100% Original Blacksmith Logo for UK Sport Horse Farrier

Feb 13, 2024

Rhys Anderson-Smith is a registered farrier based in Essex, U.K, who specializes in shoeing all breeds of performance and sport horses. He wanted a masculine blacksmith logo concept that could be used on his business cards, apparel and custom farrier truck. As a newly registered farrier, he fully understood the importance of building a brand that would give him a head start as a serious professional. He liked our lineart style and wanted the logo to be symmetrical and balanced, to portray what he looks for when shoeing horses.

Our artists drew two powerful dressage horses in an over accentuated extended trot to draw emphasis to their hooves. The hand-drawn horseshoe was integrated into the center of the logo with the farrier’s initials to allow added flexibility by using the horseshoe monogram as a stand alone element when embroidered on small areas such as caps and polo shirts. We also helped with the design ideas of his custom farrier graphics on his van and it definitely gave Rhys the ‘edge’ he needed to be seen as a seasoned professional from the moment he completed his education.

Stunning Performance Horse Farrier's Original Logo With Striking Dressage Details
Blacksmith Logo Design for Rhys Anderson-Smith Registered Farrier

Bold and Powerful, Monogram Blacksmith Logo Design for a U.K. Farrier

Rhys Anderson-Smith, also called RAS Farrier, is an equine farrier business based in Essex that also operates in nearby areas. A couple of the blacksmith company’s services are reliable mobile shoeing, performance shoeing, and barefoot trimming. Sport horses that perform the discipline of dressage and show jumping are in central focus.

There’s a wide array of shoeing techniques for different horse breeds, especially for sport horses. Depending on the horses’ discipline, different shoe types and shoeing techniques are used to ensure a comfortable journey for all horses.

Sport Horse Farrier Logo with a Horseshoe Monogram for a Blacksmith in the U.K.

Rather than being a particular breed, sport horses are horses that perform the discipline of dressage and are found at equestrian sporting events such as show jumping and eventing. Warmbloods are one of the specific breeds for sport horses for dressage, eventing, and showjumping. The characteristics found in them are the main characteristics found in any horse participating in those fields. Sporthorses were primarily bred to fit in the conformation, movement, jumping ability, and temperament criteria for showjumping and dressage.

For a farrier, it’s essential to have an in-depth understanding of each horse field and breed to have the ability to design custom shoes for each horse.

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An Equine, Blacksmith Logo Design for a Farrier Business in Essex, U.K.

Farrier businesses worldwide can seek EQ Graphics for an original and custom logo design to represent their brand identity. This blacksmith logo design can be found on the van of Rhys Anderson-Smith driving around the U.K. to get to their clients. It can also be seen on all their social media outlets and website. At EQ Graphics, we have specialized in equestrian horse business logos for the past 15 years. With our experience and thorough understanding of different horse breeds and disciplines, we can custom-make your own unique and personal brand identity.

Brainstorming for a Blacksmith Logo Design

Starting with any project, logo artists at EQ Graphics brainstorm ideas and words that are relatable and highly specific for each equine business. In this case, the main concern was incorporating a bold and powerful design element while keeping a modern overall look that could represent Rhys Anderson-Smith. Making sure to weave in all aspects of the business, it was crucial to focus on all sport horses‘ disciplines since that was mostly the company’s main focus. Inspiration was taken from the movement of horses while performing the discipline of dressage.

Creating Rhys Anderson-Smith’s Blacksmith Logo Art

To weave in sport horses, the disciplines, and the brand’s name, we started by drawing the horse. For that, we opted for line art to illustrate the muscular conformation of top sport horses. To showcase the discipline of dressage, we incorporated an extended trot into the drawing, depicting the classical action of any horse performing dressage.

This blacksmith logo design was made symmetrical, with one horse on each side. We added a monogram of the company name surrounded by a horseshoe, ensuring that the logo design showcased the right brand identity. The blacksmith logo was created with vector to ensure that it would be suitable for a  small business card yet work perfectly for bigger advertisement.

Depicting Power in Typography

For this logo design, the monogram was made bold for an added powerful effect. Further explaining the monogram, the full company name was effortlessly weaved into thlogo design at the bottom. The font used for the full name of the business was made simple so the focus of the viewer doesn’t shit from the detailed design elements in the horses. The colors opted for in this logo is black and the background was made white. This added to the bold look the client was looking for and made it suitable for use anywhere.

Creating your Brand Identity with EQ Graphics

With the long years in the horse business logo design, EQ Graphics has garnered the right experience to design any horse logo. From our business in our hometown of Ocala, Florida, we can work with any horse business in the world to make their vision and styles come to life. Together, we hope to create a brand identity that perfectly depicts your business and is suitable for use anywhere.

Hand Drawn Dressage Horse Logo For Performance Horse Blacksmith