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Spotted Farm Miniature Horses Logo

Dec 2, 2021

Spotted Farm Miniature Horses is located in Boscawen, New Hampshire. This quaint facility specializes in the breeding and sales of flashy Appaloosa miniature horses with a goal of competing in the halter arena. 

We created a simple but sophisticated custom logo for Spotted Farms that features a line art miniature horse drawing in the likeness of the typey Arabian style mini’s. The dainty miniature horse has a gorgeous show-ring ready flowing mane and tail and a signature Appaloosa spotted blanket over its hindquarters. Our artists added the business name in a gorgeous hand lettered serif font, complete with a swirling, fancy letter “S.” The stunning gold foil vector design is classy, elegant, and the perfect addition to the farm’s business cards, stall drapes, and monogrammed horse blankets-this custom logo is easily resized for large items AND “miniature” items!

Sophisticated Miniature Horse Logo Design With Fancy Calligraphy &Quot;S&Quot;

Realistic Miniature Horse Drawing Logo Design for Appaloosa Miniature Horse Breeder

New Hampshire based Spotted Farm Miniature Horses is home to a little horse breed with a big personality, which comes through in this timeless miniature horse drawing. Miniature horses are often called “ponies,” but rather than being a “pony,” the miniature horse is a scaled down version of a nicely put together horse. Miniature horses are the result of over 400 years of very selective breeding. Small horses were a reality even in prehistoric times due to harsh weather and limited food sources, but today the miniature horse breed is furthered by using modern knowledge of genetics to breed for small size. 

The American Miniature Horse is most likely a product of mine horses that were brought from overseas and used in coal mines in the Appalachian mountains through as late as the 1950’s. The Shetland pony also contributed to the genetics of the modern American Miniature Horse when crossed with these English and Dutch mining horses. 

The American Miniature Horse Association’s breed objective is to “produce the smallest possible perfect horse.” Miniature horses should, by breed standard, have the same well-balanced conformation in the same proportions as traditionally sized light horses. Miniatures are measured at the last hair of the mane, and should not exceed 34 inches. Although size is not more important than overall balance and athletic, correct movement, when judging horses of equal breed type and conformation, favor should be given to the smaller horse. AMHA miniature horses come in two distinct styles-one that is more akin to the Arabian in type and build, and “stock type” miniature horses. They come in a variety of colors, including colorful Appaloosa patterns like Spotted Farms specializes in.

Hand Drawn Miniature Horse Drawing Custom Logo for New Hampshire Farm Depicts Unique, Versatile Breed

The American Miniature Horse is a versatile breed that can excel in many show ring ventures. The American Miniature Horse Association World Show, held in Fort Worth, Texas, is an exciting event for miniature horse enthusiasts. Visitors to the show can peruse the elaborately exhibitors’ elaborately decorated stalls, shop with a variety of equine vendors, and take in the beauty of the breed during show judging.

Miniature horses can, of course, be show in a variety of halter classes broken down by the sex, age, size, and “type,” of the horse. Color classes and other specialty halter classes are also an option. Exhibitors can test their skills at presenting halter horses in the pattern based showmanship class, and there are in-hand classes for “hunters,” “jumpers,” and even an in-hand trail type class.

Among the most exciting miniature horse show classes are the liberty class and the various driving classes. The liberty class is often set to music, and the pint sized showboats are turned loose in the arena to show off their plucky personality and beautiful movement without the restriction of halter or harness. Driving classes can range from obstacle classes to draft type hitches, roadsters, and country pleasure. There’s truly something for everyone in the American Miniature Horse Association world show.

Learn more about the breed and AMHA here:

Stunning Miniature Horse Drawing Adds Elegance to Breeder’s Custom Logo

The gorgeous hand drawn logo that our artists created for Spotted Farms features a miniature horse drawing that depicts the Arabian style miniature horse. The horse’s dainty dished face, perfectly correct and balanced conformation, and halter class worthy squared setup paint an elegant picture of this unique breed in aminiature horse drawing. We added a blanket of spots over the miniature horse’s hindquarters to illustrate Spotted Farms’ particular interest in producing Appaloosa colored American Miniature Horses. A classic serif font, complete with a fancy calligraphy letter “S,” displays the business name in style. This stunning gold foil, vector style custom logo will add a professional image to all of Spotted Farms Miniature Horses’ visual branding efforts.

We invite you to visit to schedule your complimentary design consultation if your branding is in need of refreshing. Our artists work with equestrians across the globe and in a variety of disciplines, and we’re dedicated to creating custom logo designs that are realistic representations of your unique breed or discipline like thisminiature horse drawing. We look forward to talking to you about yourminiature horse drawing ideas! If you need inspiration or want to learn more about some of our clients, follow @EqGraphics on Instagram.

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