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Oct 15, 2021

Raisin’ K Ranch, of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, raises foundation bred grulla American Quarter Horses for use in cowhorse and ranch horse classes. Their goal is to produce quality performance horses that the entire family can enjoy.

It’s not every day that our artists have the chance to design a branding iron logo, so we were excited to see what we could create while working with Raisin’ K Ranch. The finished product integrated her existing brand, which was a powerful sun and our artists drew galloping Quarter Horse design accented with the business name in a feminine western serif font. The sun is designed in a way that it’s reminiscent of a spur rowel as well to add to the western aesthetic of the custom logo.

Line Art Quarter Horse Logo That Doubles As Ranch's Brand

Branding Iron Logo for Dallas/Fort Worth Grulla Quarter Horse Breeder

Raisin’ K Ranch breeds grulla Quarter Horses in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. The foundation bred horses they produce go on to compete in barrel racing, cowhorse, and ranch horse classes. Raisin’ K strives to breed horses that are competitive in the show ring while still being a safe and sane mount for the entire family. 

Grulla horses are part of the dun family of horse colors. They’re often called blue, grey, or mouse dun. Grulla horses usually have a black dorsal stripe and black barring on their lower legs. Other identifying factors are primitive markings such as dark coloring on the tip of ears and around eyes. 

This equine color is extremely rare-only 0.7% of Quarter Horses registered every year are grulla, making the unique color fairly highly coveted. 

Custom Branding Iron Logo Design for Foundation Quarter Horse Breeder

Raisin’ K Ranch puts the focus of their breeding on foundation bred Quarter Horses. The Quarter Horse breed can basically be divided into two distinct “styles.” The modern Quarter Horse contains a higher percentage of Thoroughbred blood. They are taller, have leaner bodies, smaller heads, and thinner necks than the foundation type Quarter Horse.

Foundation bred Quarter Horses are often described as having a “bulldog” type body style, with a large hip, powerful hindquarters, strong hooves and legs, shorter neck, and the typical large jowls. Shorter in stature and often quieter and better-minded than the Quarter Horses with more Thoroughbred blood, foundation bred Quarter Horses continue to have quite a following today. Powerful, willing mounts that can exhibit great speed in short distances, these sprinters of the equine world have long been the favorite of equestrians who enjoy working cattle, trail riding, barrel racing, and many other equestrian activities.

Original Branding Iron Logo Makes Unique Cattle Brand

Farmers and ranchers have been branding livestock for identification and to avoid theft since the times of ancient Egyptians. In the American West, ranchers were on a constant quest to create a livestock brand design that stood out among the masses and identify the owner of the horse or cow at a glance. 

Branding is still very alive and well in the equine and livestock world. Horse buyers consider the brands of breeders such as Creek Plantation to be a mark of excellence and the representation of a thoughtfully bred horse when searching for their next working horse. In the sporthorse world, Warmbloods also routinely receive brands to identify their breeder or bloodline. 

In modern times, freeze branding is available as an alternative to traditional hot branding. Using liquid nitrogen or dry ice to brand the animal, freeze branding is widely considered to be a less painful option than hot branding. This masculine design makes an idealbranding iron logo for both hot branding and freeze branding. Freeze branding is even utilized in the hunting dog world, with bear hunters, raccoon hunters, fox hunters, and deer hunters often adding freeze brands to their hounds’ ears or flanks to identify the dog in the event of loss or theft. 

Our vector style logo art makes one of a kind branding iron logo designs. Make your mark on the livestock you’ve proudly raised with a unique custom logo that will identify your stock at a glance.    

Quarter Horse Breeder’s Visual Branding Identity Elevated With Custom Branding Iron Logo

Our artists designed this powerful custom branding iron logo with a sun design that also brings to mind the rowel of a western spur. The center of the sun contains the likeness of the bust of a windblown galloping Quarter Horse, with true to life foundation characteristics. We added the business name in a feminine western inspired script font. This unique logo can be used without the company name for a branding iron design or in its entirety on items like jackets.

If you’re looking for a unique custom cattle brand or livestock brand design, our artist would love to talk to you about your ideas for yourbranding iron logo. We work with clients across the globe, and in every discipline. To schedule your complimentary design session and chat with one of our graphic designers, just visit You can also find us @EqGraphics on Instagram for even more inspiration and information about the amazing equestrian businesses we have worked with.  

Branding Iron Logo For Grulla Barrel Racing Horse Graces Ranch's