100% Original | Stunning SS Letter Logo Design Example

Feb 12, 2024

Horses are true artists. On a still day, they create wind. On a quiet morning, they create thunder. And in a seemingly normal moment, they create magic. They paint with their manes and dance with their necks arched. Symphonies, paintings, recitals – they all pale in comparison to the horse. This symmetrical SS letter logo incorporates mirror images of a powerful Andalusian stallion performing a levade. The curve of the lettering melds perfectly with the crest of the PRE’s naturally arched necks for a balanced, classical elegance to represent this Andalusian breeder, originally from Brazil.

Andalusian Dressage Horse Woven Into Ss Letter Logo

A symmetrical SS letter logo for SS Haras Montalvao

Accomplished, recognized and well versed in the disciplines of the equestrian industry that deals with the training and breeding of Andalusians and formerly from Brazil, SS Haras Montalvao is currently conducting its operations in the buzzing state of California. Situated in the Pacific region, California is known to be a trendsetter in popular culture, sports and entertainment with its densely populated urban regions and largest sub–national economy. The traditions integrate diversity due to its history of migrations; California is home to major professional sports teams and ten major league franchises. The state houses Stanford Stadium, Rose Bowl, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and will host the Olympics for the fourth time in 2028.

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Equine Culture, SS Letter Logo and Brazilian Horses

Possessing complex and obscure histories, Brazilian horses are unique to work with. SS Haras Montalvao comes from the home of over 7.1 million horses. Brazil has a rich equine culture and while many horses are native breeds, Thoroughbreds and sport horses are also spotted throughout the landscape.

The industry has grown steadily in the last year, especially the show jumping, racing and Thoroughbred industry due to which many successful racehorses have been exported to the USA. With huge support from the local and international crowd, other sports such as dressage, reining, endurance, vaulting, working cow events, three–day Eventing and polo have prevailed in popularity as well. Being passionate about horses, observing the process of development of the industry and watching the traditions grow has contributed heavily to the achievements, skill and knowledge of the team of SS Haras Montalvao.

SS Haras Montalvao Contribution to Andalusian Horses

SS Haras Montalvao is exclusively working with Andalusian horses; the horses are a pure Spanish breed that is as old as the 15th century and is recognized for their prowess and nobility. Andalusians have long, thick manes and tails. Mostly in grey, the breed is strong built, compact, elegant, intelligent, sensitive and docile. Members of this breed have straight heads with a slightly convex profile, long and broad neck, a massive chest, short back, strong hindquarters, clean legs with no excess feathering and defined withers. The horses are quick to learn, trainable, manageable, cooperative and calm temperament and very responsive.

SS Haras Montalvao are trained and bred to have extended, harmonious and elevated movements. They are agile and quick to learn complex techniques such as advance collection and turn on the haunches. The breed is loyal, flexible and their characteristic trot contributes to the breed’s success in competitive sports such as the dressage and riding industry. SS Haras Montalvao contributes to a centuries old tradition of training athletic horses that have the ability to change [ace in different terrains, they have passed tests of endurance, strength, hardiness and willingness. These Andalusian horses are dramatic and have a strong track record that is flourishing in the modern industry.

The Vision Behind This SS Letter Logo Design

Symmetrical has proven to be playful and ideal for creating the SS letter logo for SS Haras Montalvao. The compositional technique of the SS letter logo designed by EQ Graphics balances the colors and typography. The image is mirrored, creating a sense of calm, stability, tranquility and formality which is often associated with Andalusian horses. The structure and visual of the SS letter logo communicates power, beauty and a bold statement.

The rearing horses are fearsome, radiating compassion and focus; the illustrated anatomical features are perfect for Andalusians – it highlights flexibility but strength, passion but competence, skill and experience, a calm nature with a responsive attitude. The SS letter logo portrays all the fundamentals of training and breeding methodology and philosophy that SS Haras Montalvao is utilizing and innovating in their quality products, swift services and a satisfactory experience for the horse and the rider.

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics | Ss Haras Andalusian Horse Logo By Eq Graphics