressive cutting edge design stylizes the dynamism, elegance and strength of the horse, the emphasis is on the coordination and companionship between the horse and the rider.

Simple But Detailed-Appaloosa Takes Flight In &Quot;Living Logo&Quot; For Eventing Facility.