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Feb 13, 2024

Competitors and spectators alike, were awestruck by Emma Asher’s winning ride at the U.S. Dressage Festival of Champions held at the beautiful Lamplight Equestrian Center. At only 17, Emma’s long hours and unyielding determination paid off by winning the USEF National Championship title on her mount, Traneenggaards Akondo. With Emma quickly gaining recognition as a top young rider, her branding was of the utmost importance and the hand drawn olive branch logo was designed to showcase her upcoming Seeley Equestrian Ventures brand with class and simplicity.

Emma opted for a solid filled silhouette style horse in her logo, as opposed to line art, and her choice looks stunning across all SEV apparel and custom horsewear. After creating the logo for SEV, our artists also designed the graphics for Emma’s custom charcoal and mint green horsebox, which includes elements from the logo ‘ghosted’ on the panels that remain hidden until the logo comes to life when the sun hits it at just the right angle. If you’re competing at WEF in Wellington, Florida this season, you won’t miss the 9’ tall olive branch logo on the side of her horse box.

Unique Olive Branch And Shield Dressage Horse Logo

Custom olive branch logo for SEV

Emma Asher of Seeley Equestrian Ventures is an accomplished competitor in the dressage industry who is currently residing and working from Greenwood Village in Colorado. Historically known as Greenwood ranch, the village is home to many communities who are sports enthusiasts such as African Americans, Native Americans, Asians, and Latinos therefore the area is rich in tradition and culture. The village also houses the site of Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre which is one of the largest outdoor venues located in the Greenwood Plaza which can accommodate 18, 000 seats, it is open every day of the year to host events, competitions, and recreational activities.

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The Origin Story of Seeley Equestrian Ventures

Passionate about horses and affiliated with the equine industry from a very young age, Emma Asher has kicked off her career in 2020 with multiple wins and titles to her name. She has competed and won Adequan Global Dressage Festival (AGDF), CDI – U25 Intermediate II and Grand Prix 16 – 25, all this by riding Elegance N. who is a Seeley Equestrian Ventures’ Dutch Warmblood Gelding. She has taken first place in the FEI Junior Riding Team CDIJ and the FEI Junior Riding Freestyle at AGDF in 2018 by riding Traneenggaards Akondo, also Seeley Equestrian Ventures’ Dutch Warmblood Gelding.

The duo of Emma Asher and Traneenggaards Akondo has also represented their region, Greenwood, Colorado in Adequan Global Dressage Championship in 2017 and FEI North American Youth Championships in 2017. This and numerous achievements attached to her name, Seeley Equestrian Ventures (SEV) is recognized by the international community.

Dutch Warmbloods in Dressage

Being a competitor in the dressage industry is a profession that demands focus, skill, and knowledge, fundamentals that Emma Asher has covered well in her early career. Learning, practicing, and perfecting the movements has been crucial for Emma, she has a clean routine with all the necessary equipment collected to perform and achieve in this competitive discipline.

Rules defined and governed by the International Equestrian Federation, Dressage is a show of mastery in skills, a literal form of art that revolves around the rider and the horse choreographing pre-determined movements to perfection while maintaining harmony, coordination and balance. Emma Asher mostly works with Dutch Warmbloods that are noted for their calm temper and mostly comes in grey, black, brown, chestnut and bay.

The horses are agile, athletic with a calm demeanor that makes them trainable, manageable, and able to perform in the highest level of sports. Expressive head, long legs, and smooth topline, their cooperative behavior is paramount when they are performing in the dressage events. Distinguishably heavier frames, Dutch Warmblood, and Warmbloods, in general, have recorded and proven performance records, making them the first choice in the competitive disciplines of the equine industry.

The Meaning of the Olive Branch Logo

Communicating strength and mystery, EQ Graphics designed an olive branch logo for Seeley Equestrian Ventures. A sophisticated color palette for this olive branch logo. The charcoal carries power, diminishes negativity, and projects force whereas green offers tranquility, balance, and harmony between the mind and body. When used in Seeley Equestrian Ventures’ olive branch logo, the palette itself embodies what being a competitor in dressage is all about; strength but flexibility, calm but responsive, powerful but inflow.

The olive branch logo was designed specifically to compliment the character and intimacy to the horse, making it unique; the branch symbolizes peace and victory that is although often associated with Greek gods, in the modern language it highlights accomplishments in their true essence, that is attained through merit, skill, seasoned personality and extensive knowledge which Emma Asher has strived to procure throughout her career as a competitor. The olive branch logo for Seeley Equestrian Ventures puts in the limelight the health, experience, and dexterity of their horses that come with humble beginnings.

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics

“Wow! So grateful to Eq Graphics for doing exactly what they said they would do! Create a custom logo for our daughter’s equestrian venture. We didn’t know exactly what we wanted so even though we took Jackie down a few wrong paths she was patient and acted like she was still enjoying the process!“

Eq Graphics | Sev Dressage Horsebox Logo Design