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Feb 14, 2024

Christine, of Washington’s Queens Cross Equestrian, has a passion for the unique sport of Working Equitation. A lover of Baroque horse breeds and owner of a Dutch Harness Horse mare that could identify as a Lusitano, Christine’s goal is to host Working Equitation competitions and clinics so that others in the equine industry can learn about this exciting discipline that melds classical dressage with ranch work. 

Our clients’ unique tastes and preferences shape our artists’ ideas for the creation of every custom logo we design. Christine is particularly drawn to Gothic architecture and quatrefoils so it was a must that we incorporate elements in these styles into her custom logo. We created an original vector style quatrefoil logo for Queens Cross Equestrian that depicts a regal Andalusian type horse moving at a neatly collected trot in front of a Gothic arch, complete with quatrefoil. This stunning Baroque logo was hand lettered in a traditional hand lettered serif font that lends a medieval aesthetic to the bold design.

Christine can easily resize her hand drawn custom logo for use on her horse trailer, banners, shirts, and smaller items like business cards without losing quality due to pixelation. This one of a kind Gothic architecture logo design is the perfect example of how we can incorporate your personality into your business branding!

Quatrefoil Logo Design By Eq Graphics

Hand Drawn Custom Quatrefoil Logo Design for Working Equitation & Dutch Harness Horse Enthusiast

Queens Cross Equestrian’s owner, Christine, is a Working Equitation enthusiast with a unique horse of her own. Christine’s personal mount is a Dutch Harness Horse. She notes that her mare has a very baroque look, similar to that of a Lusitano. Given that Dutch Harness Horses are not a “pure bred” breed, this is not surprising.

The Dutch Harness Horse’s stud book is kept by the KWPN. The breed was created to produce fine carriage horses, and are known for their flashy, high action trot. With longer front legs than hind legs, the DHH is able to truly engage its hind end and move with expressive action on the front end. This rare breed of horse is bred for “type” rather than pureness of bloodlines, so breeding stock is chosen very selectively to promote the movement and personality of the breed.

Dutch Harness Horses are fabulous harness horses, both for the show ring and in sport events like FEI combined driving. They are also used as saddle seat mounts, and are increasingly crossed with Arabians for half-Arabian harness, park, and English pleasure class prospects. A versatile breed, some Dutch Harness Horses have gone on to excel in dressage and sport horse competition. Though the breed is rare, they are quickly gaining popularity in the United States.

Learn more about the Dutch Harness Horse:  What is a Dutch Harness Horse? – ADHHA

Baroque Style Quatrefoil Logo for Working Equitation and Classical Dressage Rider

The equestrian sport that Christine plans to host competitions and clinics for is as unique as her Dutch Harness Horse mare. Working Equitation is a surprising mixture of several distinctly different styles of riding. Competitions test rider and horse on their skills at dressage, ease of handling (similar to a trail class), completing an obstacle pattern at speed, and (in team competition) cow work. France, Spain, Portugal, and Italy all came together to develop the sport, and the associated events pay tribute to the tack, attire, and tasks working equestrians complete from each of those countries. It’s the ultimate test of partnership between rider and horse.

Working Equitation competitions can be enjoyed by both novice and advanced riders alike. Upon advancing to the upper levels of competition, riders complete tests riding one-handed, showcasing the quintessential goal of classical horsemanship.

Learn more about Working Equitation competition here: WE UNITED – A United Team of Working Equitation Enthusiasts

Gothic Architecture Logo for Equestrian With Passion for Baroque Horses

The first step in creating Christine’s custom quatrefoil logo was a consultation call that included a brainstorming session so our artists could learn about her ideas surrounding her ideal design. We learned that Christine is a huge fan of gothic architecture, and especially loves quatrefoils. Quatrefoils were representative of four leaf clovers when used in heraldry, and can be found in gothic arches, windows, and other architectural elements throughout the world. She did not want her Baroque logo design to be whimsical in any way, and was drawn to raw, edgy styles of logos with harsh corners and crisp lines.

Our professional logo designers kept this in mind when creating Queens Cross Equestrian’s hand drawn quatrefoil logo design. We framed the silhouette of a Baroque horse (in the style of an Andalusian or Lusitano) within the confines of a bold Gothic arch crowned by a quatrefoil. The horse appears to be moving at a neat working trot, mane braided in Baroque fashion. We added to the medieval aesthetic of this quatrefoil logo by lettering the business name in a traditional capitalized serif font. We kept the colors in this unique design in more of a steely palette for an edgy Gothic touch.  Although this Gothic architecture logo is more of a silhouette than our traditional line art style, the vector design still offers ease of resizing so that Christine can enlarge it for her horse trailer and banners without worrying about losing quality due to pixelation.

Are you ready to refresh the branding for your equestrian company with your own unique hand drawn logo? You can visit us on Instragram @EqGraphics for inspiration, or schedule your complimentary design consultation at www.EQGraphics.com. Our professional graphic designers would be honored to create an original logo that perfectly represents not only your brand but your passions and values.

Unique Andalusian Logo Design With Gothic Architecture Inspiration