100% Original Horse Training Logo and Stunning Art Deco Bit

Feb 14, 2024

Oak Hill Equestrian is a Hunter/Jumper training facility and show barn located in the beautiful rolling hills outside of Lexington, Kentucky. This symmetrical d-ring snaffle bit training logo was designed with extra attention to its visibility when embroidered in small areas or seen from a far distance.

The silhouette (solid filled) jumping horses inside of the art deco circle design will lend to a bold look and added depth for embroidery. The inspiration and ideas for this unique art deco hunter/jumper logo came in part from Oak Hill Equestrian’s love of traditional “Baker Plaid” and we wanted to make sure the logo would stand out well when embroidered on a Baker Sheet, yet kept a modern flair to represent their modern approach to training.

Sophisticated Traditional Snaffle Bit Logo Design For Hunter/Jumper Trainer
Training Logo Design for Oak Hill Equestrian Center

Modern Art Deco Style Snaffle Bit Design for Oak Hill Equestrians Training Logo

The team of Oak Hill Equestrian is well recognized for competing with their horses in the hunter/jumper industry. They are currently operating in southern Florence, Kentucky that experiences humid and subtropical climate. With substantial summer highs and winter lows, Kentucky has distinct seasonal changes in its geography and flora. It has miles of navigable rivers including the Mississippi River, Ohio River, Big Sandy River, Kentucky River, Tennessee River, Breen River, Licking River, Cumberland River and Tug Fork in the east.

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Horse Training Methods Date Back to 1350 BC

Horse domestication and training had been documented in history as early as 1350 BC by Botai culture and by Xenophon from Greece who addressed this subject in his writing by stating about the grooming and riding of selected horses. An old business with traditions, horse trainers care for horses, their physical needs and their mental health in order to groom them for specific fields in the equine industry.

This responsibility is fully understood by Oak Hill Equestrian; they specialize in the equestrian discipline of jumping and hunting and are devoted to raising value horses that excel in their tasks. The circle of trainers at Oak Hill Equestrian are mature, seasoned and have the mandatory knowledge to train the horses in a professional manner.

A Modern Art Deco Training Logo is the Perfect Compliment to Show Jumping

Show jumping is an English equestrian sport that includes dressage, equitation and jumping with horse shows around the world including the Olympics. Usually governed by United States Equestrian Foundation in the USA and British Showjumping Association in Great Britain, the sport is composed of complex, timed and technical obstacles that the rider and his horse has to overcome in order to be scored on the basis of its movement, style and manner whereas show hunting underlines the stability and coordination of the horse in a slow time frame.

Art Deco horse bit Training Logo Design is Gaining Popularity Among Equestrians

Oak Hill Equestrian is currently working with Warmbloods and OTTBs. Characterized by the open studbook policy, Warmbloods belong to a heavier line of agricultural horses that have athletic bodies and are noted for their calm temperament which makes them trainable for show jumping, hunting and are bred with the aim for equestrian competitions. Best Warmbloods include Hanoverian, Selle Francais, Holsteiner, Dutch Warmblood, Oldenburg and Trakehner that is a purebred.

Originating from 17th and 18th century England and best known for horse racing, OTTB are sometimes referred as Thoroughbred Breeds. Dark in shades, chiseled head, long neck, deep chest, short back, good hindquarters, high withers and long legs, Thoroughbred horses are agile, fast, swift, and bold and they perform with topmost exertion, hence it is crucial that they are guided and trained for hunting, show jumping, polo and fox hunting with a dog or team of dogs. OTTBs have also been used for cross breeding to create enhanced breeds such as Quarter horses, Anglo Arabian, Warmbloods and Standardbreds.

The inspiration behind this Modern Art Deco Style Horse Bit and Training Logo Design

EQ Graphics took a tour of France and got inspired by the emotive and charming qualities of Art Deco style for this horse and dog training logo. The d-ring snaffle horse bit logo is capturing the geometric stylization of shapes and colors to enhance the anatomical features and characteristics of the two horse breeds that Oak Hill Equestrian is dealing with, Warmblood and OTTB’s.

The Design of the Horse Bit for this Training Logo

The horse bit logo is leaning towards modern and art deco design, representing luxury, royalty, exclusiveness, strength, glamour, craftsmanship, companionship, security, athletics, movement and faith. The training logo for Oak Hill Equestrian is utilizing the contrasting pair of black and white to reflect the causal nature, precision, minimalism, linear quality and sportive style of graphic arts in the Art Deco movement in which the emphasized text and image is place on a solid background to endorse and embody the concept, uniqueness, professionalism, knowledge and dynamism of the well versed team at Oak Hill Equestrian.

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics

“Jackie was absolutely wonderful to work with. I couldn’t find a logo that I was imagining in my head and after a quick conversation, she brought my vision to life! Great work, easy process and quick turnaround. Can’t recommend more!”

Art Deco Style Hunter/Jumper Logo