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Jan 2, 2024

Caffeine. Lots and lots of caffeine…

Muriel discovered us on the Friday right before we reopened our commissions and didn’t think there would be any chance of having a logo created in time for her event coming up in two weeks. The standard turn-around time for our logos (when our books are open) is 2-2.5 weeks. But even if they were open, that wouldn’t be enough time for apparel, signage and promotional items to be produced and shipped.

There are a few things that send me into creative overdrive, and a person who is legitimately in an impossible time crunch is one of them.

Even when we’re completely slammed, we will always, ALWAYS do whatever we can to help someone who’s in a bind.

PLEASE NOTE: Excitement is NOT a ‘legitimate time crunch’. We’ve had people check in the following day after their brainstorming session to “see how it’s coming along”, and if there’s one thing that will make a creative person freeze faster than skinny dipping in Antarctica, give that a try, lol. (Please don’t).

Anyhow, Muriel truly needed help, and fast. I LOVE drawing baroque horses and when she mentioned how much she would like to see a side profile of an Andalusian stallion doing a Spanish Walk in my traditional line art style, I knew I could pull it off. Her draft was delivered, a few font adjustments were made, David prepared and sent all of her files, and it was fully ready for production by first thing Monday morning.

We enjoy challenges of all kinds…

Whether it’s a time challenge, a challenge to ensure a person feels comfortable after a bad experience, a challenge to help someone discover their vision, or a challenge to create something completely outside of our comfort zone, challenges push us to learn and to grow. Without them, we never could have reached the levels where we are today, and after 20 years, we still feel like this is just the beginning.

In lieu of viewing challenges as obstacles, how much different would entrepreneurship be if we viewed them as building blocks instead? -Jackie, EQ

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics | Spanish Horses Canada Logo

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics | Spanish Horses Canada Logo

I’d like to thank Jackie for all her incredibly beautiful and amazingly fast work to create an outstanding logo for my business Spanish Horses Canada!! The horse and the font chosen is perfect for what I’m trying to portray and the vibe I’m trying to create!! I simply LOVE it and can’t wait to hear the reaction from the public!!

I would highly recommend EQ Graphics for any of your logo needs! They are professional, so easy to work with and brilliantly talented!!

I’d use them again in a flash!

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics | Spanish Walk Andalusian Pre Stallion Logo 2