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Paradise Ridge Stables Logo

Feb 14, 2024

This striking gold foil American Saddlebred horse art was designed in the image of the type of high quality Saddlebred horses that Paradise Ridge sells and exhibits. Aptly labeled “the peacock of the show ring,” American Saddlebreds are admired by equine enthusiasts worldwide for their signature presence that simply says “look at me.”  Paradise Ridge Stables, owned by Kim Brown of Minnesota, sells and shows select show horses destined for success on the ASB circuits across the Midwest. Under the expert hand of rider Luis Rodriguez, Paradise Ridge horses such as Rock the Casbah and Ridgewood’s Lifetime Memories are making their mark in English Pleasure and Open Park Horse classes throughout the region.

The elegant line art design features the crest of an exquisite ASB show horse in the signature show ring double bridle, rendered at a unique angle so that the viewer appears to glimpse the horse as it trots out of sight. A modern serif font completes the polished look of this custom design. Fine details like the roached mane indicative of a three-gaited Saddlebred make this sophisticated logo stand out from the competition, just like Paradise Ridge Stables’ superb horses do in the show ring.

Double Bridle And Breed Standard Details Make Saddlebred Logo Stand Out

Exquisite American Saddlebred Horse Art for a High End Show Horse Facility’s Custom Logo

Kim Brown, owner of Minnesota’s Paradise Ridge Stables, has a reputation for producing fine American Saddlebred show horses. With the help of accomplished rider Luis Rodriguez, Kim’s ASB horses have excelled throughout the Midwest in English Pleasure and Open Park Horse Classes.

Kim is a dedicated member of the Minnesota Saddlebred Horse Association. Established in 1983, the MSHA’s goal is to gain a higher public esteem for the ASB breed by showcasing their versatility via proper breeding, learning opportunities, and horse shows. The organization offers competitive opportunities via their Limited Breeder and futurity programs, as well as the annual Minnesota Saddlebred State Championship show. They also host various horsemanship clinics and youth activities throughout each year, giving youth the opportunity to participate in junior judging opportunities as well as the chance to win year end awards. 

Another unique program that allows the public to learn more about the Saddlebred breed is the MSHA Parade of Stables. Participating stables host visitors for contests, demonstrations, and sometimes even the chance to take a ride on a gentle representative of the breed.  Opportunities like this foster a feeling of goodwill toward the breed and organization, and help ensure the continuation of the ASB breed into the future. 

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Regal Original American Saddlebred Horse Art Logo Design Illustrates Breed’s Show Ring Presence 

The American Saddlebred is known throughout the equine industry for their larger than life presence in the show ring. Often called “the peacock of the show ring,” ASB’s signature high stepping way of going is a delight for spectators and riders alike. American Saddlebred horse art showcases the best of the Saddlebred breed.

Saddlebreds are classified as either three-gaited or five-gaited. Three-gaited horses move at the walk, trot, and canter like other breeds. Five-gaited horses perform the three standard gaits as well as the rack and the “slow gait.” Spectators at horse shows thoroughly enjoy watching Saddlebreds racking, a smooth four beat gait that exhibits speed while maintaining exquisite collection. 

Although ASB’s are known in the horse business as quintessential show horses, the breed is in fact highly versatile. Aside from showing in-hand and in both english and western style under saddle classes, Saddlebred horses can also excel as driving horses, in the dressage arena, as jumpers, and as a comfortable trail riding partner. American Saddlebred horse art often depicts saddleseat horses.

American Saddlebred Horse Art Brings Exquisite Equestrian Detail to Minimalist Custom Logo

We wanted to craft an original American Saddlebred horse art logo for this ASB barn that drew inspiration from the flamboyant yet classy elegance of the striking breed. Our artists started the design process with a design consultation so that we could harness the client’s ideas about the styles, fonts, and colors she felt would best represent her equestrian business. Then, we set out to craft one of our signature vector art custom logos that would accurately portray the vibrant American Saddlebred horse art and sophistication of this show horse breed. 

We chose to orientate this elegant ASB crest so that it appears to be trotting away from the viewer, a refreshing detour from standard side profile designs.  The striking Saddlebred show horse is shown with a traditional double bridle and roached mane, indicative of a three-gaited horse (five-gaited horses sport the traditional flowing mane). Details like this are what make EQ Graphics stand out as graphic designers in the equine industry-as equestrians ourselves, we pride ourselves on staying true to industry standard throughout the different breeds and disciplines.

Adding to the sophisticated elegance of this minimalist logo design, we utilized gold foil and a modern serif font to accent the simple line art Saddlebred illustration. 

American Saddlebred Horse Art in Vector Style Makes Multiple Uses a Breeze for Show Horse Facility

Vector styles allow for resizing that’s straightforward and simple, with no need to worry about pixelated images. This gorgeous ASB logo design will look stunning monogrammed on a wool cooler, adorning tack room curtains on the show grounds, or on business cards handed out to prospective buyers. 

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Elegant American Saddle Horse Logo Design