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Feb 14, 2024

Sabre Saddlery and Holistic Therapies is one of our international clients, located in Wrexham, United Kingdom. Owner Hannah Jones is a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner, a remedial saddle fitter, saddle flocker, Reiki Master and specializes in Baroque horse tack. She utilizes her own equine experience as well as her formal education, and uses a variety of saddle fitting and holistic bodywork methods to improve horses’ performance, physical, and mental well-being. Hannah has a special interest in kissing spine and various back issues, and is also a retailer for Baroque tack dealer DP Saddlery. 

Sabre Saddlery’s custom logo design features the line art image of a Baroque Andalusian Horse performing the Spanish Walk in rose gold foil. A sabre is incorporated into the lines of the horse’s body and is adorned by a feather – there are, in fact, two more feathers hidden in the logo for sentimental reasons. A bold serif font makes up the company name, along with a gorgeous hand lettered calligraphy tagline. Hannah’s unique logo design adds a beautiful personal touch to her business apparel and internet presence.

Unique Rose Gold Logo Design Depicting Classic Spanish Walk

Baroque Horse Tack Seller, Saddle Fitter, and Equine Bodyworker’s Hand Drawn Custom Logo

Hannah Jones MMCP has been helping equestrians better their relationship with their horses via proper saddle fit and holistic equine bodywork methods since 2013. She credits her personal horse, Phoenix, with being both her partner and her muse. Together they have navigated a variety of injuries, emotional trauma, issues surrounding trailer loading, saddle fit problems, and more-this in turn has shaped the way Hannah assists her equine and human clients. 

Hannah has been riding horses since she was a toddler. She competed in show jumping, dressage, and cross country before dabbling in western events. Hannah became interested in Classical riding, and still studies Historical Dressage and Mounted Combat. She has a special interest in war horses, and the way soldiers cared for these highly trained athletes in the field-after all, their survival hinged on their health and training. Her first foray into equine holistic therapy was getting qualified in Reiki, then followed by bodywork and saddle fitting certifications. She has honed her craft with professionals throughout the world. 

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Line Art Spanish Walk Logo for Baroque Horse Tack Seller & Equine Bodyworker

Hannah is well known throughout the United Kingdom for her saddle fitting services. A qualified Horse1st Remedial Saddle Fitter, she examines both horse and saddle to get a complete picture of what saddle fit issues may be occurring. 

Hannah begins a consultation by discussing the horse’s behavior, conformation, and injury history with the owner. She then examines the horse both in motion and standing still on soft and hard ground before evaluating the saddle and its fit on the horse. The owner then rides in the saddle as Hannah watches the horse for any signs of discomfort or range of motion issues. Her background in Classical riding helps her assess the horse and rider as a team and what needs to be done to build a tension free, happy working relationship

Alongside her saddle fitting and holistic therapy business, Hannah sells Baroque Horse tack for DP Saddlery. Known for their original adjustable gullet system, DP Saddlery’s Baroque tack is perfect for riders who ride multiple horses in one day. Tree width is easily adjusted to fit different equine body types and eliminate the need for a tack room full of saddles. DP also manufactures English and Western saddles.

Baroque Horse Tack and Saddle Fitting Company’s Stunning Vector Style Logo

Our artists designed an original line art illustration of a striking Spanish horse for Sabre Saddlery’s custom logo design. The profile of a stunning Andalusian inBaroque Horse tack is frozen in motion at the Spanish Walk. Every detail of the horse’s headset and timing of stride has been rendered in breed and industry standard-at EQ Graphics we pride ourselves on capturing unique breed specific details in every hand drawn logo we create.

Inspiration from the business name led us to incorporate an actual sabre into Hannah’s custom logo design. The ideas we jotted down during our design consultation also led us to include a feather on the sabre’s handle. For sentimental reasons, two additional feathers are hidden within the design. We love adding unique personal details such as this into your business branding! 

To complete this gorgeous originalBaroque Horse tack logo, we used a bold serif font that has a sultan-inspired aesthetic for the company name, a nod to the sabre in the business name and logo design. Hand lettered calligraphy makes up the tagline. Fonts can change the look of your custom logo art drastically-we have an option for every aesthetic! Rose gold foil gives the final regal touch to this unique logo. 

Hannah’s vector style custom logo looks absolutely fantastic on down vests, jacket backs, invoices, and more. 
We would love to help you add a personal touch to your branding with a customBaroque Horse tack logo design. Just visit to schedule your complimentary design consultation today.

Saddle Fitter's Gorgeous Spanish Horse Logo Design With Nod To Business Name