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Feb 13, 2024

On Point Animal Biomechanics is a Perth, Australia veterinary chiropractic clinic owned by Dr. Louise Hughes. Louise turned her love for physics, mathematics, and a variety of animals into a career and is currently one of only a handful of chiropractors in Western Australia qualified to work with animals.  Her passion for helping animals live their best, most pain-free lives shines through in her work, and Louise helps both pets and performance animals work through injuries, behavioral issues, rehabilitation, and much more. An avid gun dog enthusiast, Louise wanted to incorporate a German Shorthair Pointer into her custom chiropractic logo designs for On Point.

After brainstorming with our artist, the finished product featured the profile of a regal sport horse and a magnificent German Shorthair Pointer on point among bulrushes that were integrated into a crisp sans serif font. Louise’s unique gold foil logo is easy to read, eye catching, and a direct representation of the strength and beauty she helps restore to her equine and canine clients’ lives.

Pointer Dog Logo Brings Business Owner's Passion To Chiropractic Clinic's Branding

Chiropractic Logo Design for an Australian Animal Chiropractor 

On Point Animal Biomechanics is headed up by Dr. Louise Hughes B.ChiroSc M.Chiro GradDipADM. Located in Perth, Australia, Louise is one of few chiropractors in Western Australia qualified to work with animals. Louise realized early on in her university career that she was particularly drawn to physics and mathematics, and as a student had the opportunity to work with one of the world’s leaders in Animal Biomechanical Medicine. Coupled with a love for animals of all kinds, Louise’s educational interests led her to establish her own company in the equine and canine industry and seek out creative animal chiropractic logo designs. 

Also a bird and gun dog enthusiast, Louise drew inspiration from those respective dog breeds when she named her business On Point Animal Biomechanics. Dr. Hughes is passionate about helping as many animals as she possibly can feel and perform at their very best. Horses and dogs of all types, from pets to working animals, can benefit from animal biomechanical medicine. From injury management, to performance and behavioral issues, to rehabilitation, there are a wide range of ailments that animal chiropractors can help ease.

Click here to visit On Point Animal Biomechanics on the web: https://www.onpointabm.com to see how she’s used her chiropractic logo designs.

Animal Chiropractic Logo Designs Featuring a Hunting Dog Logo and Horse Logo 

We were extremely excited to bring Louise’s ideas to life since we are normally known for our unique horse logos. As a lover of German Shorthair Pointers, Weimaraners, and Vizslas, Louise had her heart set on incorporating a German Shorthair Pointer into her custom chiropractic logo designs.  The result was a combination of a hunting dog logo and an equine logo that exudes the vitality and prime health that Dr. Hughes’ animal chiropractic services promote. 

A Custom Animal Chiropractor Logo Design that Tells a Story 

Rendered in a line art (or vector graphic) style, this unique chiropractic logo designs is feminine yet strong. Crowned by the profile of a proud sport horse that immediately commands attention, our artist paid homage to the fact that On Point’s speciality is equine chiropractic services. A nod to both Dr. Hughes’ secondary specialty of dogs as well as her passion for gun dogs,  a minimalistic image of a German Shorthair Pointer on point amidst the bulrush is sandwiched between the sport horse and the name of the practice.

One can almost imagine the gun dog quivering in anticipation of a bird being flushed and the corresponding crack of a shotgun being fired as the bird takes flight. The scene hints at a strong love for nature and the natural world. We always strive to infuse as much of our clients’ personalities and interests into their original, one of a kind, logos as possible. These animal chiropractic logo designs hit the mark and tell the story of who Louise is and what she does in a bold but chic way.

Original Chiropractic Logo Designs that Maximize Readability with Font Choice

To add to the strong, natural vibe we were hoping to achieve in Dr. Hughes’ custom chiropractic logo designs, our artist chose to utilize an integrated font.  Set in classic gold foil, the practice name is rendered in a modern sans serif font that integrates bulrushes into the lettering for a unique and unforgettable feel.  The sans serif font is classic, clean, and easy to read no matter how or where it is displayed.  EQ Graphics’ line art logo styles look neat and crisp no matter how they are resized, making using your custom logo design to bring awareness to your brand easier than ever.

EQ Graphics Offers More than Just Equine Chiropractic Logo Designs

As you can see from On Point Animal Biomechanics’ chiropractic logo designs, EQ Graphics can give life to your vision even if it doesn’t involve a horse.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for your show dog logos, hunting dog logos, or any other sort of dog logo you can dream up.  We take the time to learn as much as possible about each client during their brainstorming session, and we love to help you make your brand stand out whether you have an equine business or you are passionate about let’s say,

German Shorthair Pointers. Also, we’re here to help clients around the world. With remote brainstorming sessions, it doesn’t matter if you’re right here in Ocala or in a totally different hemisphere-we’ll help design your dream animal chiropractic logo designs, whether you’re an equestrian or beyond!

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics

“I had read previous reviews about how they had “nailed it on the first draft” and was skeptical that they would achieve that with me. I was proven very wrong…

Jackie and David have been an absolute pleasure to work with. After a 15 minute phone call with Jackie – who stayed up until 10pm to call me at a reasonable hour in Australia – I was comfortable that we were going to end up with something I loved.

Not only did I end up with an original design that exceeded my expectations, but they have provided all file types and an explanation of which file is important for what. They provide a world-class service with a small business ethic and I couldn’t recommend them enough.”

Unique Logo Design For Animal Chiropractor Stands Out From The Crowd