Stunning Wyoming Horse Logo Example with 100% Original Art

Feb 13, 2024

Typically when you think of the ‘cowboy life’, visions of cattle ranches and vast open spaces come to mind. ⁠But, this Wyoming horse logo was created for a very different western lifestyle that is easily attainable by those of us without an agriculture upbringing or a thousand acre ranch to call home. ⁠

A business’s logo design represents more than just the product or service it provides. It’s the story and life you give to it. It’s a visual depiction of your dreams and a glimpse into that future time when your business idea becomes your reality. For the Spur Ridge, they imagined being able to house horses in their stables and create an equine friendly apartment complex for horse owners to live and grow. Because of their vision, we created custom horse art designed to represent the freedom horse owners feel knowing your horses are safe right out your back door.

Set Yourself Apart From The Clip Art With A Hand Drawn Logo For Your Boarding Facility

A western style Wyoming Horse logo for Spur Ridge

Nestled in Laramie, Wyoming, Spur Ridge is a complex extending its services in outdoor activities related to the equine industry and mostly associated with western pleasure events. It is surrounded by the two mountain ranges; Laramie Range and Snowy Range and North Platte River, it experiences long and dry winters and short summers. The city has an active trend towards outdoor and recreational activities, housing innumerous parks, playgrounds, paths, courts, ponds, tracks, clubs, university teams and horseshoe pits. The Medicine Bow National Forest is ideal for camping and it hosts the series of Wyoming Marathon Races, making the city an adventurer’s paradise.

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The Breeds Behind this Wyoming Horse Logo

Spur Ridge is mostly dealing with quarter horses, paints and mustangs. The breed is ancient, having a Spanish origin and dating back to English colonies in the 1660s. The quarter horses is a cross breed that is bred for performing in racing and recently on the developing frontier as stock horses due to their agility and quickness. Its natural senses and calm temperament has made it popular among cowboys. The activities are designed in accordance with their anatomy; the breed has heavy muscles, wide head and deep chest, they are cooperative, solid, fast, comes in various colors and exhibit fast turning and stopping abilities which makes them ideal for show jumping, driving, hunting and other fun equestrian activities.

Another popular breed that Spur Ridge is working with is the flashy and versatile American Paint horse. Solid working horses or riding horses, this breed suits the rider for their friendly nature, athletic body, stamina, trainability, well balanced stature, speed and intelligence. Having distinct coat patterns, they can be found racing barrels, trail riding, jumping in the stadium and finding success in many equestrian sports, especially for beginners in western pleasures and western events and riders who enjoy comfortable and relaxing rides with a little bit of added flair.

Spur Ridge is also utilizing free roaming Mustangs in their lifestyle and western activities. These powerful and wild horses are recognized in the western pleasure competitions for their responsive attitude. Western style competitions are a show of gait, speed and smooth yet controlled movements. Spur Ridge horses have ideal temperaments to play, calm and quiet demeanor, collected and light motions, relaxed manners, competitive attitudes, soft gaits, minimal rein contact, good horse conformation and strong muscular structures.

Design Inspiration from Spur Ridge

Fit for the sport, all horses at Spur Ridge are well groomed with clean legs, clipped bridle paths, ears and muzzles and natural, long, thick, unbraided and trimmed manes. As the comfortable ride is a major component of Western pleasure events or competitions, the horses of Spur Ridge are trained by experts equipped with the necessary knowledge and extensive experience to ensure satisfaction when it comes to their services.

EQ Graphics and Spur Ridges Wyoming Horse Logo

EG Graphics has played with the idea of embossing a copper foiled horse head on a stark background that makes the Wyoming Horse logo pop. The Wyoming Horse logo is designed in such a way that depicts power, command, versatility, success and elegance while portraying a humble beginning, a calm temper and a soft mane.

The inspiration behind this Wyoming horse logo for Spur Ridge is their execution of services in such a demanding sport that demands flexibility, focus, resilience, strength, skill, experience, passion and showmanship that highlights the unique patterns, dressing and signature characteristics of the horse and their rider. The addition of copper makes the Wyoming horse logo cutting edge, the attention to detail makes it intrinsic and the design is completed by embedding the raw yet complete western look in the front profile of the horse which makes it contemporary.

Innovation Meets Tradition In This Hand Drawn Western Logo Featuring Regal Mustang