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Red Rock Equine Veterinary Logo

Feb 13, 2024

Red Rock Equine Veterinary, based in Fall City, Washington, came to us with the simple request of designing a custom logo for their practice that would appeal to equestrian enthusiasts of all breeds and disciplines. This striking red foil design features a stunning rearing horse silhouette creatively drawn in our line art style, modeled after the Morgan horse breed. We love using the Morgan horse in our non-breed/discipline specific equine logos since many breeds can find common ground in their physical attributes.

Our artists paired a hand lettered calligraphy letter “R” with a clean uppercase serif font for the remainder of the practice name. Bold, eye-catching, and polished, this gorgeous hand drawn logo will no doubt brand Red Rock Equine as professionals that Washington equestrians can trust with the care of their horses.

Silhouette Of Rearing Horse Takes Center Stage In Veterinarian's Hand Drawn Logo

Rearing Horse Silhouette Logo for Equine Veterinary Practice 

Red Rock Equine Veterinary is located in Fall City, Washington. The unique name is a combination of the meanings of owner, Doctor Chantal Rothschild’s, names-Chantal, “stone or rock,” and Rothschild, “red shield.” Red Rock works closely with colleague veterinarians and area horse owners to provide equine internal medicine consults, as well as a more basic routine care. 

Doctor Rothschild is a lifetime horse lover who has practiced a range of disciplines, from dressage and jumping as a young girl to working as a rodeo “pick up girl.” During her time in veterinary school, Doctor Rothschild developed an interest in the sport of endurance riding and the aspects of physiology and physical fitness that must accompany horses making these grueling five and ten hour rides.

Endurance rides are generally sanctioned by the FEI and American Endurance Ride Conference, and in the United States most are fifty or one hundred miles long-although riders do have the opportunity to compete in multi-day rides as well. Horses are examined by veterinarians before the ride begins, at checkpoints throughout the course, and upon completing the ride and fitness scores subsequently assigned. Winners are determined by who crosses the finish line first, but Best Conditioned (or “BC”) Awards are highly coveted as well.  All breeds participate, but not unexpectedly Arabians see much success in competitive endurance riding events.

Rearing Horse Silhouette Takes Center Stage in Veterinarian’s Custom Logo

Our artists set out to design original logo art that would appeal to equestrians participating in a variety of disciplines and breeds for Red Rock Equine Veterinary. When a business asks us to design an equine logo that contains a “generic” horse breed, we like to utilize the likeness of the proud Morgan horse as our design inspiration.  Their delicate heads appeal to Arabian horse enthusiasts, arched necks are reminiscent of Baroque and Sporthorse breeds, and the heavy jowls and broad forehead bring familiarity to Quarter Horse and other stock horse breed lovers. All said, the beautiful Morgan horse turns the head of equestrians in all sectors of the horse industry. 

Once we settled on what type of “generic” horse we would incorporate into this company logo, we set out to bring Doctor Rothschild’s branding ideas to life. A striking line art rearing horse silhouette is the focal point of this unique custom logo, rendered next to a group of red rocks as a nod to the business name. Our artists added a polished look with a hint of Western style by utilizing copper foil in the original design.

Rearing Horse Silhouette Accented by Hand Lettered Font in Veterinary Practice Logo

Our custom logo designs are 100% hand drawn, from the illustrative art to a variety of hand lettered fonts that can be tailored to fit a myriad of branding styles. For this equine veterinarian’s logo, we paired a calligraphy letter “R” with a crisp, modern serif font for the balance of the practice name. The use of mixed font adds visual interest to the vector style design while still maintaining ease of reading-important for recognizing the brand from a distance at shows and events or when meeting veterinary staff at the barn. 

Line Art Rearing Horse Silhouette Turns Heads on All of Veterinarian’s Branded Items

We enjoy working with line art style designs because they are astoundingly simple to resize for use on various branded items. This veterinarian’s unique vector style rearing horse silhouette logo design will retain clarity and image quality no matter how large or small it is resized-therefore, it will look as good on the side of a work truck as it will on client invoices, business cards, and monogrammed apparel for staff.

Veterinarian’s Ideas Are the Inspiration Behind Rearing Horse Silhouette Logo Design

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to have a stunning custom logo for your equestrian business. Spend more time coaching riders and schooling horses.  Our artists take your unique ideas and make them come together on paper. All you have to do to get the ball rolling is visit us at Schedule your complimentary design consultation and get prepared to be amazed by how beautiful your ideas become when our artists start their sketches! To keep up with our latest rearing horse silhouette logo designs, follow @eqgraphics on Instagram.

Eye Catching Veterinarian Practice Logo With Rearing Horse Design