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Feb 13, 2024

Turnout isn’t ultimately what wins blues, but it certainly helps present a polished, professional impression to the judge. Paige, of PKL Final Details, is a professional groom from The Woodlands, Texas who helps riders on East Coast hunter circuits achieve that winning look. Braiding manes and tails is an art, and a time consuming chore that many riders would prefer to delegate to someone else. PKL Final Details logo was designed to showcase her ability to let equestrians enjoy time with friends and family (or catch a much-needed nap) while Paige ensures that every horse she braids is ready to take on the show ring in style. 

After discussing Paige’s ideas for her unique Final Details logo, our artists crafted a one line art logo design depicting a neatly braided Warmblood horse. The elegant horse head design is situated in such a way that the braids are a focal point of the logo. Paige’s initials are integrated into the one line art design in a classic serif font so that the artwork and initials can be used in icon style on saddle pads.

We also included the business name in her sophisticated PKL Final Details logo beneath the artwork in a modern sans serif so that the design can be used in its entirety on Paige’s business cards and apparel. This gorgeous, professional vector style logo is sure to attract high end clients at all the major hunter shows Paige attends.

One-Of-A-Kind One Line Art Warmblood Logo Design For Professional Horse Braider

Stunning Final Details Logo Design Hand Drawn for Professional Hunter Braider and Groom

Paige, a professional groom from The Woodlands, Texas, found a way to make traveling to the A-circuit hunter shows a business. Her company, PKL Final Details, provides professional mane and tail braiding to equestrians on some of the East Coast’s top rated hunter/jumper circuits. 

Braiding manes and tails can be a task that takes up a fairly large chunk of time for those who are not very skilled braiders. For this reason, many equestrians are happy to hire a professional braider to take care of this tedious job for them. Not only does hiring a professional ensure that their horse’s braids will look perfect, delegating the task to someone else allows riders to spend a little more time relaxing and enjoying their horse show weekend.

Tidy braids are an important piece of the puzzle in the horse show game. Although a horse’s grooming and turnout are not more important than his performance, a professional, polished appearance stands out to the judge(s). In the world of hunter horses, neat braids can accentuate the horse’s neck and accentuate the scopey appearance of the topline when working over fences. Attention to detail in grooming and rider turnout says that the rider is serious about the task at hand, and respectful of both tradition and the judge(s)’ time.

Custom PKL Final Details Logo Design Represents Professional A-Circuit Hunter Horse Braider’s Attention to Detail

Braiding can be a great way for an amateur or older youth rider to earn extra money to go toward their equine endeavors. Equestrians pay, on average, between $40-50 per mane and $25-30 per tail for a professional braider’s work at horse shows. However, it is not a business that can be jumped into without adequate planning and practice.

The faster a braider can finish a mane, the more clients they can service over the weekend or throughout a circuit. Learning how to complete the task quickly and efficiently takes practice, and braiders should not attempt to provide their services to clients until they can deliver perfect braids on every horse.

The job can be physically demanding, with braiders sometimes spending 12 hours or more a day standing on a stool to braid horses. They must also learn how to schedule their clients to ensure that each horse is ready in time to warm up for their classes, taking into consideration that not all horses behave well for braiding. It’s imperative that everyone makes it to the ring on time and looking their very best.

If you’re interested in becoming a professional braider, learn more about the job in this article:Braiding and the Hard Work Put Into Being a Professional (

One Line Art Final Details Logo Design Created for Use on Braider’s Saddle Pads and Business Cards

One of the most important things we discuss during our brainstorming sessions with clients is how they intend to use their custom logo design. When our artists talked to Paige, she already had some ideas in mind for her original design and she knew that she would want to use a design incorporating her initials on saddle pads.

Paige had looked over many styles of logos in our portfolio, taking in a variety of fonts, colors, and types of artwork. She decided that she wanted a one line art logo depicting a Warmblood hunter horse with a neatly braided mane. The braids would, of course, be the focal point of the logo in keeping with the nature of her business. 

The sketch we created for her one line art PKL Final Details logo incorporated Pagie’s “PKL” initials into the Warmblood horse design in a custom serif font. Below the artwork we added the remainder of the business name in a modern sans serif. Paige can use the Warmblood and monogram design independently on her saddle pads or use the entire PKL Final Details logo on her business cards, car decals, t-shirts, and more. The silver foil design brands Paige as a professional and ensures high end clientele that they can trust her to make sure their horse’s appearance is that of a winner.

We love working with unique brands within the equine industry, and no matter whether you are a professional braider or a small scale breeder, we can help create a hand drawn custom logo for your brand that will add a touch of class to your branding efforts. To get started, visit to schedule your complimentary design consultation with one of our professional logo artists. You can also find us @EqGraphics on Instagram for additional inspiration! 

Elegant One Line Art Hunter Horse Logo For Professional Braider