Stunning Mustang Horse Head Silhouette | 100% Hand-Drawn Art

Feb 13, 2024

We were so honored when this unique young cowgirl asked us to create a custom logo design for her brand. Maddy’s original logo is chock full of meaningful details. We deviated from our usual line art style and designed a galloping Mustang horse head silhouette.

Madison Shambaugh, better known as “Mustang Maddy,” is a Colorado clinician that teaches fellow equestrians the natural horsemanship methods she has developed over the years that led her to be a 3 time Extreme Mustang Makeover Freestyle Champion, as well as the 2017 Mustang Magic Champion. Maddy’s methods hinge on positive reinforcement, such as clicker training, rather than the traditional pressure and release techniques. Connecting with horses in this way has allowed Maddy to train horses that were deemed “untrainable,” and she has traveled the United States helping horse lovers connect with their equine partners in the same way she does with her team of liberty Mustangs

The inspiration behind the silhouette was the shape of Maddy’s first Mustang, and the five stars on the horse’s neck are shown on the same side that mustangs receive their freeze brands. We also placed a feather on the letter H in custom script font of Maddy’s name for personal sentimental reasons. A teal color palette adds to the Western aesthetic of this unique logo design, which is a colorful addition to her business cards, blog and social media pages, and website.

Teal Logo Inspiration Courtesy Of Mustang Maddy's Custom Logo Design

Mustang Horse Head Silhouette Logo Design Custom Made for Mustang Maddy

Madison Shambaugh credits beginning her career as a natural horsemanship trainer with experiences she had with her childhood horses. After going through several horses with training issues (some quite dangerous), she came to the realization that perhaps her riding and training methods may partially be at fault. 

Maddy embarked on a journey to discover how she could learn more about the horse-human connection. During this time, she was able to turn around horses that were deemed “untrainable,” as well as have colts that had never even had a saddle on their back working through all three gaits under saddle in the span of 3 ½ hours. She trained a wild mustang to work at the walk, trot, and canter in a large arena over the span of only 7 days-with no ropes or tack! A professional vector Mustang horse head silhouette was the next step in her journey.

Mustang Maddy is best known as a competitor in events such as the Extreme Mustang Makeover and Mustang Magic. She has been the Extreme Mustang Makeover Freestyle Champion 3 times, and was the 2017 Mustang Magic Champion.  She’s traveled the country with her own team of Mustangs that perform at liberty and has been featured in many equine industry publications. 

Maddy teaches equestrians how to use her positive reinforcement methods through her Horse and Human Connection Academy. An influencer in the equine industry, she uses her blogging platform and social media to teach horse lovers how to connect with their horse on a higher level. 

Visit Mustang Maddy on the Web Here to see her A unique vector Mustang horse head silhouette in action:

Extreme Mustang Makeover Champion’s Mustang Horse Head Silhouette Logo

The Mustang Heritage Foundation created the Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenge as a way to show the general public that Mustangs could make versatile, willing equine partners and a Mustang horse head silhouette was her vision. Making stops across the United States, the Mustang Makeover assigns trainers with a Mustang mare or gelding that is generally between 4 and 7 years old. Trainers have 100 days to work with the horse, and at the conclusion of the training window participants participate in a variety of classes that show off what they have accomplished with their assigned horse. 

TheMustang horse head silhouette on Challenge Day

On Challenge day, trainers can compete for large amounts of prize money. Horses can be entered in an array of classes to show off their new skills. The handling class is an in-hand class, almost a cross between showmanship at halter and in-hand trail. The pattern class is akin to traditional western riding classes-horses exhibit circles, gait changes, lead changes, simple stops, and so on. The trail class is always a favorite. Much like the trail classes seen at breed shows, Mustangs make their way over and around obstacles at different gaits and are exposed to a number of novel situations and sights.

The compulsory class is similar to breed show reining classes. A faster paced, more intense version of the pattern class, this class shows off sliding stops, spins, faster circles, and other advanced maneuvers. At the conclusion of the event, participating Mustangs are offered for sale to private bidders, often commanding 5 figure prices and aMustang horse head silhouette would give her the added boost in branding. 

Custom Mustang Horse Head Silhouette Logo Design With Personalized Elements for Mustang Maddy

Our artists listened to all of Maddy’s ideas about important elements she wanted to include in her mustang horse head silhouette logo for a personal branding touch during our design consultation. The image of the horse appears to be galloping across the prairie, mane blown back by the wind. Five stars adorn the horse’s neck on the same side that BLM Mustangs’ freeze brands are placed.

We added a feather to the H in Maddy’s last name for sentimental reasons as well. The fonts used included a modern sans serif and a custom script for Mustang Maddy’s full name. Colors like teal and chocolate add a bright Western aesthetic to this bold Mustang horse head silhouette design. Maddy’s original logo is absolutely beautiful on her business cards, social media pages, blog, and branded items like shirts. 

If you’ve had your eye on a unique logo design to represent your equestrian company, we would absolutely love to get to know you and your brand. Our artists take pride in making sure every line art design we create contains intricate details that horse lovers appreciate-a step above generic equine clip art. Our vector style designs also make resizing for multiple uses fast and easy! If you’re ready to get started, just visit us at to schedule your complimentary design consultation.

Small Mustang Maddy Logo Design

“I can’t thank EQ Graphics enough for the incredible logo they have recently created for me. Their unique and original creations brought my ideas to life in a way that I never thought possible!

They generously allowed me to be a part of the editing process, dedicated to making the finished product perfect in every way possible. Their customer support and care is unmatched, as is their expertise. I look forward to continue my work with them for a variety of other marketing materials.“

Original Teal Mustang Logo Design For Madison Shambaugh