3-Day Eventing Horse Logo with 2 Powerful OTTB Thoroughbreds

Feb 13, 2024

Operating in the Pacific Northwest State of Oregon, Silvera Sport Horses specializes in training Warmbloods and OTTB’s for 3-Day Eventing, which makes them one of the few Eventing barns in the region. Silvera Sport Horses offers a range of services including Eventing horses for sale, riding lessons and training for all three phases of Eventing.

For this Eventing Horse logo, we created a custom font that allowed us to highlight 2 phases of Eventing – Dressage and Cross Country by integrating the horses directly into the typography. The Silvera Sport Horses logo may be used in its entirety for large areas like horsewear, banners or a full jacket back, or the two S’s with the horses may be used alone in smaller embroidery applications where the full name of the farm is not needed. Silvera Sport Horses chose to showcase the Eventing art in silver foil on a dark navy blue background to match the colors of their farm.

Gorgeous Eventing Horse Logo Adds Elegance To Brand's Letterhead
Eventing Horse Logo for Silvera Sport Horses

A Custom Eventing horse logo for Silvera Sport Horses 

An active state in terms of entertainment and sport, Oregon has a rich agricultural, densely populated firs, forests and flora that supports diverse and unique wild animals. The city houses many professional sports teams and a strong tourism industry attracted by the natural landscape of the state – mountains, waterfalls, beaches, rivers and forests.

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Retraining OTTB’s for Eventing at the Oregon Eventing Farm

Depending on stall availability and a fixed percentage of commissions, Silvera Sport Horses are sometimes availed for boarding and training. They majorly deal in Warmbloods and OTTBs. Warmbloods is a middleweight breed that is agile, progressive gait, and darker in color that is often used for recreational equestrian sports such as dressage and 3 day Eventing. OTTBs are off-track thoroughbred horses that are versatile, competitive, and they have an ideal temperament to compete in equestrian activities and sports.

The team of Silvera Sport Horses is acknowledged for their grip on training and instructing these horses and their riders for dressage and 3 day Eventing with professionalism and devotion. Qualities we found imperative to showcase in her eventing horse logo design.

Through a personalized program, the well versed team of Silvera Sport Horses also focuses on riding lessons for Adult amateurs, OHSET riders, 4– H and pony clubbers in the disciplines of all around western breed, Dressage, show jumping, Eventing, cross country, driving, tune – ups, horse starting and show jumping. English equestrian sports, Show jumping, Eventing, driving, horse starting and dressage are celebrated sports with horse shows around the world including the Olympics.

An Eventing Horse Logo for a Farm that is open to all breeds of horses 

Working with Arabian horses, thoroughbreds and Mustangs all year round, Silvera Sport horses also provides training sessions for partial trained horses and full training of horses which needed to come through in their eventing horse logo. Composed of many phases such as Dressage, cross country, ten minute box, and stadium jumping, eventing dates back to 1902 France when it was introduced in the Olympics as a sport. This was initiated for military horses to showcasing the stamina and bravery of their horses before it transformed into a recreational sport for everyone.

Previously running for 1 day, now the sport of Eventing spans over three day, first dressage, followed by cross–country and show jumping. Silvera Sport Horses train, instruct and guide the rider and the horse to perform at their peak.

The training sessions enhance their coordination, athletic capabilities, strength, calm tournament and bravery that is utilized in performing patterned movements and exhibiting technical skills to overcome a range of complex obstacles in the competitive Eventing industry and important in eventing horse logo design.

The Eventing Horse Logo for Silvera Sport Horses Farm

EQ Graphics created an integrated Eventing horse logo for Silvera Sport Horses which is defined by an exquisite and fine line art over a rich and deep dark blue. The customized font is stylized to exude finesses, elegance, movement, energy, skill and time invested in giving attention to the details. The design for this Eventing horse logo follows the classical characteristics of line art that is executed with a particular focus, making it a trend setter and recognized in the popular media, often associated with budding and growing brands in the equestrian industry.

The pair of horses in the Eventing logo for Silvera Sport Horses have a specific shine that is similar to a silver foil, they underline the conformational characteristics of breeds involved in the main stages of the Eventing sport; cross country jumping and dressage which is the expertise of Silvera Sport Horses.

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics

“I have high standards when it comes to artistry, but Eq Graphics nailed it. I attempted to find any fault with the logo and failed, I absolutely treasure this masterpiece..

When I was looking for a professional to design a logo for me, Eq Graphics’ designs caught my eye because of the talent in their work. It was without a doubt the company I wanted to hire.
Jackie was extremely responsive to my requests on more information even though I knew she was catching up on a large workload. We were able get things started in less than a day. She was very personable when we talked on the phone to discuss ideas.

I am blown away how she was able to bring the idea in my head to life. Everything we talked about was there in a cohesive manner, not cluttered whatsoever. It’s a simple, sleek design, while still being completely unique.“

Gorgeous Monogram Style Eventing Farm Logo Featuring Cross Country &Amp; Dressage Horse