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Feb 14, 2024

Regal Legacy Friesians is a new Friesian breeder located in our very own hometown of Ocala, Florida,  ‘The Horse Capital of the World’. Although breeding Friesians is a new venture for Regal Legacy Friesians, the founder comes from generations of horse breeders and brings her 35 years of experience breeding top Andalusians and Lusitanos to the Friesian community. We’re so excited to welcome Regal Legacy Friesians to our hometown and develop a logo that portrays the power, fire and presence of the Friesian horse.

Although only a handful of EQ Graphics’ logo design clients are located in Ocala, Florida, it is always such a treat when we get to meet our local horse businesses and see the logos we’ve created while driving past the picturesque horse farms. Especially when beautiful Friesians are on the other side of the black four-board fences grazing under the moss covered Grand Daddy Oak Trees Ocala is known for.

Sweeping Art Deco Font For Breeder's Powerful Friesian Logo
Friesian Breeder Logo Design for Regal Legacy Farms

Ocala, Florida Friesian breeder wanted a Friesian logo to depict the power and presence of the breed

For 35 years, Marchelle Valenchi has successfully bred the finest Andalusians and Lusitanos from Spain and Portugal, right here in the United States. Over time, she downsized her once massive breeding operation to focus on only the highest quality stock that could be produced. After many years in the Andalusian and Lusitano world, she decided to bring her expertise and eye for selecting and breeding quality baroque horses into the Friesian industry by becoming a Friesian Breeder, which is uncommon in Ocala, Florida.

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Discovering a Love for Friesians

Marchelle says “there are few things in this world that are more majestic than a pure black Friesian horse in motion”. Their beauty combined with intelligence and loyalty are a few of the characteristics that drew her to the breed. Her Friesian breeding program is dedicated to preserving the history of the Netherlands, at her Ocala, Florida Friesian farm where horse enthusiasts from the United States can access the highest quality Friesian horses.

An Elegant Friesian Horse Logo for an Ocala, Florida Friesian Breeder

Ocala, Florida is known by many as “the Horse Capital of the World”. The lush green grass, majestic grand daddy oak trees and mild temperatures perfect for training horses year round are part of the allure Ocala brings to the horse community. EQ Graphics is based in Ocala, FL and in fact, one of the co-founders was born in Ocala. Finding a high quality professional logo design company in Ocala, Florida is not an easy feat. EQ Graphics specializes in designing handmade horse logos for farms and Friesian breeders all over the world.

The inspiration for this Friesian Breeder logo design began with a brainstorming session

During our first call with Regal Legacy Friesians founder, Marchelle Valenchi, we asked her to elaborate on why she chose to breed Friesians over other breeds. She described what beautiful and majestic horses they were, how much she loved their fire and arrogance when they would trot through the pastures tossing their beautiful manes. This was the ‘feel’ she hoped we could convey in her logo.

The creation of Regal Legacy Farm’s Friesian Breeder Logo Design

Luckily we’re very familiar with Friesians, we’ve actually owned a number of them throughout the years. Many of the same things that Marchelle loves about the Friesian Horse breed are the same things that have drawn us to love the breed as well. We chose an angle where the Friesian was trotting away, just as if seconds earlier he ran up to the fence tossing his mane and then strutted off with that ‘look at me’ attitude the breed is known for.

We wanted to show feather in the line-art, but not too much so it kept the sleek lines. We also wanted tippy ears and remembered one of our favorite stallions, Lolke 371, who in our opinion, sported the best ears of any Friesian. The mane was kept long, as was the tail, but not so long that the logo felt overdone in any way. This logo, like many we create, is a first draft – we are oftentimes so very picky that the first drawing is exactly what clients like our Friesian breeders are looking for and this logo was no exception.

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics

“I have been in marketing 35 years and I have never seen anyone hit exactly what the customer wanted in one try. And this is not just my logo guys, it is everyone that has used them…

They knocked it out of the Park!!!!! One try is all it took to get this awesome logo. Since they are horse people too, they already know how picky we horse people can be. It was too easy. Words cannot describe their professionalism, the delivery of your design, and all the file types, and sizes, complete with instructions as to which file to use where. Our phone call and a description of what I was looking for and they got it in one try with no changes except one, making the S in farms smaller. Literally, that was it!!!

These guys are simply the BOMB and if you don’t use them for your logo, you will be pay double or triple for half the quality and eventually you will end up coming to them because no one does what they can do.

I have never seen anyone capture the look of a horse like these guys. They make it classic, modern, edgy and sexy all at the same time. These guys are it in Equine (EQ) Graphics!!!!!! Love you guys to the moon and back! YOU ROCK!!!!“

Regal Hand Drawn Friesian Horse Logo