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Jan 2, 2024

Currently operating in Lynnville, Tennessee, Paradigm farm is a seventh generation family farm that is an asset to the equine industry by offering equine retirement facilities for all breeds, including OTTB horse retirement. The location of Paradigm Farms is picturesque, quiet, and offers a stress free lifestyle for their retired equine residents.

Every retirement horse pasture is equipped with adequate free choice shelter for their retirees and each structure is topped with a traditional style cupola and weathervane which inspired this design. Their resident retirees are often seen scratching the withers of their pasture mates near the golden glow of the sun soaked barns. Therefore, our artists chose a design that would captivate owners of retirement age horses by showcasing the everlasting friendships of two horses, while bringing in a piece of the farm’s iconic architecture with a cupola to personalize the design.

Gorgeous Custom Logo For Retired Horse Boarding Stable
Boarding Stable Logo Design for Paradigm Farms

An elegant OTTB horse retirement business logo for Paradigm Farms

The horse retirement business is owned by Jason and Melissa, two professionals with a combined experience of over 37 years. Jason has a science degree in nutrition and ten years of field experience in the feed industry whereas Melissa has been working with horses for over 27 years. Their combined knowledge allows them to care for their residents in a unique manner; they not only focus on the anatomy but also work on balancing nutrients to increase the potential strength of the horse.

The OTTB horse retirement farm is built with passion and purpose, Melissa and Jason spend their days on the farm, building a stronger connection between them and in turn promoting a healthy OTTB horse environment, they have gained a name for themselves and are respected by their community.

Click here to learn more about Paradigm Farms: https://www.retiredhorses.com/

Caring for retired horses is a full time business

heir philosophy is different; it narrates a story of a free horse, creating a dialogue that horses are animals that should roam free rather than being trapped in the stalls for the entire day. The vast and maintained pastures of Paradigm farms provide its retirees with an advantage of choice between turnout groups. Paradigm Farms have covered the farming aspect of their business equally well; they have fertile soils, plenty of rainfall, mild climate, comfortable outdoor, great forage and hay. Their philosophy illustrates that the animals should be surrounded by a comfortable environment so that it is reciprocated in their behavior. The farm is working with other professionals to maintain this atmosphere and its superior quality of products.

Paradigm Farms has multiple options and packages; a standard package has a regular updating system through pictures, beautiful pastures, free choice grass and hay, customized grain feeds, water troughs, blankets, vaccinates and hooves trimmings whereas the premium packages contains all standard feature plus grooming and an equine dentist. OTTB horse care at its finest. They also offer individual services weekly grooming, medicated bathing, light riding, treatment of injuries, mane pulling, sheath cleaning, chiropractic care and acupuncture.

Retired Horse Farm Residents Encompass all Breeds including OTTB horse and Warmbloods

The Farm is hosting many bittersweet residents presently; An Oldenburg gelding called Blu who was born in Germany, an outstanding jumper named Cisco who is a Holsteiner gelding, Tasco was born in Ireland where he also started his riding career, Moses is a Paso Fino that joined the family in November, Homer is an Irish sport horse, Sabrina is an Oldenburg black mare, Digby is an OTTB horse thoroughbred gelding, Baner is from Germany, Cino is a grey Selle Francais gelding and Moe hails from Argentina.

Creating a horse logo design for this Horse Retirement Business in Tennessee

EQ Graphics has taken inspiration from the balanced practice of Jason and Melisa and has opted to go with white on a rich green that symbolizes harmony, balance, security, calm, peace and the power of positive healing. The horse retirement business logo is fusing architectural design with the psychology of green, producing an OTTB horse logo that is unique and refreshing.

The OTTB horse retirement business logo is depicting two horses complimenting each other and standing in front of the spacious pasture of Paradigm design. This OTTB horse logo design translates the significance of friendship and companionship in a community of horses that is lost in the competitive equine industry and its urbanized farms. The horse logo is denoting the concepts of hope, freedom and a sense of safety for retired horses in a world that is uncertain.

Small Weathervane Logo For Paradigm Farms

“I cannot say enough good things about Jackie, David and EqGraphics. There is no one better for logo design or overall name branding…

In 2016 contacted EQ Graphics to assist with giving us a new look. After some in depth conversations with Jackie and David they worked their magic. It was fitting that we happened to be at the “happiest place on earth” – Disney World – when Jackie contacted me to let me know it was ready for an initial review.

We instantly fell in love with everything. Our new logo was absolutely perfect for our farm. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, EqGraphics came through for me again a few months later when I had a problem. This had nothing to do with EqGraphics and David and Jackie could have easily told me this was not their problem to deal with. Instead they dropped what they were doing – after hours I should add – and worked with another company to get my issues resolved.

Custom Logo For Retired Horse Farm Contains Relaxing Ottb Scene