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Feb 12, 2024

The Savage Farrier Services line art logo captures a dressage horse silhouette at a unique angle from behind in a half-pass. Matt Savage works with an elite group of dressage horses and hunter/jumper barns. He requested an elegant, yet powerful sporthorse to represent his high quality workmanship and portray his attention to detail to his discerning client base. This viral logo is known worldwide throughout the horse industry and often occupies the number one spot of our most popular ‘Trending Logos’ (found at the top of each page). 

During a brainstorming session, we always ask our clients if they plan to embroider their logos. In the horse industry, embroidery is a ‘must’ for almost every business we work with. However, when we asked Matt Savage about embroidery, he gave a resounding “NO, I hate embroidery!” Therefore we were able to bring a lot more detail and fine line art into the Savage Farrier logo. 

Line thickness is very important for high quality embroidery, and although this logo is one of our most famous designs, the fine detail in the face and eye would be lost in embroidery.  This is why many of our other designs have a less detailed aesthetic.  If you are drawn to a logo with fine lines or a lot of detail, there are a wide variety of other decorating options for apparel. These are all topics our artists will cover during your brainstorming session.

Farrier's Attention To Detail Illustrated By Custom Logo With Chic Dressage Aesthetic

Detailed Dressage Horse Silhouette Logo Design for Premier Sport Horse Farrier

Matt Savage graduated from the Oklahoma Farrier College and is an accredited professional farrier through the American Association of Professional Farriers. His Fayetteville, Ohio based business, Savage Farrier Services, has been serving the needs of equestrians in the state for over ten years. Matt takes a “whole-horse” approach to farrier work and has a special interest in horses that show limb length disparity or laminitis. 

Highly regarded for his excellent workmanship among the elite dressage and hunter/jumper communities in Ohio, Matt’s professionalism was recognized by the American Association of Professional Farriers when he was chosen to serve on their Online Education and Social Media Committee. He was also selected as Vice-President of the Southwestern Ohio Farrier’s Association.

Matt spends a great deal of time on continuing education to further hone his craft, and to date he has experience working with not only dressage and hunter/jumper horses but racehorses, polo ponies, Friesian show horses, and a variety of horses that require corrective or therapeutic farrier work. He also shares his knowledge surrounding limb length disparity and laminitis with fellow farriers and horse owners at clinics and events throughout each year. 

Farrier’s Exquisite Attention to Detail Echoed in Custom Line Art Dressage Horse Silhouette Logo

Our artists wanted to design an original logo for Matt’s farrier business with inspiration from the sophisticated, elegant dressage aesthetic and the attention to detail that is required in his craft.  Dressage horses in particular are often shod every four to five weeks, and special care is taken to match the length of the trim to the horse’s unique conformation so that these equine athletes will be able to correctly perform their job through many days of schooling and showing.  

Fine details become even more important when shoeing hunter and jumper horses. Hunter horse trainers are looking for sweeping movement, a horse that moves with longer strides and lower to the ground between fences. Hunters take their fences at a steady pace as opposed to a burst of speed. Most farriers agree that balancing the rear end of a hunter is important for preserving the long, sweeping strides that judges are looking to pin. Aluminum open heel shoes also contribute to proper movement in the hunter ring.

The faster movement, larger jumps, and tighter turns of a jumper require a different farrier regiment. Jumpers must break over quickly in the front, and as such are often fitted with rolled toes or an eventer type shoe. The toes and heels of the hind hooves are trimmed and shod in a way that complements the horse’s movement and conformation to reduce stress on the joints during strenuous work.  

The extensive amount of knowledge and skill Matt must possess to accurately trim and shoe such a variety of upper level horses of varying disciplines made having a custom logo that illustrates his professionalism imperative. The design also needed to appeal to a very upscale clientele since many of his equestrian clients compete in the upper levels of their equine sport. For this reason, we chose a sophisticated dressage horse silhouette to brand Savage Farrier Services as a trusted professional among Ohio’s elite equestrian community.

Vector Style Dressage Horse Silhouette Logo Fit for a Variety of Uses

Many of our equestrian clients use their original dressage horse silhouette logo on monogrammed items. Matt was adamant that he did not care for embroidery, so we were able to add fine detail into this dressage horse silhouette that viewers see from behind as the horse is performing an elegant half-pass. The stunning line art design looks great in a variety of colors, from gold foil on luxury business cards to the company name in red on Savage Farrier Service’s website.

A hand drawn calligraphy letter S paired with a modern sans serif made the perfect mixture of fonts to add to the elegant yet slightly masculine aesthetic of the dressage horse silhouette design. Rendered in our signature vector style, this logo can be used on a variety of items.

Upscale Dressage and Hunter/Jumper Farrier’s Elegant Dressage Horse Silhouette Logo Designed With Certain Uses in Mind 

The first step in designing a custom dressage horse silhouette logo for any equine business is a design consultation with one of our artists. We take the time to get your personal ideas surrounding your brand down on paper, along with your intended use for your original logo design and the type of clientele you wish to speak to in your branding. After this call, the work on your part is done. Our artists will get to work on your custom logo art while you continue to make a difference in the equine industry.

If you’re ready to take your branding to the next level, contact us to schedule your complimentary design consultation today or follow us at @eqgraphics on Instagram to see our latest dressage horse silhouette designs.

Letter S Flows With Lines Of Polished Dressage Horse In Farrier's Custom Logo